Angel : Reverse

An author's comment by Tricia

Angel:Reverse was created to celebrate JF's first year anniversary. Juxtan and JC were coming along fine and I was enjoying switching between the two. Creating a third universe seemed like another opportunity to alternate what I write.

I've never been particularly interested in Angels, but I was intrigued by the idea of a gothic twist on the detective/mystery genre. An Angel character was also far removed from the other JF characters so that appealed to me, as well. A:R would be a complete change of pace, something I needed in order to keep up my interest while writing on a regular basis.

Original inspiration for A:R came from my previous love of writing Viggo/Orlando RPS. I had enjoyed writing the older man/younger man dynamic and I wanted to continue to do so.

A:R also marks several fictional firsts for me: a bossy bottom, a man who considers himself straight, a red-headed main character, and a much older man who is showing his age. This is also the first time I've tackled cross-dressing.

Angel:Reverse is a series that I find very fun. I think John and Finn are adorable together. I can picture them easily in my mind, making them one of the more realistic couples that I write about.

Influences for A:R besides the RPS include The Little Mermaid, Pet Shop of Horrors, Yami no Matsuei, and the actor Harrison Ford.

Early concept art of John and Finn: