Juxtapose City

An author's comment by Tricia

Juxtapose City would never have been created were it not for some fanart drawn of Hadrian and Caled as cyberpunks. I fell in love with the images and the idea of writing Hadrian and Caled in a futuristic setting. Besides fantasy my other favorite genre is sci-fi.

Originally I intended to write alternate versions of Hadrian and Caled, but then I decided it would be more fun to create an entirely new set of characters and set them in this futuristic world.

When I create new populations, I always start with the bottom character because he's often the character that the majority of readers will empathize with. As a departure from sweet, innocent Hadrian I decided it would be interesting to create a character who was dirty, jaded, and hard. I thought it fascinating to explore the psyche of a man obsessed with control and yet who lived a life that was completely beyond it. I took inspiration from Ian Fleming, who named his primary character James Bond because it was the most boring, nondescript name he could come up with. I liked that idea of naming a character who is a powder keg of secrets and violence something flat and simple. Thus Black was born.

I like to pair characters with lovers who are their opposite in either temperament or looks, preferably both. So to counter Black's down and dirty attitude and plain brown hair and eyes I dreamed up Calyx Starr, who is flashy in every way that I could make him. He is also my opportunity to share my love of clubbing and alternative fashion.

Influences for JC include Blade Runner, Final Fantasy VIII, Ai no Kusabi, X-Men, Weiss Kreuz, Orson Scott Card, Piers Anthony, and many other sci-fi books and movies.

While Hadrian is my favorite JF character, the one I'm most proud of having created is Black. His complexity keeps me on my toes and ensures that JC is a series I can enjoy as a reader, rather than as its creator. I really enjoy writing about a character who is a 'top' in every area of his life except the bedroom. His sexual encounters with Calyx are some of my favorites because I genuinely find them sexy.

These are the original cyberpunk images that inspired the creation of Juxtapose City: