Finn the Top

by Rithannen



After that first time, in his own house, Black was suitably freaked-the-hell-out. If the vampire that had expressed an intense and personal desire to end his life (most likely in a manner as messy and painful as possible) had also taken an interest in toying with him, Black knew that his entire way of living was at stake.

No pun intended.

The important thing simply became that, if Finn knew where to find him, Black did NOT want to be there when the Prince came calling. That explained what Black was doing, endlessly riding the MARTA at two o'clock in the morning, with no destination in mind except staying alive. He had been doing this for six damn days. Unfortunately, by avoiding ever being at his home after dark, Black couldn't tell if he was actually doing any good for his situation. He sure as hell knew his day job was suffering.

Leaving his house at six o'clock each evening gave him only half an hour at home, which meant Black barely had any time to shower and eat. still, he was *not* moving out. This was a temporary fix until he killed Finn, and could then proceed with living his life, like any normal vampire Hunter.

The worst part about getting on the MARTA trains at six PM was definitely the crowding. From the hellish traffic on Atlanta's perimeter and the expressways running through the city, something like public trains seemed like it would be empty. Unfortunately for Black, that was not the case. He found himself uncomfortably crushed among tired, working citizens just as desperate to get home as he was to stay away from it. At least, in a crowd, he maintained a pleasant level of anonymity, especially with an ever changing mass of bodies with which to mask himself.

A chill shook Black, with a shiver, from his unhappy musings. He realized that, in the climate controlled train car, there was no breeze to cause such a chill. Then, he felt the lips blowing against his neck. When the small hairs on his nape raised, Black heard a
small giggle.


Black started to turn, sliding his hand into his jacket for the illegal weapon - a knife, eight inches long - that he hand been carrying just for such an occasion.

A much smaller hand gripped his own where it was digging at his waist. With another little laugh, that hand pulled Black's away from his weapon and pushed it closer to his belt.

"What the fuck--" Black started to say, moving to turn and face the threat.

"Shh," Finn whispered against the back of Black's ear. "Don't say that word...there are kids on this train. See?"

Black glanced over his shoulder, and sure enough, there were two children with their mother, one seated in her lap. With a groan, Black gave up on trying anything dangerous, like starting a fight. Not only where there kids, but there was no room to move, let alone fight. The only upside he could think of in his current situation was that Finn couldn't start any shit, either.

"What do you want?" Black seethed, fighting down his fear at having that little bastard so close to his throat. He was all too aware of the vampire's cool breath calmly, rhythmically, pouring against his skin.

To say Black was unnerved was a gross understatement.

"I've missed you, Sunshine," Finn said softly, glossed lips brushing the back of Black's ear more familiarly. It felt hot and sticky. "You haven't returned *any* of my calls." The tone was playful, as was the hand that released Black's wrist only to move lower, little
fingers dipping into the waistband of Black's jeans. "A boy might get the wrong idea and think you didn't like him anymore."

"I *don't* like you," Black hissed, feeling very much trapped. The feeling only increased as more people filled the train at the station, further surrounding him and blocking his exits. His fear escalated as he realized that the next stop was twenty minutes away.
"Let go of me," the Hunter demanded, trying to sound confident and not like he was a hairsbreadth from giving in to panic.

"Haven't I heard this song before?" Finn asked, his tone pitched in mock confusion. "I could swear...oh yes. It's your one-hit-wonder." Smiling close enough
to Black's neck that his lips were against Black's heated skin - the vamp must have been wearing platform heels- Finn's voice lowered to a husky murmur. "But
that tune has gotten old. How about I change the music," he purred, "So you and me can dance." Finn's fingers gave up their teasing tickle and plunged unabashedly down the front of Black's jeans.

"You're insane," Black snarled under his breath, desperately thinking of some excuse to get the bloodsucker off of him. The last thing he wanted was to be felt up in public by the bastard that stole his lover, and the smooth, sweet fingers rubbing him were pissing him off. Even worse was that he couldn't think of a way to get Finn off of him without causing a huge scene.

" don't wanna do this in front of those kids, right?" He finally gasped, cursing himself seven times seven ways for the stirrings that caused his cock to wake.

"They can't see a thing, Sunshine." Because of the crowd, and how far below eye level the movement of Finn's fingers was happening, Black realized it was true. No one would notice. His breath hitched as his body remembered just what those nasty little fingers, hidden from view, were capable of doing to him.

Pressing closer, Finn's smaller, skinny body molded to Black. He became distinctly aware of the crush of crinoline at the backs of his thighs, the surprising heat of the vampire's narrow chest, and the softness of those white arms. The body squeezed so tight to his back seemed fragile, like fine white lace, but Black knew from experience that Finn was strong. Stronger than Calyx, and Calyx had manhandled him like it was as easy as breathing. Certainly, if Finn wanted to force him, into anything at all, there was no way Black could stop him, short of a shotgun magically appearing in his hands.

Beneath Finn's exploring fingers, Black's cock started to throb its interest.

Finn's answering giggle was muffled as he nuzzled his face into the collar of Black's jacket. It was clear that Finn understood the track down which Black's train of thought currently traveled, and that the vampire found it highly amusing.That added to Black's rage, but also served to make him feel more inescapably helpless. Finn knew Black was completely out of options. He couldn't fight, couldn't run. Couldn't even cry "rape," because who would believe him? It was more likely they would sympathize with Finn; he was smaller, cuter, and not armed with a giant fucking knife.

Every measure Black had taken to protect and prepare himself was backfiring, contributing to his misfortune. Suddenly, he was regretting that boy-scout training.

"You understand why I'm here, don't you?" Finn asked, drawing Black's attention - momentarily - away from the palm cupping his half-hard erection. With just a wiggle of fingers, that heat spread, and Black was mortified by the fact he grew to full hardness by being molested, on a crowded train, in the presence of normal, unsuspecting people, by a vampire Prince in a skirt.

"You like fucking with my life, obviously," the brunette bit out, trying to squirm away. There was simply nowhere to go.

"Moreso that I just like fucking with you," Finn said quietly, before with a squeeze, he chastised Black. "And don't use dirty words, Sunshine. We're in public."

"Wh-why?" Black asked, finally. He had to admit that he really didn't know what Finn wanted with him. If it was purely because of what he had done with Calyx, Black suspected he would be dead by now.

"Honestly, Sunshine?" The squeeze repeated itself, and again, until it grew into an ageless rhythm. "You're one hell of a hot bottom. Not hotter than me, of course. No one's a hotter bottom than me."

"Well, if you're a bottom," Black grit between his teeth, trying not to let anyone overhear this insane conversation. "What's attractive about...someone like me?"

"Are you kidding? That's like asking what's attractive about robbing a bank. Sure, it's hard work, but there's such a great reward." One black-cherry fingernail chose that moment to explore the slit at the head of Black's cock. "Breaking down resistance has universal appeal. I'd have to be dead not to find you sexy."

When Finn's fingernail began to flick, butterfly light, back and forth across his slit, Black bit the collar of his jacket to keep from embarrassing himself in front of a crowd. That just made Finn giggle again. Snarling, Black fought the weakening of his limbs like a gladiator would fight a lion.

"You *are* dead," he panted, his breath puffing on the leather of his jacket, condensing into a hot, moist sign of impending defeat.

"Now you're just being stubborn," the vampire pouted playfully, his pinky finger tickling the very base of Black's fully-erect cock while he toyed with the tip. "But you're going to stop that nonsense and do as you're told, aren't you, Sunshine?"

"Why the hell would I do that?"

"Because, if you don't," Finn murmured behind him, his cool, candy-scented breath slow and unaffected. Something about that, Finn's utter control of himself while tearing down Black's own, stirred the Hunter into really listening; he was almost...eager to hear what Finn would say. After a long pause, Black surprised himself by prompting the vampire.

"If I don't?"

"I'll pull out your naughty toy right here on the train and make you cum on the back of this nice man's expensive suit."

The sheer mortification that just thinking about that scenario caused had Black nodding his -- reluctant -- obedience. There was, however, another reaction to that humiliating picture, but Black quickly squashed it down. He absolutely refused to believe the thought of something so perverse excited him.

"What's that, Sunshine? Were you giving in?"

Sucking it up, Black clenched his jaw so tightly he nearly cracked a tooth before speaking. "Yes," he breathed.

"Yes, what?"

"I...I'll do as I'm told."

"Oh, *goody*." There was a concentrated rustling of cloth and petticoats; Black cursed. He was desperate to see what the hell Finn was doing back there, and yet, he was terrified to look.

Quite suddenly, he felt the oddest constricting feeling around his cock. It took him a moment to process the shift in stimulation, but he was no stranger to what a cock ring felt like. Growling beneath his breath, Black barely resisted elbowing Finn in the face.

"Take it off of me," he hissed, hips minutely twisting beneath Finn's hands. That, apparently, just served to help Finn unbuckle his belt with one hand. The sheer madness of that--one-handed, without a visual, on a struggling victim-- made Black's eyes widen. Obviously, Finn had experience with this sort of thing.

Black swallowed down a traitorous moan and squeezed his eyes shut, feeling very much like a little kid pulling up the blankets. But the little, horny monster stuck to his back was not disappearing. In fact, he was...Black's eyes snapped open; he clenched his jaw so tightly his neck corded and his face reddened.

"Whatever. That. Is," he ground out, each syllable bitten off and shredded with anger. "Take. It. Out. *Now.*"

There was lubricant sliding between the cheeks of his ass, making the tops of his thighs slippery. It had dripped there from the...the *something* Finn had just popped inside of him. Every tiny bump and turn of the train car made it shift and rub; it wasn't that big, but it was big enough. As the train began to slow, preparing for a stop, the tip of it pressed down on his prostate, and Black bit his tongue to stop the whimper from escaping.

Finn was busily, stealthily, buckling Black's belt and returning his pants to the upright and locked position. "Now, Sunshine," he murmured sweetly, patting the trapped erection straining inside Black's jeans. "You're going to get off the train stops from here. You're going to go to the address that I put in your pocket. And if, before you get there, you ditch either of my little presents, I'm going to be very, very cross with you." Finn squeezed Black's ass hard for emphasis, causing the plug to move and push against that spot again.

Then, the train was stopped at the station, and Finn was suddenly not behind him anymore. Black sagged as the car emptied somewhat, his grip on the rail the only thing holding him up as his knees considered buckling. He looked at the empty seats, but the thought of sitting down like this was too much.

He knew that if he didn't show, Finn could easily hunt him down. He'd found him on the train. He could find Black anywhere. Who the hell knew what Finn would do with him once he caught him.

Wetting his dry lips, Black reached into his pocket for the address.


The Dogwood Motel did not live up to the beauty of its title. Black would never normally go into that part of the city, so he hadn't recognized the name. From the looks of the place, it was the sort of establishment that rented rooms anonymously. Most likely by the hour. On the back of the small card Finn had slipped into his pocket was the number "13." Black snorted. He would've pegged the brat as more original than that.

Feeling a hell of a lot more confident than he had on the train, Black approached the door for room thirteen and knocked, just twice. There was no answer, no creepy "door-opening-on-its-own-with-creaky-hinges" bullshit, either. Perturbed, Black tried the doorknob and found it open. Obviously, he'd found the right door. With caution being the primary goal, Black pushed the door slowly, with his left hand. The room looked empty.

Being at least two steps above "brain dead," Black didn't trust that. He moved very gingerly over the threshold, and once both feet were on the unspeakably ugly carpet, he turned on the light.

Immediately, he wished he'd left the light off. The room was even more seedy when it was illuminated by the table lamp situated near the window, above the leaking air-conditioning unit. There was no sign of Finn. Of course, the little critter might be hiding in the bathroom, waiting to spring out at him. With a small, suppressed groan as his jeans hugged him hard in a way that was almost painful, Black went to the bathroom door and swung it open.

"You don't have to pee, do you? I didn't think you could do that while you're hard."

Black nearly swallowed his tongue in surprise as he spun back to the doorway, where Finn stood, two cans of root beer in one hand, and a bucket of ice in the other. The vampire shut the door behind him with his hip and set the bucket and cans on the table with the lamp. While Finn's head was down, Black grabbed the gun tucked in the back of his jeans and brought it up to aim it at the Prince.

Finn blinked very, very slowly.

It was almost funny to Black in that moment. He guessed the vampire hadn't considered that, in this part of town, Black wouldn't have any problems buying a gun at pawn shop, no questions, no wait.

"You aren't going to shoot me," Finn said simply, popping the top on one can of soda, though his eyes never left Black, and the gun.

"It looks a hell of a lot like I am, Princess," Black growled, his finger on the trigger.

"And looks, deceiving, et cetera." Considering Black like a cat does a bird, as if deciding that a certain color feather might mean a better taste, Finn took a tiny sip of his soda. Having come to some conclusion, he set the can back on the table. "If you had really meant to shoot me, Sunshine," Finn said quietly, with the absolute surety only unfathomable age could bring. "You would have taken out the plug."

Just that easy, Black's grip on the gun wavered, and it was suddenly in Finn's hands.

"See?" The smile with which Finn graced Black then was very sweet, indulgent even. "You just needed to put up a little bit more fight. So later, when you rationalize this, you can tell yourself you did everything you could, and that you really *didn't* want any of it to happen."

"Any of what?" Black asked, voice a little shaky as he looked from Finn's face to the barrel of the gun, and back. All the cards were in Finn's hand, now. Black's last resort was nothing but a knife strapped to his stomach, and with fourteen rounds in that little Glock pointed at his head, the Hunter had no illusions that his blade would be of any use.

Finn could do anything he wanted. Black felt his cock throb in his jeans, the sensitive head abraded by the thick denim that grew tighter with every breath.

"That's right, Sunshine. I'm the one in control here. So, why don't you just relax," Finn suggested smoothly, stepping closer, the gun extended, but to the side. "Stay a while, Sunshine," that sweet voice cooed, and then there was a sharp, hard pain at the back of Black's skull.

While lying on the floor, staring up at Finn with eyes that grew heavy and limbs that refused to move, Black realized that the little bitch had pistol-whipped him. As an angry retaliation formed in his mind, Black opened his mouth...and promptly slipped into unconsciousness.


What brought Black back around was a rather strange sensation. He just knew that his chest felt strange, and suddenly, that it felt cold. Specifically, his nipple felt cold. As cold as ice.

Upon opening his eyes and spying an ice cube slowly melting across his pecs, Black groaned. He knew who had stripped him and left that little ice cube sitting there. He swatted the cold nuisance away with hands that were cuffed together. No big surprise there.

"Where the fuck are you, you little bastard?" he seethed, yanking ineffectually at the cuffs and noting that his booted ankle was chained to the foot of the bed. Those were not his boots.

In the midst of his raging, Black felt his erection -- damn it -- swing to the side and brush against his legs. It felt...odd. Steeling himself, he looked at what new damage Finn had managed to inflict while he was knocked out.

The cock ring was gone, but had been replaced by something similar to a condom. At first, Black couldn't figure out exactly what the hell was covering his cock and balls, but after some curious exploration, he realized that it was a thick, black latex-rubber casing. His entire package was trussed up, and even looked like it had been polished. Peeling the latex off wasn't an option; it was held in place at the base of him by a different ring, one that was connected to a wide leather strap that hooked to the thick collar encircling his throat.

Black took a moment to assess the details. His conclusion: *Oh, shit*.

Gingerly, he tried to climb off of the bed, and he felt the plug move inside him as he stood. Gasping, Black saw his latex-covered cock jump from the stimulation, and the sight had him biting his lip hard enough to draw blood.

"Sit down before you fall down, Sunshine."

Immediately, Black turned to the sound of that voice, fully intending, gun or no, to jump Finn and strangle him. But, for the first time, Black found himself looking at the Prince and feeling intimidated.

There was nothing overtly macho or threatening about the way Finn looked, but the way he was dressed screamed "tarty dominatrix." The knee-high leather boots must have had at least five inches of heel, and from there, black stockings went up to white thighs. Black swallowed, realizing he'd never really looked at Finn's thighs before. Now, it was hard not to, with the garter-straps serving as exclamation points against his skin. He focused there, because any higher up and Black would have to see the ridge in tiny black tanga shorts, and he was not ready for that.

The snap of rubberized latex drew the Hunter's gaze, though, and his throat went dry as he took in the Opera-length black gloves that now covered three quarters of Finn's arms. The vampire wore no shirt, showing off piercings at nipple and navel. In a simple, very feminine gesture, Finn had tied a lace-y black ribbon around his throat, the bow settled to the side. All together, the look was painfully sexual, evocative and in-your-face, just like the little vampire.

Except Black knew that this time, Finn's overly kinky attire had only one focus.

"Whatever you're planning on doing to me," Black began, taking a step back and feeling the heavy motorcycle boots hit the side of the bed. "Forget about it. You've made your point; you get your way and I can't stop you. There's no need to go any further."

Finn's only reply to that was an amused look as he lifted a rather militaristically styled hat from the table and smartly placed it atop his head, settling it into place with a short twist.

"Be a good boy, Sunshine," Finn said, his tone friendly and reasonable. He approached the bed, causing Black to take another step back. He lost his balance and was suddenly sitting down; the plug inside him pierced him more completely this way; it was, he realized, actually a bigger plug. The way it shoved relentlessly against his insides made him feel weak. It was obvious that Finn knew. He was smirking, his cherry-red mouth as bright as his hair. With a small laugh, he pointed to his feet. "Kneel down on the floor for me."

"Fuck you!"

The barrel of the gun was against Black's temple, almost as cold as the ice had been.

"Like I was saying," the Prince continued, tilting his head, which caused a chunk of his hair to cover his left eye. "Be a good boy, and kneel down on the floor."

Not knowing what to say to the bullet waiting less than foot from his brain, Black carefully shifted his weight and slid from the bed to kneel. It put him at eye-level with the leather covering Finn's tightly-bound cock. Without realizing it, Black parted his lips when the thought, "*how big is he*," crossed the Hunter's mind.

"Lick my boots."

Black's mouth slammed shut. "*What?*"

"Lick my boots," Finn repeated, sliding one of his dangerously-heeled feet closer. With a small push of the gun, Finn conveyed the seriousness of the order. His face flushing, anger and shame burning him up like a candle with two wicks, Black let the gun guide his head down to the floor where the patent-leather awaited him. He hesitated, just staring obstinately at the boot beneath his face. He wasn't sure which option was worse: licking the boot, or being shot. Several minutes passed, then Finn spoke again.

"If you don't cooperate with me, I can certainly find some men, many of them, who would be willing to help me persuade you." Black practically choked on his tongue. Had Finn just threatened to have him gang-raped? Surely, playing a few little games for Finn wouldn't be as bad as that. "That's right, Sunshine. Think about it. If you do what I say, then it stays between you and me. I can't guarantee that there wouldn't be evidence otherwise."

"Goddamnit," Black murmured, his throat squeezed tight. Photos, or worse, videos, could be used against him. Could be shown to Calyx. Could be shown to Dr. M and the other Hunters. His snarl became a short whimper as his private dignity caved under the weight of his public pride. His tongue slipped out to lick across the toe of Finn's boot. It tasted like leather; vaguely of polish, but mostly it tasted clean. To Black's horror, it did not taste unpleasant.

"Good boy, Sunshine. Keep licking until it shines, why don't you?" With a few steps and a little maneuvering, Finn dragged the room's single chair forward and seated himself, legs crossed at the knee. This propped his boot a little higher, pushing it right beneath Black's nose.

He did not need to be reminded again of exactly what sort of power Finn was wielding here. Finn could do whatever he wanted. Black could not stop him. It had been repeated so many times with action and word this night that Black stopped trying to ignore it. He accepted it as a fact. Shortly thereafter, he tentatively licked Finn's boot a second time. And again. And then again. Each time, Black's tongue lingered longer, explored a bit more of the boot. Finn's patience as he adjusted was surprising, and oddly, Black felt himself beginning to slide.

To keep his mind off of whose boot he licked, Black concentrated on the boot itself, seeking to separate the act from his tormentor. Unfortunately, every aspect of the boot was, in some way, like Finn. Smooth. Small. Cool. Sharp.


Unbidden, Black's thoughts coalesced into a single image: the sole of Finn's boot pressing his head to the floor. In that simple, imagined gesture, Finn exerted a supreme strength, an undeniable dominance. With a shiver, Black lapped around to the vampire's booted ankle, sucked for a moment, and then trailed his tongue down the suspended stiletto heel.

"Go on, suck it," Finn said quietly, startling Black. He had forgotten he was being so closely scrutinized. Like an ant beneath a magnifying glass, his life was Finn's plaything. He was about to pull his mouth away, but then the gun was again aimed at his head. "Now, now. You can't suck boot so sluttily one second, and then protest the next. That's just bad manners." The toe of Finn's boot tipped up and caressed Black's jaw. Black struggled not to jerk away from it. Or worse.

Staring down the barrel of his own gun, Black opened his mouth and sucked the full five inches of heel into his mouth. Unable to stand the satisfaction on Finn's smug little face, Black closed his eyes.

The heel was much thinner than a cock, and so to suck on it, Black realized his cheeks were deeply hollowed. He felt a thin strip of leather lick beneath his cheekbone. Not daring to look, he continued to suck and lick the heel of Finn's boot, wanting so badly to bite the damn thing off and ruin the little bastard's shoes.

When the sting of a crop caught him across the ass, Black's eyes shot open, involuntary tears welling up at the burning bite. Furious, he glared at Finn, made even more angry by the fact that the glaring did him no good. He was servicing Finn's boot, for fuck's sake.

"That's enough," Finn granted, waiting until Black released his shoe before standing, crop poised over one shoulder thoughtfully. "Put your forehead to the floor, Sunshine," he finally said, a playful smile curving his mouth. It made Black think of the reaper's sickle. He snarled, teeth bared.

And then, it was like he'd imagined; Finn's boot was grinding his face into the carpet, holding him effortlessly subdued and shamed while the stinging crop lined his ass and thighs with red reminders that what Black wanted didn't matter. Between the sharp blows, Black groaned, very softly, into the tacky carpet of the motel room.

"That's exactly what I want to hear," Finn chirped, sounding chipper and bubbly even as he laced Black's flesh with ribbons of welts. "It's silly of you to pretend you don't like this. You act all huffy but you forget: there's proof, all wrapped up like a pretty present, that you're loving what I'm doing. Good, hard proof." To emphasize his point, Finn snaked the crop beneath Black's stomach and lightly tapped his erection. It ached within the latex sheathing, and Black was truly mortified to feel that the inside of the latex was slick with his precome.

This time, the crop came down in the cleft of Black's ass, violently jarring the plug inside of him, and a much louder cry escaped him. Finn's only reply was to giggle and repeat the same strike, angled slightly differently. He played at this game for a few moments, wringing various, helpless sounds from Black's throat, searching for a pleasing pitch, as one would tune an instrument. For the Hunter, there was nothing to do but pant into the carpet and try not to move his hips. At this point, he wasn't sure if they would shift away from or toward the punishing pleasure.

"I can tell," Finn sang out, the crop's practiced blows flying on as he talked. "I can tell how bad you wanna wiggle. Go ahead, Sunshine. Dance for me." A quick smack between the legs, and the loop of leather licked against Black's balls. His breath rushed out between his teeth accompanied by a high-pitched cry. He jerked his hips away, only to be corralled back by another leather snap.

Soon, Finn had manipulated Black's hips into swinging this way and that, his spine curved, ass held high. Black realized how he must look: like some bitch in heat; desperate, wild. But the smacks kept coming, forcing him to move and writhe, latex-wrapped cock bobbing heavy against his stomach and hipbones. Black felt a sob welling up in his throat. It came out as a thick, throaty moan, so loud to his own ears it sounded pornographic.

In response, Finn took his foot away from Black's head and grabbed a fistful of his hair, then used it as a handle to roughly pull the Hunter up to his knees. Confused at the change, and unsure why he was no longer being whipped, Black tilted his eyes up to sneak a peek at Finn's face. The little vampire's expression caught Black's throat and squeezed it, almost like one of those latex covered hands was choking him oh-so-slowly. Big blue eyes were dark and obscured by lashes too black to look real, and Finn's painfully red mouth gave him the added sensuality of a vintage pin-up girl. But no pin-up girl had ever looked so predatory or so wickedly debauched.

And no pin-up girl had ever stroked herself through strained black leather tanga shorts, exhibiting the outline of a perfect little cock.

"You like to suck dick, don't you, Sunshine?" Finn cooed, his sweet voice sounding more like caramel than cotton candy. "How about you suck mine?"

"No!" Black protested without even a thought, though he couldn't stop staring at the hint of Finn he could see exposed by the tight shorts.

"But you've sucked men off before," the vampire reminded, his fingers still tightly gripping Black's hair.

"That was different," Black tried to explain, his nervousness and embarrassment sneaking into his voice to betray him. "They were--"

"Men? Big, tough, manly men?" Finn finished, his head tilted to the side. "And you're spoiled by big man cock, so you think you're too good to suck a girly boy's toy?" His hold against Black's scalp changed, became more forceful, knuckles nearer to the roots of Black's hair. Finn then wrenched Black's face closer until the brunette's cheek pressed right against the pulse of Finn's erection. "Then I got bad news for you, Sunshine, 'cause you're going to suck it anyway. Gonna have to kneel down there and suck my toy 'till I tell you to stop, understand?"

Black couldn't help it; he frowned hard as his cheeks heated with a heady blush. He felt the color sink down as far as the collar around his throat, and then he swallowed hard. Absently, he wondered if Finn had ever played this game with Calyx. *What would Calyx say if he saw this*, Black wondered, and his arousal fairly skyrocketed. He imagined those green eyes piercing him, other parts of his former lover piercing him, as he was made to kneel before this Prince and serve him. Serve them both.

"Oh god," Black whispered, his face fiery as Finn guided his mouth to the zipper at the little vampire's hip. His better sense and his curiosity waged war within him, but the conflict was short. Curiosity won, and without having to be told, Black took the zipper between his teeth and dragged it down. The front of the shorts folded away, pressed down by the strawberry-pink cock that popped free. Black took a moment to just stare; he'd never really seen one like it. The patch of bright red confirmed that, unexpectedly, the strange shade was the vampire's natural color. Smaller than Calyx, definitely; smaller than himself, too. But it was still obvious Finn was a grown-up, because it wasn't the organ of a little boy. It was a man's sex, only it was too perfect to belong on a man. It looked too smooth and sweet.

With a skillful shift of Finn's hips, that pretty cock stroked across Black's cheek, the softness surprising Black enough that his lips parted. That was all the invitation Finn needed to press the little cherry tip into Black's mouth and push. Unable to decide in half a heartbeat's time how to keep it from happening, Black found himself opening his mouth further to allow the cock inside. Before he realized it, his nose was pressed to that little red thatch of curls, and the tip of Finn's sex was pushing against the back of his throat.

"Why look at that," Finn purred prettily, his hand in Black's hair stroking rather than pulling. "All the way and you didn't gag at all. You *do* like sucking dick."

Black's sound of indignation was muffled by the short, sliding thrust that dug Finn just a little deeper down his throat. He made a small choking sound around the flesh in his mouth, even though it wasn't terribly large. The shame he felt with his face pressed to Finn's naked skin was overwhelming, and his face was so hot he didn't notice that Finn had taken out a cell phone until he heard a digital photograph being snapped. Eyes wide with fear, Black stared up at Finn in anticipation.

"There now. You play along like this, be a good boy, or I'll press one little button and send that picture straight to a certain someone." A wicked smirk tipped Finn's mouth up. "A someone who'd be so interested to see Sunshine sucking my little girly boy toy, getting all hot for it. Who'd be so surprised to see what a dirty slut you really are. You want that to happen?"

Unable to shake his head, Black simply groaned his negation. He didn't want Calyx to see. Not him, not like this. Not as a photograph on his phone, against a sleazy motel backdrop. He would do whatever Finn wanted of him, but he wouldn't have to like it.

The problem was, Black realized as he stared angrily up at Finn, the heat never leaving his face as little black gloved fingers traced his opened lips, that there was a part of him that did like it, otherwise his cock wouldn't be aching hard enough to bring tears to his eyes as he wrenched them closed. How could being forced to suck off a crazy little vampire (in what must surely look like a scene from some kinky porno) turn him on?

Feeling every bit the dirty slut Finn accused him of being, Black moaned loudly when one of Finn's feet raised up and pressed that dangerous heel into the bare flesh of his ass. The distraction was enough for Finn, apparently, because he was suddenly fucking Black's face like a seasoned top, dragging another moan from Black, and another. When Finn's only response was another of those frivolous giggles, Black opened his eyes and knew they would tell Finn things the little bastard had no right to know.

But in a split second, he knew them all, and Black felt his shame that much more when Finn's giggle turned into a knowing smile. The smile then dissolved into a study of licentious sensuality. Both of Finn's hands settled on Black's face and pulled him back, thumbs stroking Black's mouth to keep it open. Though Black knew what was happening, he found himself unable to fight back as the redhead shuddered prettily and came. Thick whiteness streaked Black's lips and chin, splashing onto his cheeks and into his open mouth; his eyelashes fluttered.

"Mmm. Now, you stay sweet like that, and we'll keep this our dirty little secret, 'kay?"

"I hate you," Black whispered, but the breathy, thick quality of his voice didn't match the words.

"Yeah," Finn cooed, zipping himself back into his shorts with a pleased shiver. "It was good for me, too." He ran his gloved palms down his naked chest as if he were smoothing the wrinkles from a suit jacket or a dress. "And now it's gonna get even better."

Those ominous words made Black's nerves of steel heat to molten temperatures. His tongue darted out to catch some of the liquid that dripped close to his mouth. Catching himself, he reached up with cuffed hands, angrily wiping at his face, and was surprised to have them caught and pulled upward. Finn unlocked the cuffs and twirled them on one finger before smirking saucily and grabbing for Black's shoulder.

With the vampiric strength that Finn had kept in check thus far, he pulled Black from where he knelt on the floor and tossed the Hunter face down across the bed. After a short bounce of the mattress, Black felt knees straddling his lower back, and then there was a blindfold being slipped across his eyes. Startled by the sudden change, and by the way his current position forced his latex-wrapped cock against his stomach, Black tried to struggle. Mindlessly, he thrashed his freed arms back and bucked to throw the little beast off him. All he received for his efforts was his wrists bound again, behind him this time, and a little cowboy whoop from Finn, who rode him with one hand in the air as if it was the goddamn rodeo.

"If you don't stop bucking like a bronco, I'll have you in a bit and bridle so fast you won't be able to blink," Finn warned sweetly, his lipsticked mouth brushing Black's ear. "And then I'll make you play pony for me all night long."

Snarling, Black stilled, but he turned his head and bared his teeth. "You're not man enough to break me, bitch," he spat, "Not with that tiny 'toy' you're packing." An unexpected rush of adrenaline had Black flying; though like Icarus, maybe Black was headed a little too close to the sun. It was likely suicide, but everyone needed a thrill.

"That's what I meant about resistance." Finn's fingers squeezed Black's straining triceps right before he licked them. "It's makes you just too sexy for your own good, Sunshine." Sliding down the Hunter's nude back, Finn bit playfully at the swell of Black's bared ass, blunt teeth scraping across the remaining welts. It made Black's glutes twitch, and his shoulders went rigid. The Prince wasn't going to...feed on him, was he?

But no, the next time that mouth lighted on his skin, it was tongue, not teeth. Though he was blindfolded, Black could see it clearly: a plump, pink muscle peeking out of those red lips, trailing down his own tailbone and dipping between the halves of his ass. At first, only teasing him, but then--

"G-god," Black gasped, his breath bursting from his lips as Finn's depraved little tongue licked around the base of the plug still filling him. The high-pitched whine that came next was unstoppable; Black had to let it bubble out of his throat because that damnable tongue was tickling all around his stretched hole. It was too dirty, too erotic.

Despite the constriction of the cock ring and the hug of the latex, Black felt the heat of his blood drain from his body to pool in his gut and then he was coming, shoulders shuddering against the polyester bedspread. The rush of boiling liquid stayed trapped against his skin, unavoidable evidence of his own weakness in Finn's hands. And, speak of the devil, Finn just purred against Black's skin, clearly amused by the reaction.

"I didn't say you could come, did I?" the vampire teased, lightly smacking Black's ass even as the brunette shivered with the aftershocks of his orgasm. The little spark of easy pain made him whimper. Finn removed the plug carefully, and Black breathed a sigh of relief. He wanted to hope that it was over, but he knew that wasn't the case. The cap on a bottle of lubricant was popped off and then there was more of the slippery liquid drizzling down his cleft. No, it wasn't over by a long shot.

More and more of the lube puddled between his legs, and then Finn's fingers started to work in the fluid. The surprisingly gentle probing had Black moaning, but he was still too out of it to fight. Finn took advantage of that as, with his dry hand, he folded Black's legs at the knee and set some kind of bar there. When Finn began to lash Black's calves to his thighs around the bar, Black opened his sluggish lashes behind the blindfold.

"What...what are you doing?" he murmured, voice regaining a bit of its edge even in his post-orgasmic lull.

As an answer, Finn rolled Black from his stomach to his back, which trapped his arms beneath him. The way his legs were strapped to the bar kept them bent high and spread. Still blindfolded, Black couldn't see Finn's face, but he was willing to bet it was smug. He started to tense again, but a small kiss to his temple distracted him.

"Shhh," Finn breathed, his small, gloved hands stroking Black's chest pleasantly. Carefully, the redhead removed the ring and latex from Black's cock, and the rush of air to sensitized skin brought Black back to full arousal, his erection swelling again.

It was then that Black noticed that Finn's fingers, formerly only massaging the lubricant into just the exterior of his entrance, were sliding past his anus and deeper into his body. If his count was accurate, the little shyster had pushed in three fingers already.

"Relax, Sunshine; I mean it." The command in Finn's tone was so imperative that Black actually felt compelled to do as he was told. He relaxed, letting his hips and head sink into the cheap mattress. Three fingers weren't stretching him any more than the plugs had done, and as they slid back and forth, slowly fucking him, Black swallowed his moans. He was cuffed, bound, blackmailed, and unable to deny the erection Finn could obviously see. Still, as Finn added a fourth finger and more lubricant, Black felt that blush turn him bright red again. Where had his fight gone, damnit? What the hell had happened to his pride?

Taking care not to tense, as that would only hurt himself, Black grit his teeth and tossed his head. "I meant it," he hissed quietly. "When I said you couldn't break me. You don't know the first thing about fucking a man." There. That made him feel a bit better.

Until he heard Finn give a small huff of a chuckle and then the blindfold was tugged away.

Black craned his neck to watch Finn as the vampire grabbed a pillow. It was then pressed under Black's head, keeping him in a position to see just far enough between his legs to regret the loss of his blindness. Swallowing, Black scowled as darkly as he could manage to show the Prince he was *not* intimidated. Finn tipped his head down just a mark, his hair covering one half of his face and the hat's brim throwing shadows across the rest of his expression. All except for that confident smile.

"You think I can't break you, huh?" Bending his neck, Finn stuck his tongue into the exposed slit of Black's erection, then rolled his eyes up to lock gazes with his prey. "Watch me."

The tip of Finn's thumb joined his other fingers, and Black's eyes widened in proportion to the increasing depth of Finn's hand. All five fingers straightened, thumb tucked in against his palm, Finn pushed inexorably further, until the knuckle of his thumb was pressing against the stretched, throbbing muscles of Black's hole. Blue eyes refused brown any escape. Black squirmed, his hips moving just a hairsbreadth. That last knuckle was swallowed up, and Black's mouth fell completely open as he felt Finn's fingers curl over the thumb, into a small fist. *Inside of his body*.

"That's right, Sunshine. I may be little, but I'm tricky." Finn pressed his face to Black's knee, and Black, breaking eye contact, dropped his gaze down to stare at where Finn's hand had disappeared. It seemed neither of them breathed as the hand was followed by Finn's wrist. "Let me show you what I do know," Finn murmured, watching Black's face watching him. Slowly, Finn's fist turned, and three of his knuckles brushed Black's prostate in turn.

The last, rebellious shred of dignity in Black snapped. He threw his head as far back into the pillow as he could, and he sobbed, open-mouthed, his neck taut with need.

"It-it's t-too much," he gasped, but his hips tilted up to accept more. Finn obliged him, offering another inch, the black glove glistening with artificial wetness. Words, what were the words to say? "Big," Black groaned, his eyes open but unseeing. "S-so big; so *full*."

"I know." Glancing down, Finn saw that Black's body had sucked down his hand and more than half of his forearm. It had to be at least ten inches deep, and his fist was three inches wide. That seemed like more than enough. The right corner of his mouth quirked, a dimple appearing on his cheek. He withdrew his arm, to that barrier knuckle. Black's reply was a keening wail, and a small line of precome that dribbled down to his stomach.

As Finn pushed back inside, the slow, lazy glide accompanied by ever-increasing groans and gasps, he licked Black's tender knee. A withdrawal, and then he thrust his arm back inside; Black's voice as he cried out was hoarse.

"Fuck!" the brunette shouted, his entire body trembling. He had never felt so stretched, so filled by anything. He didn't need the furious pumping to feel as though he was being completely, and utterly fucked. Utterly owned. He hated Finn, hated vampires, but at that moment, his body didn't care. His cock pulsed so hard, his balls drawn so tight against his body, that he thought his entire lower body would simply explode from the delicious pressure caused by his nemesis' touch. Unable to catch his breath, Black lost all reason; he only knew he needed release, or he would simply die.

Tentatively at first, he moved his hips, and when no pain resulted beyond the slight burn of muscles stretching, Black began to really writhe. With legs and hands bound, he had almost no leverage; his movements grew desperate, hips pumping in a rhythm Black set unconsciously. He needed, needed, needed, needed.

When he tried to yell at Finn just how *badly* he needed, all that came out was a short, breathless, "Please!"

"Since you said the magic word," Finn whispered. Delicately, he turned his arm so that the palm of his hand faced up, and then with agonizing slowness, used his arm inside Black's body to tilt and lift the brunette's hips; the knuckles of his fist ground into Black, pushing with more pressure against that gland than any cock could have ever managed.

Black screamed. He howled. He roared as an orgasm so powerful slammed out of him that he was sure his bones were shattering, starting with his pelvis and ending with his skull. He rode it until swelled too high and swallowed him under like tsunami, pounding him down into the dark water of unconsciousness. As his eyes wavered between white blindness and unfocused reality, Black felt the sticky smack of lipstick press against his sweat-drenched cheek.


When Black woke, he was naked, but he was unchained. He was also still alive. He had been tucked beneath a blanket that obviously did not belong to the motel, and his clothes were neatly folded on the chair. There was no sign of leather or latex in the room, but Black's knife and gun were beneath his clothes. His own shoes, not the boots, sat on the floor.

Finn was not there.

He had no idea what time it was, or why he had woken up. Then he heard the knock on the door. Cringing, he stepped out of the bed and felt his legs wobble, then collapse underneath him. Clinging to the chair with both hands, he laughed, both with amazement and some hint of bitterness. The little vampire had fucked him, all right. Fucked him until he couldn't even walk. Black managed to pull on his jeans and shirt, as well as his shoes, before he tried standing again. This time, he stayed upright and hobbled to the door. Checking the peephole, he unchained the door and blinked blearily at the motel manager, staring into the hot bright of the late Atlanta morning.

"11 o'clock," the man said, his voice thickly accented. He tapped his watch. "Check-out time. You staying another night?"

Violently, Black shook his head 'no.' He wobbled back to the chair and grabbed his jacket, tugging it on. The knife and its holster he managed to strap on quickly, and the gun he tucked back into his pants. He knew the manager saw him do it. He knew it meant the man wouldn't give him any trouble.

Afraid to see what he looked like, but too much of a masochist not to check, Black glanced at the mirror. His jaw slackened. There was a message written there, in black-cherry red lipstick.

"*See you again soon, Sunshine*." It was circled by a large lipsticked heart.

Black bolted for the door, his face blazing with his blush. He had to run, it was his only choice.

The faster he ran, the sooner he'd be caught again.



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