The Realm of Juxtan - An author's comment by Tricia

Since I was very young I dreamed of becoming a fantasy writer. I had a very specific opening image in mind when I imagined my first book: a wizened sorcerer and his apprentice were poling a boat across a black lake towards an island set aflame. In the middle of the flames stood the young sorcerer who was responsible for the burning, his eyes lit by fire, his face an expressionless mask.

Juxtan has existed in various forms in my mind for several years and it is the only storyline I intended to write when I created JuxtaposeFantasy. The character of Hadrian is a compilation of my favorite traits and behaviors of fictional characters I read about as a teenager. Of the JF characters he's the one most influenced by my love of other authors' works: Susan Cooper, Mercedes Lackey, Judith Tarr, Michael Moorcock, and many others.

In my early 20s I decided to try to break into the women's romance market and many of the themes I learned from that genre I use when writing Juxtan. It's the true romance on JF.

Though I love all the JF characters, Hadrian is by far my favorite. Besides the nostalgia for my first character, when I write him I can hear an entire orchestral score playing in my mind. He embodies pure emotion, and I love that more than anything. To me, a character isn't defined so much by his actions as by how he feels about the choices he's made.

The Juxtan universe is the only storyline that was written out of order. Beneath the Greying Cliffs was the first JF story written and I wrote many Alternate Universe stories after that because there were too many plotlines I wanted to explore. After the creation of Juxtapose City and Angel:Reverse, I went back to Juxtan and began filling in the characters' back stories. It was an interesting way to write a storyline since readers already knew where the characters would end up and what the consequences would be of their earlier actions.