My Party

by Rithannen and DrkNuriko



Another team poker night was winding down; Haney and Bee were finally free to sneak into one or the other's room and have the sex their goo-goo eyes had been promising for hours, and from the unspoken heat that had been flying back and forth between Black and the empath all night, it wasn't hard to figure out that there was more happening in that arena than Jake wanted to admit. With a sigh, he finished off the last of his beer and dealt himself a game of solitaire. "Why am I always unwanted?" he grumbled to himself, not aware there was anyone still in the room.

"Aw," Parker twirled the end of his braid around a finger, leaning on the door frame. "I didn't know I'd been invited to a pity party."

With a glare at Parker, Jake prayed he wasn't blushing. "Hey, don't you start. Starr does that one enough!"

"Look, don't snap at me because you're feeling unwanted. I just call them as I see them." With a sigh, Parker approached the table and then flopped spread-eagled into a chair.

Jake blinked for a moment and then unfortunately looked down at the brunette psypath's body. He had to admit, Parker was easy on the eyes. Yet, just as he himself had once been, Parker was hooked on Black. "A little pissy cause Calyx was practically making out with the lieutenant?"

"On the contrary," Parker smirked, rubbing a hand idly along his very flat stomach. "I'm rooting for them."

Jake's hazel gaze followed that moving hand as it trailed over the slender stomach and swallowed. Bad, very bad. "Hey, more power to them, right?" he asked, prying his eyes off the other man and trying to find something else to look at.

"It's not every day that the downtrodden get a chance. I'd rather see them succeed." Wearily, Parker closed his eyes, reliving some less fluffy moments of history. "Maybe it gives the rest of us a certain hope if those two fuck-ups can make it work, you know?"

Jake nodded, unable to find fault with those words. "I think you have a point there."

Calyx raised a brow from the door, his hair damp from what must have been a quick 'Hoping-to-Get-Lucky' shower. "Who you calling a fuck-up?"

"Two of my lovely roomies...but I suppose you wouldn't believe I meant Bee and Haney, would you?"

Jake smirked and looked over at Starr. "I do believe he meant you, freak."

"And braid-boy here is a paragon of perfection, is he?" drawled Starr as he lazily toweled his hair and neck.

Jake's smirk faltered just a little. "I'd go for him before I'd even look at you," he muttered.

"So much attention for me," Parker said lightly. "I'm flattered."

Jake found himself blushing at being overheard, yet didn't comment further.

Calyx forced his smile into a full smirk, having already noticed the growing attraction on Jake's behalf and not wanting to be obvious. "You seem to have fallen into the same trap as I have, sweetheart," he said to Parker. "So don't start thinking you're better than me. If I'm a fuckup, so are you."

"I never said I wasn't, Calyx." With a self-depreciating laugh, Parker tipped his head backward over the chair's back and smiled at the empath. "If I weren't a fuck-up, I would still be out there, with my gang, and Genesis would be gone."

Calyx caught the look on Jake's face that came with Parker's morose assessment, and then said after a moment, "I'm going to go see where my Darkness has gone hiding. How insensitive of me to give him a moment of peace, unmolested." He wished there was someone he could place bets with on how long this little game of footsie would last, but Black wouldn't want to hear it, and Bee and Haney...chuckling to himself, he turned and left.

"Or you'd be dead and Genesis would still be out there as well," Jake muttered, remembering his last run in with the psypath and really hating it.

"Preferable to being a lab-rat and a prisoner. Except for the fact that I can possibly do some good here." Parker shook his head and reached for the fruit in the middle of the table. It must have been the domestic darling duo who bought it. He started to peel an orange.

Jake almost leaned forward to place a comforting hand on Parker's shoulder, but stopped himself. The last time something had happened with a team mate, things hadn't actually gone happily ever after. He wasn't about to cause the same trouble to someone else. "It isn't really all that bad, is it?" he asked instead, moving over to take an apple from the bowl, slowly peeling it with a knife he kept in his pocket.

"If I talked and bitched for hours, you still could never fathom how wrong this all feels to me. Add to that the fact that there were people who depended on me who can now never trust me again, and I think it's safe to say this situation reeks of bullshit." Parker put both elbows on the table and popped an orange slice into his mouth.

Jake frowned. He knew he wasn't in any position to sympathize. There was almost nothing he could do. Cutting a piece off the apple, he held it out to the braided man beside him. "Point taken and duly noted. Will not be asked again."

"It's not anything I'll be slitting my slender wrists over or something," Parker amended with a grin before he leaned forward and took the apple slice with his mouth, as his fingers were still sticky with orange juice. "So," he said after a short chew, "Don't worry about locking up the steak knives."

Jake flushed at the touch of lips on his fingers and pulled back slightly. "I. . .I hadn't planned any such thing," he said after a moment, taking a piece of the apple for himself.

"You're awfully shy."

"Not normally. I guess I just don't want to repeat past mistakes, is all," he said, cutting another piece, once again holding it out to Parker.

"What, you had a bad experience with a teammate?" Parker looked for a towel and frowned, then took the apple with his teeth again. "Which one?"

This time, he didn't flush and even lingered, lightly caressing Parker's lips. "It was Black, if you really want to know," he said, looking away before lowering his hand back to the apple.

Parker couldn't help it; his eyebrow was touching his hairline before he even thought to disguise the reaction. "You. And he. Were...lovers?"

Jake flinched slightly before nodding. "Yeah, I guess that's what you could call it. It was more one-sided and he wasn't really all that into the relationship. Yet," he continued, looking away as he cut off another piece and bit into it. "It didn't last, as I'm sure you can tell."

"I can see that. Still, it surprised me." Parker was suddenly feeling overwhelmed by a jealousy he hadn't realized was there. It was one thing for Black to be with Calyx, an empath and sexual supernova...but to sleep with this cop? Just for the hell of it?

Jake set the apple down on the table, knife and all, and looked away. "You could even say it was more one-sided than I wanted to admit." He paused and shook his head, looking at Parker for a long moment. "I don't even know why I'm telling you all of this," he muttered, moving to stand up, suddenly feeling uncomfortable in the room.

"Maybe because I've actually listened," Parker suggested, throwing one leg across the table in an amazing feat of flexibility. He stopped Jake from retreating by firmly planting his bare foot on the man's shoulder and pushing him back into his chair. "So just talk if you feel like it. I can't go anywhere."

Jake was amazed by the flexibility of the man and he stared at Parker for a long moment. Taking in the long chestnut braid and those amazing cocoa colored eyes, it was hard to say no to a man like him. "I. . .I was kind of pushy when we first met. I didn't force him, but I really didn't let him entirely say no either. I wasn't a good person then. I. . .I hated myself for it. Black really just took what he could. He was always the one in control." He swallowed, staring down at the apple. "It wasn't really good for either of us." With a short chuckle that sounded as though Jake surprised himself, he added, "I'm even happy that he's found Starr." Jake looked at Parker then. "Admit it to him and I'll have to hurt you," he mumbled.

"Honestly, I don't think he'd be all that interested in talking to me long enough for it to come up." Parker's foot retreated some and just rested on the table. "It must make you lonely. Angry."

Jake snorted in reply. "Yeah, I was for a while. I took it out on a lot of people who didn't deserve it. I hated myself for it, but for some reason I couldn't keep from being an ass. But, lately, I've come to realize I was just being damned spiteful. If I really loved him, I'd let him go, just so he was happy." Embarrassed of his over-sharing, Jake tried to make light of himself. "Too bad that doesn't make for a warm bed at night," he teased, laughing bitterly.

"I know what you mean," Parker muttered before he could stop himself.

Jake looked at Parker for a long moment. He then took up the apple and cut a piece, holding it out to the brunette empath with a small grin. "Well, you could always share mine, then neither of us would have to bear a cold bed." Immediately, Jake's eyes widened and he flushed, looking away, the piece of fruit still held out but forgotten. "Um, never mind that. Call it a moment of wistful thinking," he muttered.

"I don't think I've ever met anyone like you," Parker commented, leaning in to eat the slice. "You're...genuine."

"Kind of like a country hick?" Jake asked, remembering what Starr always said about him.

"No. Kind of like a guy who hasn't let that 'City Cynicism' set in. It's different. It's nice."

Jake tried not to laugh, but he couldn't help the small, flattered chuckle that slipped out. "Man, that's something the freak never thought of. Perhaps he'd knock off the hick jokes if he had a second opinion."

"It's obvious he only teases you about it because he doesn't understand it. Your...cleanliness, I mean. I would say that it could even be partly envy."

Jake almost fell out of his chair at that one. Without paying attention, he cut off another piece of the apple, but didn't notice it to eat it. Instead, he held it in his hand, watching Parker through slightly darkened hazel eyes. "I. . . .I wouldn't call envy something Starr would ever feel toward me," he commented.

"Then you are dense." Parker shook his head. "You have a lot going for you that a street rat would find attractive. Your upbringing, your faith in people, your anvil-like biceps."

"Not to mention I have a massive problem accepting people who are different from myself. . .or at least, I used to. But that doesn't change things that I did. I said some pretty mean things before I realized I was being prejudiced."

"You, what, called him names? And then thought he wasn't going to retaliate with some insults of his own?"

Jake laughed bitterly once more. "I did worse than that, Parker. I spoke about psypaths in a way that not only hurt Starr, but Black, too. I. . .I kinda hate myself for it. I didn't stop with the one time, either. I had to rub salt in it by saying shit again in a different way, but just as bad." He looked down at his hands, one which held the apple and his knife while the other held the apple slice.

"You're passed it now, though, right?" Parker finally settled for wiping his sticky, orange pulp hands on his jean-clad ass. "You don't still hate psypaths?"

Jake looked away. "Depends on what you mean by that. If you're talking about asses like Genesis, then yes, I hate them. But ones like Black, Starr, and you, no."

"Therein lies the difference. He's not a psypath. He's a psychopath."

Jake laughed at that. Parker did have a good point. "You weren't thinking much smarter for a while there, Parker. Genesis is bad news, I'll give everyone that, but getting rid of him isn't worth sacrificing your life." Not feeling very hungry at that thought, Jake just held the slice of apple to Parker as he had the last few.

Quirking his left brow, Parker took the apple slice and let his mouth linger just a little longer. "It wouldn't be sacrifice so much as...speeding things up."

Jake blinked. "Damn, and I thought I was the one throwing a pity party." He sighed and let his fingers stay on Parker's lips. "Everyone's gonna die, Parker. What's important isn't that you'll eventually die, but that you lived your life the way you wanted to."

"There's a laboratory experiment coursing through my veins that kind of takes away that option for me." Parker closed his eyes and then smiled. "I guess I should make the best of it."

Jake smiled softly, marveling at himself as his hand moved from Parker's lips to caress his cheek. "I'd like to offer to help, any way I can. I suppose I'm not too much fun, but I can try."

"Any way, you say?" Parker laughed, tucking a stray strand of hair behind his left ear.

Jake's smile became more of a smirk; he knew he was asking for trouble and yet actually interested to see how this handsome man would take his words. "Yep. Any way."

"You got any cookies?"

Jake paused, having not expecting that. Yet his smirk melted into something softer afterward, and he laughed lightly, finally dropping his hand and sitting back. "Not on hand, but I can make some. If that's what you really want," he said with his eyes bright.

"No, it's not what I really want," Parker said softly.

Jake dropped the smile completely and looked at Parker seriously. "I'd probably trade you if I could. I'd let you be the free one and I'd take being locked up." He moved over to kneel at Parker's chair, knife and apple forgotten on the table once again. "So what is it that you do want? I'll help, if it's something I can do." His hazel gaze took in all of Parker's features. Jake didn't want to see this long haired man so sad. It didn't fit him, even if it was sexy in a strange way.

"Right now, what I want is for you to get off the floor and stop feeling sorry for me." Parker leaned back in the chair and tried not to smirk. "And kiss me, while you're at it."

"I wasn't feeling sorry for you," he murmured, before leaning in close and pressing his lips almost in a worshipful manner against the other brunette's.

Parker laughed closed-mouth against Jake's lips but settled his hands on the other man's shoulders, squeezing the muscles encouragingly.

Jake pulled back slightly, staring at Parker. "That doesn't help someone who's been alone for a while, Parker," he grumbled.

"How long, Jake?"

Jake couldn't help but laugh at himself this time. "So long I can't remember."

"Feel like resetting your celibacy clock?"

Jake felt his breath catch in his throat. He swallowed thickly. "Are. . .are you suggesting what I think you are, Parker?" he asked, his voice a little husky at even the smallest thought of having Parker in his arms. Of being able to tease and taste every inch of that delectable body of his.

"Cold beds are universal, even for psypaths."

"You're a man, just like I am Parker. If it's because you hate a cold bed as much as I do, I can entirely understand." That said, he leaned in once more and kissed the brunette, this time passionately and nothing like the first.

Sighing, Parker leaned into the kiss, hands on Jake's shoulders still. He nearly purred at the feel of so much muscle under his palms.

Jake pulled Parker up against him and held him there a moment before breaking off the kiss. "Ya know, you don't have to sleep with me to have a warm bed, Parker. We can just share mine. Actually sleep and all. Nothing more," he whispered, not wanting to rush the other man into something.

"If I was just worried about my toes being frosty, I could buy thicker socks," Parker whispered back before he casually licked the corner of Jake's mouth.

Jake felt and heard himself groan at the soft touch of the younger man's tongue on the corner of his lips and he pulled Parker up into his arms as he stood. Parker felt light, almost frail. He was almost afraid he could break him if he wasn't careful. "Your room or mine," he teased softly.

"I don't have anything all that cozy yet, so yours," Parker suggested, a little surprised to be swept off his feet, literally. Jake was healthier and stronger than just about anyone Parker had been with before.

Jake laughed softly, nuzzling at Parker's neck near his ear. "My place it is," he murmured against his ear before taking him to his room. He walked the hallway and up the steps with Parker held securely in his arms. Once he was there, he looked at Parker with a smirk. "Care to open the door?" he asked.

In another show of dexterity, Parker used his foot to turn the knob and open the door. "Viola," he crooned.

Jake raised a single eyebrow at that and entered the room before kicking the door shut. "Should I even ask?"

"Some other night."

Jake smiled and nuzzled the other man's neck once more, this time licking at the pulse point. He then slowly began to lay Parker down on the bed, coming down on top of him. "Any preference on what you prefer?" he asked, not wanting a repeat of what had happened with Black.

"It's your bed," Parker reminded, even as he busied his hands with unbuttoning the broader man's shirt. "Your rules."

Jake couldn't help but admire this man in a way he had never admired anyone before. He knew what he wanted and he went for it. Nothing stood in his way of it either. Sliding his hands under the white wife beater he was wearing, he trailed his strong hands over the slender yet firm chest, raising up to find his nipples to tease them between his fingers.

"You don't waste time, do you?" Parker chuckled, but the effect was lost considering he was tugging Jake's shirt off quite vigorously as he said it.

"Would you rather I go as slow as a snail?" he asked, even as he leaned down to lick at Parker's neck and then down his collar bone.

"Faster is better. The sheets will warm up quicker that way." Parker reached up and buried his fingers in Jake's short hair, then dragged him close to suck at his mouth.

Jake sighed into the feel of Parker's lips sucking on his own. Lord... the man was good at what he did. Moaning, he ran his arms slowly down his back, rubbing it softly.

It amused Parker how eager Jake seemed. It also told him that the other man wasn't lying to him; it really had been a while. Something in Parker very much appreciated that honesty, especially since it was always so hard to pry secrets from certain other men he could mention. Purring, Parker wrapped a leg around Jake's hips and rolled them until he could straddle the other man's lap to continue the kiss.

Jake gasped into the kiss as their positions were reversed. Yet he didn't mind it. In fact, this new position pressed his arousal fully against Parker's still clothed ass. 'And what a fine ass that is,' Jake thought to himself. Parker always had pulled Jake's attention. It was almost as if Parker simply screamed 'Look at me'. Yet it was more than the looks... there was something about Parker that Jake couldn't place... that made him want to keep him close by.

With a deep moan, he pressed his hips even closer against Parker while his tongue went on the offensive to tease the inner cavern of Parker's mouth, finding the taste of the fruit he had been feeding him earlier, as well as something that was uniquely Parker.

Breaking the kiss, Parker threaded his fingers through Jake's pitifully short hair. "You're a very good kisser," he breathed, his braid falling over his shoulder to coil across Jake's throat. "What else are you good at?"

Jake couldn't help but smile at that as a single hand reached up to lightly tug on his braid, in order to bring him down close enough so Jake could suck on his neck lightly, nipping occasionally. "Oh, I suppose you'll have to find out."

"I don't like suspense, Jake," Parker growled playfully, shivering as his hair was gently pulled. "Show me," he added, fingers leaving the other man's hair to stroke that so-broad chest. "Show me now."

Jake laughed, nipping at the spot in his neck where his pulse pounded before pulling back. "First of all... too many clothes," he murmured, a smile on his lips.

"I concur." Leaning back as much as he could, Parker pulled his braid away so that he could strip himself of his thin white top. Tugging down on the sleeves of Jake's open shirt, Parker quite happily yanked it away.

Jake smirked, kissing Parker's lips once as he reached up before running his calloused fingers down from the place on Parker's neck he had so recently nipped and trailed down over his collar bone to finally find a solitary nipple and tweak it slightly. "Hm... you are one hell of a nicely put together man, Parker," he told the braided man huskily.

He then used both hands to tease the slender man's nipples, pinching softly in order to make them pebble into hard peaks.

"What can I say?" Parker gasped, eyes fluttering closed as his nipples were teased. "Must be my good genes." Grinning, he returned the favor, sharply tugging at Jake's flat nipples, hoping for a good reaction.

Jake arched up off the bed, a soft hiss of pleasure escaping his lips. He, in turn, applied the same action to Parker's own peaked nipples, before leaning up to take one into his mouth, laving the firm peak into rock hard stiffness.

"There we go," Parker sighed, enjoying the stimulation and the intense way Jake responded. It was a good sign; Parker began to believe it could be rather enjoyable to warm up Jake's bed. Releasing one of the other man's nipples, he reached down to the placket of Jake's jeans and plucked at the button, but didn't open it.

Jake pulled back, gazing at Parker with passion glazed hazel eyes. "Hm, getting a little shivery on me, Parker?" he asked in a husky voice as he moved over to tease the other nipple, not wanting it to feel left out.

"And you, Jake?" the prescient teased, a little breathless as he skipped his fingers back and forth along the waistband of this homespun hunk's pants. "You don't seem so unaffected, yourself." To prove his point, Parker pushed Jake back to the pillows and leaned close, licking a hot line across the other man's surprisingly full mouth.

Jake moaned close to those warm lips and leaned up close enough to catch Parker's tongue with his lips. He sucked on it, teasing it. After a moment he left go and shook his head. "I'm certainly affected, Parker. I wouldn't deny it, nor would I want to." He then reached out and skimmed his small, neatly trimmed nails down Parker's sides, stopping when he reached the waistline of his pants.

"Like I said," Parker smirked. "Genuine." He was greatly anticipating this, far more than Parker thought he could feel when it came to sex with someone who wasn't...pushing that nagging string of thoughts away, like a hateful cobweb, Parker unbuttoned Jake's pants without ado.

Jake felt his breath hitch in his throat and his hips pressed toward the hand that was merely a hair breath away from his aching erection. "I suppose so," he admitted, even as his hands moved between them to undo Parker's own pair of jeans, even while they were almost too torn up to be called pants any more.

"I think... for what we both have planned... that we're still over dressed." That said, Jake finished undoing Parker's pants and pushed them down his slender legs. Jake felt his mouth go dry at the perfection that was slowly revealed to his hot and hungry gaze.

"You practically read my mind." Shifting off of Jake's hips, Parker helped the other man to shuck his jeans completely as he did the same to his own tattered pair. "Maybe you have some latent ability after all."

He couldn't help but laugh at those words, but the laughter was a bit tight in his throat. Parker was handsome when he was dressed. Naked, he was down right stunning. His gaze took in Parker from the tip of his head to the farthest point he could find, which was his knees. The man was down right deadly.

"More like I want the same thing you do," he replied, his voice passion rough. He then reached up to grab Parker's braid, using it to carefully pull the younger man down closer. Jake's hazel eyes were dark as he looked into Parker's cocoa colored ones. "Mind if I unbraid it?"

"It may coil around your throat, like a python, and slowly strangle you," Parker warned, but he didn't move to stop Jake if that's what the man really wanted. He had meant it when he said it was to be played by Jake's rules.

Jake's eyes seemed to darken even more at those words. It meant he wasn't stopping him. "I'll take that risk." That said, he brought the tip of the braid to him and unwrapped the tie. Placing it on the dresser beside his bed, he slowly began to unravel the long, stunning, chestnut locks from the tight braid. Once it was falling around Parker like a brown waterfall and caressing Jake in areas that were over-sensitive, he gasped softly.

"Simply stunning," he whispered, before placing a hand behind Parker's head, delving his fingers into the thick locks, and pulling him down for a hot passionate kiss.

"Not too bad yourself, Cole," Parker laughed as he was overwhelmed with one hell of a kiss. He started sucking hard at Jake's mouth and tongue, his hands boldly grabbing for the cop's hard cock before he thought about it. He started to worry that maybe Jake would find him a little too slutty for being so shameless, but then, if he could rock the boy's little cop world even just one time, it could be worth it.

Jake growled, low and deep into the kiss. At the moment, he didn't care about the fact that Parker had possibly... no certainly... had other lovers. At this moment, he was tempted beyond all thought to make the man forget every last one of them except for him.

He pulled away from the kiss to nibble across his jaw line and the swirl his tongue across the lobe of Parker's ear. "I'll have you screaming in pleasure before the night is out, Parker," he whispered passionately into the psypath's ear, as one of his own hands reached down to gently stroke the tip of the brunette's erection.

This time, Parker really did shiver, his lips falling open as his sensitive ears were given such attention. For every gentle touch at his cock, he roughly stroked Jake in return, wanting to make him lose control first.

Jake's body arched into the rough strokes the psypath was giving his now weeping erection. Damn it all if the man didn't know exactly what he wanted. For a brief second, Jake wondered if there wasn't some telepath in the man above him. He seemed to read everything that Jake was thinking of that would make him wild with lust. Then he remembered, Black had said he was an empath, just like Starr. That meant, because the bliss tab was missing, he could sense what he was feeling.

Unable to control himself after those very thoughts, he used his considerable strength and flipped their positions once again, this time sucking on a single one of his fingers to slick it before leaning down to kiss Parker with wild abandon. All the while, his finger sought the tight entrance between his crack.

His actions let Parker know how Jake meant to play this out, and that was fine with him. In fact, he rather enjoyed a good pounding into a mattress, and hoped this beefed-up farm boy could deliver. Helpfully, Parker spread his legs and then wrapped his arms around Jake's neck, kissing back with fervor.

Jake moaned into the hot kiss and pushed his finger past the tight ring of muscle. Once he was inside, he ground his hips against Parker's. Their erections brushed together, making Jake growl low in his throat. Eventually working up to two fingers, widening the entrance, he gazed into Parker's eyes, his eyes almost too dark to tell their color.

"Tell me to stop... or tell me what you like... Either one works, but tell me before you kill me with need," he managed to get out.

"If I told you to stop, it would be your civic duty to shoot me, sergeant," Parker breathed, arching under the other man's surprisingly skillful touches. "And I'd much prefer you frisk me, first. So how about you get something wet and slippery, slick yourself up, and show me what a good cop can do with his nightstick."

Jake groaned and reached into the top drawer of his night stand. He pulled out a small white tube that had yet to be opened and smirked down at Parker, despite how turned on the psypath's words had made him. "Oh, I see."

He slipped his fingers out, only to slick them with the lubricant and then he slid his fingers back inside, slicking the passage for something to come. After scissoring the whole to stretch the tight channel, Jake then moved to lube up his dripping rod and slipping his fingers out once more, he replaced them with the blunt head of his cock. With a single groan he pushed inside.

Parker's answering groan was much louder and his legs fell further apart. He couldn't help the gasps that followed as his body shuddered underneath Jake's much broader form. "G-god," he moaned, squeezing Jake's shoulders so hard he thought he would break something. "N-not bad, sergeant."

Jake panted softly before leaning down to once again torment the sensitive earlobe. His tongue swirled in circles around the outer shell of it as his warm breath fanned the moist ear as he spoke. "W-wrap your legs around me, Parker," he whispered before pulling out slowly, almost sensually before plunging back inside the tightness that was all Parker. With each slow, sure thrust of his hips, he hoped to find that one spot that would have the psypath seeing stars.

Obligingly, Parker wrapped his legs around Jake's hips and tilted his own pelvis up into those considerate thrusts. Smart comments abandoned him as Jake's cock pulled and pushed at the inside of his body in a delicious way. He wanted the other man to go a little faster, but he was willing to wait for that.

Jake, almost as if he could sense what the other man wanted, began to work his hips faster, pressing into Parker with sure strokes that seemed to almost press him down into the mattress. With Parker's legs wrapped around his waist, he pushed just a little faster as his tongue and teeth lightly tormented the sensitive hollow right below Parker's ear.

Panting softly as he worked his cock inside of Parker, he slipped a hand between their bodies, his hand still slick from the lube he had placed on his own cock, and with skillful, calloused fingers, he began to work Parker's length in time with his thrusts.

"How kind," Parker moaned, thrusting between Jake's slick hand and the hot cock that was pumping into his body. Not only was this cop genuine, he was also considerate, at least in the bedroom.

Jake's hand held him in a firm grip as he stroked him in time, enjoying the feel of him pushing into his hand as his hips worked his rod in and out of him. He then began moving faster, his hips now pounding into Parker's. The sound of skin slapping skin as he slid all the way in joining the soft pants and moans of pleasure that fell from Jake's lips.

The bed began to shake from the impact of each thrust. Jake felt as hard as he had ever been, but he was determined not to blow it and cum like a fifteen-year-old boy with his first experience. He'd wait till Parker found his own pleasure, or die trying.

"So good," Parker gasped, reaching behind his head to grab onto the headboard and hold on. Jake was doing all the work, and it felt amazing. It wasn't often Parker had a lover so focused on making him come, and that alone was making him insanely hot. "I should've...gotten caught sooner," he joked breathlessly, squeezing his legs around Jake's waist. "Ah, Cole...harder. I-I'm gonna cum!"

Jake's breathing sped up and his hips began pounding even harder into Parker's. The sound of skin slapping skin pierced the room and Jake couldn't hold back a deep moan that came from deep in his throat.

"Then... by all means... cum, Parker," he panted out, the bed still shaking from the sheer fierceness of his thrusts. His hand keeping the same pace on Parker's cock, while the grip on it tightened just a little in order to give it more friction to grind against.

"Whatever you say, sergeant," Parker groaned through his teeth, throwing his head back into a mass of his own sweat-damp hair. His knuckles turned white where they gripped the headboard as he bucked and came, the heels of his feet braced on Jake's back.

Jake threw his head back in pleasure as Parker's inner walls seemed to pull him in so tightly over and over again. He thrust into Parker three more times before spilling his heat into the psypath underneath him. "Parker," he panted out once he was done, before pulling out to lay down beside the long haired brunette.

Shaking his head to clear it, Parker closed his eyes and relaxed, boneless, into the pillows. "Nice," he murmured sleepily.

Jake slipped out of the bed and went into the bathroom. He wet down a wash cloth and then came back out, smiling softly as he cleaned up the mess the two of them had made. "Hm, I suppose not as good as other's huh?" he asked, even though he didn't want to hear his doubts confirmed. Even Black hadn't seemed to enjoy their moments.

"Would you stop with the self-depreciation for five minutes and cuddle, asshole?" Parker mumbled, holding up one arm to beckon Jake back down to the bed.

Jake tossed aside the cloth and slid into the bed, pulling Parker into his arms as he cuddled with the long haired man. "Whatever you want, baby," he said, in a soft, husky tone.

"The bed is warm now."

A deep rich laugh rumbled from his chest and past his lips and he nodded his agreement. "So it would seem, Parker," he answered once his mirth had passed. "Thanks for coming to my little pity party after all."

"If that's how you mope around for yourself," laughed Parker, his voice thick with blissful, Bliss-less sleep. "I can't wait to see how you do New Year's."


The End.