Crossover Stories


Shady Place


AU/completed series crossover

multiple pairings

Caled Agthon, famous reporter, shows up one day in a small town in the Northwest, determined to solve a mystery despite the resistance he receives from the town's curious residents.


JF Outtakes

multiple pairings

A collection of JF outtakes from series and aborted stories.


5 Things the Guys Did on Halloween

AU/stand-alone crossover

multiple pairings

(silly fluff)

What the boys were up to on Halloween.


If They Sent Valentines

AU/stand-alone crossover

multiple pairings

(silly fluff)

What if the boys sent each other Valentine's messages?


JF Goes Cruisin'!

2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8,


multiple pairings


The JF gang on a cruise ship in a very alternate universe.


One Night Juxtaposition

2, 3, 4

AU/crossover series

pairings: Black/Hadrian, Caled/Hadrian, Calyx/Hadrian, Caled/Black, Caled/Calyx, Calyx/Black, Caled/Calyx/Black/Hadrian

(language, strangeness)

A magickal mistake dumps Caled and Hadrian into the lap of JC2. What do the men decide to do? Have sex, of course!


One Night Interlude

AU/stand-alone crossover/companion fic

pairings: Caled/Calyx/Hadrian


What's there to do when you're trapped in the future? Caled and Calyx come up with a few ideas.


The Choices We Make

AU/stand-alone crossover

pairings: Calyx/Black/Hadrian, Hadrian/Caled


A 'Choose Your Fantasy' crossover.


Always a Challenge

AU/stand-alone crossover

pairings: Calyx/Black, Caled/Black


Caled compares Black to Hadrian, but Black's got a few things to say about that.




pairing: ?/Calyx


Calyx is caught fantasizing about the wrong man.


Angel's Grace
guest fiction!

AU/stand-alone crossover

pairings: Calyx/Black, multiple

For Black, dressing up for Halloween means revealing something about himself that he's afraid to believe.


Benten and the Serpent King
guest fiction!

AU/stand-alone crossover

pairings: Max/Ethan

fairy tale

An alternate universe story in which Max and Ethan are written as characters from a Japanese fairy tale.


Wheel of Juxtapose
guest fiction!

AU/crackfic/stand-alone crossover

pairings: multiple

The guys take a turn as contestants on Wheel of Fortune.