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Do you wish you could earn extra money doing something you love? If you're a writer or an artist of yaoi/slash material, you have that opportunity with JF.

JF offers books, comics and other products produced by amateur artists and writers like yourself. Join a team that seeks to become the largest, greatest source of original Western yaoi!

All work produced for JuxtaposeFantasy is work-for-hire. You're given one-time permission to use the characters for creation of the commissioned fan work. Because the characters are owned by JF, the copyright of anything you produce becomes the property of JF.

Projects are offered on a year-round basis so check back often to see what new job opportunities are available. JF is also open to new product suggestions so feel free to submit your ideas.

Current opportunities for writers:



Fanfiction Novellas

Now accepting queries for downloadable novellas featuring JF characters. Stories must pair two or more JF characters in a canon or AU situation, any genre. Rating must be NC-17. 40,000 word minimum. May be either one story, or two complimentary shorter stories packaged together. Canon pairings encouraged, but exceptions can be made for the right idea. Stories created in RP MUST be reformatted to read smoothly as a novel.

JF will supply the cover art by an artist of your choice (pending availability and price). Payment is $150 and a lifetime subscription to JuxtaposeFantasy.

Submit a synopsis plus one sample chapter to tricia@juxtaposefantasy.com

No deadline.



JF Anthology #2

Now accepting short fanfiction of the Sin City and Juxtan universes. Any rating, pairing or genre, canon or AU. Please submit fanfiction about Max/Ethan or Caled/Hadrian.

Submit stories in Word .doc, fanfiction spacing (line between paragraphs with no indentation), italicized text set off by asterisks. No word limit. Be sure your story has been edited and include your email address and the name you would like to be credited as.

Payment is $20 plus a free download of the Anthology.

Deadline is TBD.



Current opportunities for artists:

None at this time. Please check back for future projects.



Contact with all submissions and questions: tricia@juxtaposefantasy.com


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