Comforting Calyx




The slurping sound was loud in the small dark room. Punctuated by the even louder moan and 'Yeah bitch!'. Then by the faintest whimper. White-blonde hair bobbed furiously up and down. A hand, rough, calloused, with fingers like sausages slowly began to dance it's way up one skinny thigh that rested on his
fat belly. The whimper grew louder.

"Yes, yes!"

Excited now, as his hips bucked up into that expert mouth, those fingers reaching their destination between those skinny thighs. They both screamed for different reasons.


"I'm sorry, I'm sorry. He swore he wouldn't touch you, he was gonna just look, just look…"

Her words trailed off useless. She looked down at her four year old son Calyx curled in a ball in her arms still crying. What had she been thinking? Calyx's scream had barely penetrated the Bliss fog, but enough of her maternal instinct had responded and she grabbed Calyx away before more could happen.

"I'm sorry …" she whispered into his hair so like her own. He only cried louder. She was barely nineteen and felt ninety. The Bliss she had taken hours ago was coming to an end and Calyx's crying was starting to agitate her. He was too young to really shield yet. The asshole 'john' had been shocked when she threw him out along with the week worth of Bliss and the hundred credits he had offered her to have the pretty four year old boy sit naked on his belly while she sucked him off. He had pushed two tabs into her mouth and as they melted and the familiar haze took over she thought the deal sweet. Stupid and high, she agreed.

"But don't touch him, just look."

"Sure, sure…just look."

And with the Bliss humming through her veins, to her he had sounded so sincere.

He had come before. Then he spotted Calyx in the hall and started with his requests.

"Can he stay in the room?"

"Can he look at me?"

"Can he take his shirt off?"

"Can he … be naked?" Each time upping the credits, upping the Bliss.

She recalled the shocked look on his face as, even high, she tossed his pants, Bliss and credit out the window and told him never to come back. She was lucky that he went without causing more trouble. Of course she did have a phase-whip in her hand at the time. She chuckled to herself. From her lap came a soft giggle. She looked down fondly at her boy. Then slowly her smile faded.


No, no, no her mind raced. The giggle turned to a whimper as her anxiety grew. "No…" she whispered. "You're too young."

Lifting his face, she looked into those beautiful green eyes crying again now as her fear increased.

"Oh God no."

She pulled him to her breast and rocked him. Crying along with him for what he already had begun to endure and knew would only get harder as he grew. Oh god if he was already feeling at only four, what would it be like for him ten years from now?

"I'm so sorry baby, I'm so sorry."

She reached into the nightstand and pulled out two Bliss tabs. Broke one in pieces and pushed a bit of it into Calyx's mouth.

"It's alright baby, Mommy will make it all better."

As she watched those green eyes begin to lose focus, she quickly downed the other tab, wondering how long she would be able to take this.


The End

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