A Night on the Job

by Azalea



Max took a deep breath and let it out slowly. "Curtis, I can give you many things. Money, good feedback for your next movie. But this…please do not ask me to do this."

"C'mon, Max!!" came the pleading tone on the other end of the line. "I really am in a tight bind!! Security bailed and I've got no one to oversee this!! And the Elite Poole is best for this!!"

"This…thing you're asking me to provide security for is in three days. This is extremely short notice for me."

"I told you the other security firm we hired cracked under pressure!! And besides, you have an obligation to help an old friend."

"…You do realize what you're doing is short of blackmail, right?"

"Max, it isn't blackmail if I force you to hold out on a promise you made me!! And the AMAs have agreed to pay you handsomely to keep fans and Evangelical Christians off their backs!!"

Max rubbed a hand over his face. A strong headache was coming on. "All right. I will provide security for this…event. But my employees are to be left alone."

"You're a lifesaver, Max!! Thank-"

Max hung up on him in mid-sentence. Rather, he slammed the phone down as hard as he could.

This was precisely why he hated owing anyone favors. It always came back to bite him in the ass.

"This is a nightmare," he murmured to himself, rubbing his forehead. The headache was getting stronger. Maybe he needed to lie down for a while…

Ethan had been pretty confident not a lot could surprise him anymore. He'd seen enough of the good and bad in people that he thought he was pretty sure of things.

Then he got a real surprise…the alarm clock woke him up.

He woke up in a haze of confusion. Sure, the alarm clock was always set and always went off on time. But it never woke him up; Max did. And he was only aware of it during a hot session of sex.

This hadn't happened this morning.

Grumbling in confusion, Ethan reached across Max and hit the snooze button. Max was buried deep within the covers, seemingly unaware of the alarm.

Now worried, Ethan gave him a tiny shake. "Max?"

Max groaned a little, little shifting around a bit under the covers.

Ethan shook him again. "Max?"

Max finally raised his head, though it looked like it took some difficulty. "What is it, Ethan?"

"The alarm went off. Didn't you hear it?"

"Hmm?" Ethan didn't like how glazed those magnificent blue eyes were. Or how flushed his face was. Max slowly turned his head to the alarm clock and stared at it for a few moments. "So it is." He tried to sit up, but promptly fell back on the bed.

"Max?!" Ethan leaned over Max, stunned by his lover's behavior. He brushed the dark bangs out of his face and recoiled. He was sweating heavily!! He pressed a hand to his forehead. "Max, you've got a fever!!"

"What? No, I don't." Max pushed his hand away and tried to sit up again. He had a little more success this time, but sat on the edge of the bed to catch his strength.

"Yes, you do!! You're sluggish and your head's really hot!!"

"I just had a checkup, Ethan. I'm not sick." He carefully tilted his head back and stared at the ceiling.

Ethan crawled over to sit beside him. "Max, I wouldn't joke about something like this!! I swear to God you have a fever!!" He paused. "When was the last time you were sick?"

"…Back when I was a freshman in college. But that doesn't mean I'm sick now."

Ethan ignored his last comment. "Maybe you should take today off, Max."

Max glance at him. "I'm the boss, Ethan. I don't just take a day off."

"But you are sick!! I think that's a pretty valid excuse!!"

"I can't take today off, Ethan. I have a very…important announcement to make." Max braced himself as though he were about to stand up, but then relaxed again. "Just give me a minute…"

Ethan got out of bed and headed into the bathroom. After searching through the medicine cabinet he found a thermometer. He returned to the bedroom. "What kind of announcement?"

Max glared at the thermometer, but reluctantly took it. "The Elite Poole has an assignment in two days."

"Two days? Isn't that short notice?"

Max shrugged and popped the thermometer in his mouth.

"So…what's the assignment?"

"We'll be providing security for the AMAs."

"AMAs?" Ethan tried to place that name. It sounded like an awards show. "American Movie Awards?"

"Adult Movie Awards," Max corrected grimly.

Ethan would've laughed if Max didn't look so upset. "Well, I can imagine a few people that will be thrilled by this…"

"I have a list of guidelines everyone is required to follow." The thermometer beeped and Max looked at it. "100.2."

"I told you so!!" snapped Ethan. But Max stood tried to stand up. Ethan grabbed his shoulders. "Max, don't go anywhere today!!"

"100.2 is not a fever, 101 is. I can make through today. And it's important that I get the rules out so no one can "accidentally" break them." Max broke free and finally managed to stand up.

"…All right," Ethan conceded. "But please take it easy today. If you feel sicker just go home, okay?"

Max sighed heavily and turned to his lover. He cupped his face with his hands. "I'll be all right, Ethan. If I am sick, and I'm not saying I am, it should go away fairly quickly."

Ethan kissed one of his palms. "I sure hope so."


"Everyone, please report to the break room," came the crisp announcement over the P.A. Ethan let out a slow sigh of relief; Max certainly sounded better.

Ethan followed the other agents into the break room. Max stood at the front of the room. Any hint of his cold was gone, making Ethan even more relieved.

"I have an announcement," he said once everyone had gathered. "In two days time, the Elite Poole will be providing security for the…AMAs."

Several of the male agents cheered and started clapping

"Any agent already on assignment will not be required to participate in this. But I ask that everyone else contribute to a certain degree."

"Mr. Poole," said Elsbeth. "When you say AMAs do you mean the American Music Awards?"

Several people snorted. Ethan tried to hide a smile.

"…No, Elsbeth," said Max after a pause. "I am referring to the Adult Movie Awards. It's going to occur in two days in the Showroom at the MGM Grand. The Elite Poole has been asked to provide security for the awards show and the after party in the Lounge. I have agreed to do this and the committee has promised to pay us handsomely and…provide a DVD copy of it for free."

There were more cheers.

"However, before I agree to send you out to this…event, there are a few guidelines you must be aware of. You're not to talk to any of the porn stars unless they need help. On top of this you are not to leave your station without my lead except for an emergency. If I find out anyone "wandered off" for any reason, that agent will be disciplined in the appropriate manner. Understood?"

"Yessir," they said to him.

"Now…" Max held up a list. "I've already assigned your stations. These are non-negotiable, so don't bother asking me to switch you. The following people will be monitoring the front lobby and the area around the Showroom…"

Max read off eight names, some of them upset with their placement while others were neutral. But they didn't voice their concerns too loudly.

"The following people will be monitoring the Showroom," he continued, ignoring the grumblings. "Myself, Ethan, Giuliani, James, Nicolas, and Eric."

"Looks like we get to watch the free show," muttered Giuliani, nudging him and grinning. Ethan was a little surprised only six of them would be inside the Showroom.

"The rest of you…will be monitoring the green room and the backstage area of the show. Let me remind you," he said loudly over the grumblings. "That the show will be mailing you all a free copy of…this. Not to mention it'll be live on pay-per view for $40 if you don't want to wait for your free copy. It is not necessary to try and watch it. And I emphasize that ALL of you are to remain at your positions at all times or you will have me to deal with. Understood?"


"One last thing: the after-party will not be featuring all the guests so I will not require all of you to stay for it. I've selected the following people to oversee the after-party. As with the Awards show, this will require that none of you leave until the Lounge is completely empty. Those of you who are stationed in the lobby are exempt from this list because you'll still be needed out there." Max read off this list of names, which included everyone stationed inside the Showroom and various others for the backstage area. "Anyone's name I did not call out will be free to leave once the show is over after everyone has either reconvened into the Lounge or left. Understand?"

"Yessir." A few more high fives went around but some for the lobby started grumbling a little louder.

Max tucked the list under his arm. "That is all. Please be ready in two days for this. If you have any concerns-other than your placement-then pleased address them."

The crowd of agents started dispersing. Some started towards Max, but then quickly changed their minds and left.

"So it's us in the Showroom!!" laughed James as he walked over to them. "This should be interesting!!"

Ethan laughed at this. "Just don't take it as an easy pass."

"Hell no," said Eric, grinning as well.

"I'm wondering just how many stars are going to be there," mused Nicolas, wearing a sly smile. "I heard the AMAs have over 20 categories to fit into about 3 hours."

"Yeah, it's gonna be a riot," said Giuliani. "Hey Ethan, can I talk to you for a minute?"

"Sure." Ethan detached himself from the growing group and followed him to another part of the room. "What is it?"

"I noticed something different about Max today," said Giuliani. "I mean, he's same old same old, but when he was giving his speech earlier it looked like he had a hard time focusing on his list. He sick or something?"

I knew it, thought Ethan grimly. If he's really healthy, then how come I'm not the only one noticing it?

But Ethan shrugged, not revealing anything. "I can't really say. Do you want me to take his temperature?" Been there, done that.

"That'd probably be a good idea," said Giuliani. "Even I can tell he's not thrilled about this assignment. Even if he is the boss, the last thing any of us need is for him to be sick in the middle of that circus."

"I'll see what I can do." I can't stop him from going to this. But I will take care of him…


"100.6," said Max dully, tossing aside the thermometer.

Ethan caught it. "Why don't you just stay home tomorrow? You made your point today about the AMAs today and those don't happen until the day after tomorrow."

"I might," said Max reluctantly, leaning back against the headboard of their bed. "It'd be nice to not have to think about this for a while…"

Ethan sat down on the bed. "Why did you accept the job if it bothers you so much? That might be the reason you have a fever."

Max pressed a hand over his eyes. "When I was a senior at graduate school, a foolish freshman found out I was gay. He decided to blackmail me, claiming he had graphic photos of me with other men. He even sent me a note with my mother's address on it, claiming he was going to send them to her if I didn't pay him $15,000."

Ethan grew cold at this. No matter how strained their relationship was, Max loved his mother very much. And anyone making threats involving her would probably end up in deep shit.

"I wasn't intimidated by him. In fact, I was very close to nailing him. But someone beat me to the punch; a classmate of mine named Curtis Straffer."

"Curtis Straffer? Isn't he a movie star?"

"…I didn't need his help in any way and I made it clear I didn't want it. But he went ahead and uncovered the idiot, collected all the evidence against him, and got him expelled. Of course, there were no such photos of me but the threatening notes did him in. Now, Curtis is a C-List celebrity hosting the AMAs and he wants me to pay him back for his "help" by offering security."

Ethan gulped. He knew Max hated owing anyone favors and now it was fairly obvious. Being forced to provide security for such an event no doubt infuriated him to the point he got a cold. "That…sucks, Max."

"Yes, it does." Max removed his hand and looked at him. "All right, I'll take tomorrow off. If I'm sick-and I'm not saying I am-then I want a clear head for this show."

"Thank you, Max!!" Ethan threw his arms around him. "You need your rest so you don't get sicker!!"

"I'm not all that tired now."

Ethan immediately took the hint. "Should I reward you for being such a trooper?"

"…If that's how you want to put it, I can't complain."

Ethan choked on a laugh. He put a hand over Max's steadily thumping heart. Ever so slowly he moved that hand downwards until it came to a stop right over his groin. "Since you're sick, do you wanna take it easy tonight?"

"I told you I'm not sick, Ethan. I'm up for anything."

"I'm so glad to hear that." He massaged Max's cock through his underwear before sliding it back to reveal what was hidden. Smiling to himself, Ethan leaned down to take Max ever-so slowly into his mouth, lavishing over this column of flesh he was so fond of.

After five minutes Ethan was still sucking expertly, sucking on the tip and kneading the balls with his free hand. After ten minutes…it felt like a chore.

Ethan looked up to see Max slumped against the headboard. But pleasure wasn't present on his lover's face. He looked like he could barely breathe. Ethan sat up and grabbed Max's shoulders. "Max!!!"

Max's eyes snapped open. "What is it?"

"You were completely out of it!! You weren't responding to me at all!! You see, you really are sick!!!!!" He knew this to be true, but he was really praying that was the reason Max wasn't responding to the oral sex. He didn't want to think he was losing his touch.

Max frowned a little. "It does feel like I drifted off for a little bit…it's good I'm staying home tomorrow, then…"

"Maybe I should stay home, too," said Ethan, though he was thoroughly embarrassed. He had no idea how to take care of a sick Max and he certainly didn't want Max to start drifting off the next time Ethan sucked him off.


"What?! Max-"

"I expect you to go in tomorrow. I'm capable of watching myself."


"I mean it, Ethan."

"…All right." Ethan was starting to hate this awards show.

It certainly was difficult to get through the next day. After checking Max's temperature ("100.9.") Ethan went to work alone. He didn't know how he made it through the day. He could barely focus on his work and he knew it wasn't just due to his worry over Max.

Would that happen every time for as long as Max was sick? Perhaps Max would get better once the AMAs were behind them, but he might not…

It seemed like no one else was focused on their work. With Max out of the office people seemed to forget about their reports and start discussing the show. And porn names.

"Is it your pet and your mother's maiden name?"

"No, it's your pet's name and the street you grew up on."

"…I'd be Shaggy Maple."

"My name would be Fluffernutter Kingston!!!"

"Fluffernutter?! You named your pet that?!"

"Well, that's what my dog loved to eat."

"Hey, what do you think Max's porn name would be?"

"I dunno, why don't you ask him?"

Ethan rubbed his head with the back of his hand. He hoped Max got better quickly. Not just for his sake but for Ethan's too…


The next night…

"The show starts approximately at ten," said Max as checked himself in the mirror. "We're supposed to arrive at eight and everyone at their stations for when the…stars arrive at nine."

"I know," said Ethan, brushing himself off. "It's still early though."

"The earlier the better. Unfortunately it will not make this night pass by any faster."

Ethan picked up the thermometer from the bed. "Did you take your temperature, Max?"

"Yes. It was 99.9."

Ethan let out a slow breath. "Your temperature is going down…"

"I never had a temperature, Ethan. Perhaps it was just stress getting to me. No matter; after tonight this weight will be lifted."

Hopefully, thought Ethan miserably. All their attempts at sex over the past few days had been thwarted thanks to Max's cold distracting. Well, Ethan prayed it was the cold doing this; his ego was already bruised.

Max sighed heavily. "Let's go. I loathe doing this, but I made a promise."

Ethan nodded. "All right."

Ethan had been quite surprised the Adult Movie Awards was being held at one of Las Vegas's biggest hotels. As they pulled into the adjacent parking lot, he couldn't help but admire the tropical villa appearance of the hotel.

"I hope there aren't any kids running around tonight," he said off-handedly.

"The hotel warned families booking rooms of this event to not venture downstairs or stay elsewhere," said Max. "

"…And why aren't we parked on the grounds?"

"Because we aren't guests."

"Oh." That meant they had to do a bit of walking, but that wasn't a big deal. Still, Ethan felt his worry return as they approached the hotel. Max was walking as quickly and stiffly as possible, obviously in a real hurry to end this night.

As they passed through one of the arches, a man quickly approached from the front doors. Max stopped almost dead in his tracks as the other man hurried over and vigorously shook Max's hand.

"Maxmillian Poole!!" he almost screamed in his enthusiasm. "You have no idea how grateful I am to see you!!"

"Thank you, Mr. Andros," said Max stiffly.

"When Curtis told me he got the Elite Poole to oversee my awards show, I almost didn't believe him!! But now I can see that it's going to be a good night!!"

"I'm sure it will!!!"

"Now, where's your security? Ah!!" he looked straight at Ethan. His smile widened even more. "Is this just a sample of your team? I'm very pleased!!"

"This is Ethan Winter." Max still spoke politely but there was a hint of hostility in his voice. "And yes, he is one of my agents. Ethan, this is Gregory Andros, he's the chairman of this…movie awards board."

"Don't forget director!! Though I don't direct adult movies anymore." Gregory looked Ethan over again. "Now I think my muse is coming back!!"

"Mr. Andros-"

"Ethan, is it?" Gregory reached into his pocket and pulled out a card. "Why don't you give me a call sometime? Someone with your looks would garner a lot of fans in the business. You'll be a star!!" he practically shoved the card into Ethan's hands.

"No thank you," said Max, ripping the card out of Ethan's hand and tossing it over his shoulder. "None of my agents will be lent out for porn movies."

"Aw, Max-"

"Can you allow me to do my job or would you rather we stand out here all night?"

Ethan winced. Max wasn't trying to hide his dislike for the job anymore.

"N-No, of course not. Go right on in and assemble your men."

"Thank you." Max walked past him and into the front lobby.

Ethan ran to catch up with him. "Max, I wasn't planning on being in a porn movie."

"I know that, Ethan, which is why I'm not upset at you." He stopped directly under the giant gold chandelier. "Everyone else should be arriving shortly."

No sooner did Max say that did the Elite Poole agents started flooding the lobby. Max had wanted all of them to arrive before the pay-per view cameras showed up for the "pre-show". Luckily, the last few agents walked in just as the cameras were being set up.

"Everyone," he said loudly, silencing the conversations around them. "In about twenty minutes the…guests are going to show up. Everyone needs to be in their positions by then. There are photographers and cameramen who will no doubt film you, but I encourage you not to look at them or acknowledge them. Understood?"

Everyone answered affirmative.

"All right. You all know your stations, now get to them. And remember: do not leave your stations. Those stationed in the Showroom, please stay with me for a few moments."

The Elite Poole agents dispersed. Ethan crowded with the other Showroom agents around Max. Giuliani grinned at him. "Getting pretty exciting, huh?"

Ethan shrugged. "I guess so."

"Max is looking a little better, too. I guess that day off he took paid off."

I sure hope so. "Yeah…"

"Our role is most important," said Max. "We'll be monitoring the Showroom and essentially be right there while the show takes place. I don't want to see any of you talking with anyone unless they need help."


Max cringed. Ethan could only guess who called for him.

"Long time no see." Curtis Straffer himself ran over and slapped Max on the back. He looked no older than Max, wearing a gray tailored suit. His brown hair was slicked back with too much hair gel and his brown eyes were shining. "You have no idea how happy I am to see you guys here!!!"

Max said nothing to him.

"Hey, weren't you nominated for a Razzy?" asked Eric.

Curtis laughed weakly. "Yeah. But who hasn't? Anyways, I just came over to say hi. The film crew are gonna start filming shortly and I need to give an interview. I'll see you guys inside!! And thanks again Max!!" he ran towards the front doors.

"Friend of yours, Max?" asked Giuliani. "I didn't know you knew bad actors."

Max glared at him. "It's time we take our stations too."

Fifteen minutes later the Showroom was completely secure. Max spoke into a radio with agents stationed in the lobby and the backstage area to make sure both areas were secure. Ethan was too busy gawking at his surroundings. He knew the MGM Grand Showroom was famous in Las Vegas and he could see why. He'd been expecting a simple theatre-like room full of theatre seats. But the only theatre seats he saw were in the back, while various tables and booths covered the main floor and the balconies above. The large bar near one of the exit doors looked fully stocked, the bartenders bracing themselves for a long night.

Max waved all the agents over to him. "Every area is secure. They're starting to bring people in. Everyone, get to your stations. Ethan, come with me to the doors."

Ethan noticed with some worry that Max was getting pale. As they walked towards the two entrances, he further noticed Max wasn't walking as he normally did. "Max, are you all right?"

"I'm fine, Ethan. I'm just feeling a little humid."

"Humid? They have the A.C. at full blast in here!!"

Max turned around to face him. "I thank you for your concern, but I'm all right. But I would appreciate if you let the subject end now."

"I…" Even if he might be getting sicker, Max looked really annoyed. He probably didn't want much else to deal with tonight. "All right."

"Good. I'm going to monitor this exit." He pointed to the right one. "I want you to monitor the other one until everyone is seated."

Ethan nodded. "No problem."

When he went to the other exit, he saw two agents guarding the doors from the outside. So he stood a good twenty feet away right next to the bar.

"Can I get you something?" asked one of the bartenders.

"I'm part of security," said Ethan, keeping his eyes on the door.

"Oh…how about a Shirley Temple, then?"

"No thanks." Various flashbulbs lit up the entrance area as the stars started filing in. The good majority of them were woman with bright blonde hair wearing dresses so tight it looked like they might pop.

He was so sure not a lot could surprise him anymore.

"This is my mom and dad!!!" said a very chipper star to one of the cameras. Ethan did a double take. The woman was practically wearing a see-through dress while her parents were dressed in rather conservative clothing. Both of them were smiling happily. "They've been so supportive!!!"

"You're nominated in nine categories, Hanna," said a guy holding a microphone. He couldn't take his eyes off her rather visible breasts. "What would you say is your favorite?"

"Oh, definitely 'Best Girl on Girl'!!!! Lucki really knows how to get a girl-LUCKI!!!!!" she suddenly screamed. She took off running towards a woman standing at the bar just five feet away from Ethan. She tackled the other woman against the bar and both automatically started making out with each other and groping each other. The camera was quick to capture this and Ethan jumped out of the way so he wouldn't be in the shot. He looked back to Hanna's parents to them watching this spectacle, still smiling.

Talk about acceptance, he thought to himself. He didn't want to imagine what his parents might do if he just suddenly jumped and man and started doing that.

More started filing in and suddenly everything was getting tedious. The women either couldn't keep their hands off each other or their dates, but they seemed to feel the need to flash every camera they walked by. This obviously didn't appeal to Ethan in the least.

"Hey, big boy," said a sultry voice in his ears. A pair of hands started groping his arms. "Mmm, you look so good…how about we ditch this show?"

Ethan sighed heavily, trying his best to ignore the woman hanging off him. Suddenly, the cameramen and photographers went nuts. Ethan turned his head to see a man enter through the doors, two women hanging off his arms.

"So he came." The woman detached herself from Ethan and hurried over to the growing crowd of people. Ethan was too stunned to notice. The man who was the center of attention was stunningly attractive. If he were a little taller and packed a few more muscles then he would've been a dead ringer for Max. They had the same color of hair, though this man wore it unkempt, his bangs falling in his eyes. He wore a sensual smirk on his face, seeming to enchant those around him.

Then he turned his head to look straight at Ethan. He sucked in a quick breath. The man had bright green eyes, almost feline. He'd never seen eyes like that. Damn…if Max had a twin, this guy would fit the profile!!

The man stared at him for a few moments and it almost seemed like his smirk changed into a genuine smile. But he quickly turned away and headed out towards the tables with his ladies, cameras quickly following him.

Ethan coughed discreetly and adjusted his collar. "…I think I'll have that Shirley Temple."

"Huh?" the bartender was distracted by the two women who were still making out with each other. "Oh, sure."

"Hello, and welcome to the 15th annual Adult Movie Awards LIVE in the Showroom at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada!!!!" boomed a voice over the loudspeakers.

Finally, thought Ethan. Someone brushed past him quickly to take a seat. But not before they pinched his ass. The show hadn't even started and he was already getting sexually harassed.

"There's lots to see and people to do!!!!" Everyone laughed. "Oh, sorry about that!!! But all your favorites have turned out for the biggest porn award show EVER!!!"

Ethan rubbed a hand over his face, wondering if the other agents were having as difficult time as him. His eyes immediately went to Max, who was standing in one of the aisles. Even if he was one of the most handsome men in the entire place, no one went within a two foot radius of him. His mere presence must be intimidating them.

Good. Because I catch someone grabbing him, I'll-

Someone else made a quick grope on him.

Curtis took the stage moments later and made some half-hearted attempts to entertain the audience, even introducing a group of line dancers ala Vegas showgirls, although completely naked. Ethan couldn't help but look away every time the women did their line kicks.

Then it was time to hand out awards. And categories like 'Best Looking Orgasm' and 'Most Tongue Expertise' were starting to annoy him. Particularly since all the nominees were women, and each nominees was accompanied by a very graphic video clip of their scene.

"I'd like to thank God," sobbed the winner of the latter's award. "For giving me such a gift!!!"

"Jesus Christ," grumbled Ethan. He moved down the aisle to avoid the new set of gropers. Unfortunately as he did this he walked in the path of the camera filming the table the winner had been sitting at. Within moments his cell phone began to hum in his pocket. He stopped walking and pulled it out. On the caller I.D. he saw Larry's number. Oh, for God's sake!!! He turned off his phone and continued walking along the aisle. He couldn't imagine how the night could get worse.

"Please welcome Derek Crow!!!"

It just did.

He stopped dead in his tracks and looked towards the stage, hoping he misheard the announcement. But no, the popular musician was strutting across the stage as though he owned it. He looked just as attractive as he did the last time Ethan saw him. If his previous endeavor in Vegas had left a bad taste in his mouth, it didn't show. He looked all too happy to be there.

Ethan stood as still as he could, hoping the man he'd had a one-time attraction to didn't see him.

"And now for the nominees for 'Best Girl on Girl' scene, YEE-HAW!!!!!" bellowed Derek.

Ethan briefly glanced at Max. He couldn't see the expression on his lover's face, but Max looked poised for action. He hoped Derek didn't spot him

"And the winner's are…" Derek ripped open the envelope. "Hanna White and Lucki in Strap-on Divas!!!"

Ethan was nearly trampled as one of the women who won ran past him towards the stage. Once both women were onstage, they didn't bother with an acceptance speech; they just jumped each other. Somehow Derek ended up in the middle of it and it looked like the three were wrestling.

Are her parents still watching? He glanced at a nearby table to see Hanna's parents, watching their daughter rip another woman's clothes off as though they were watching television.

The next presenter came onstage, stepping over the bodies as best as he could. "Now for the nominees for 'Best Orgy Initiator'!!!!"

Ethan groaned, rubbing a hand over his face. This whole mess was a nightmare. If they showed another close-up of a vagina he was going to go crazy.

Why why WHY couldn't this be like a gay porn awards?!


The fact he could hear that word spoken in a husky baritone in such a loud room was amazing. He turned around to see the man from earlier. Somehow, despite the number of people crammed into each table and booth, he sat alone at the table behind Ethan with his two dates. Both women couldn't seem to keep their hands off each other, doing a similar play to what was going on onstage. The man wasn't paying attention to them, however; his eyes were solely on Ethan.

Ethan avoided eye-contact with him. He still didn't like how much this man looked like Max. "Is there something I can help you with?"

"Sure," said the man. He motioned to a seat. "Why not sit down so we can get to know each other?"

"I can't do that, sir. I'm security."

"Security?" the man looked amused. "I never would've guessed. With your looks I would've thought you were an actor. But I knew there was a reason I didn't recognize you; I know quite a few actors in this business."

"I'm sure you do," said Ethan warily. "Is there anything else you want besides that?"

"Certainly. But I'd rather tell you in private."

"...In that case, I won't speak to you again. I'm not allowed to interact with any actors unless they need help."

The man chuckled. "This is certainly a surprise!! There's not many people who would turn me down!!"

"Well, you have your two dates to keep you company tonight, sir."

"On the contrary, I'm getting rather tired of women lately. I was thinking of engaging with men for a while; all the pleasures of being bisexual."

Ethan didn't know how to respond to that.

"And the winner is...Spike Monroe in It Takes Seventeen to Tango!!!" called the presenter.

The man smiled and slowly climbed to his feet. "See you later." He began a slow strut to the stage. People sprang up from every table he passed to give a standing ovation. As Ethan watched him go, he got a glimpse of what scene he was in on one of the monitors. In a room full of half-naked bodies, all Spike had to do was saunter in, take a seat, and with the wave of his hand people jumped all over each other.

Ethan's eyes wandered back to Max. He seemed just as reserved as ever, but it looked like…he was slouching. Not much, but just a little bit. But it was enough to worry Ethan.

He didn't wanna talk to Spike again, so he moved far away from his table. He couldn't go to Max outright to see if he was all right, but he was determined to keep an eye on him.

Unfortunately, obstacles still stood in his way. Every few tables he passed, someone reached out and pinched his ass.

Ethan began to get really irritated. No matter where he went to stand, someone either made a quick grope or made a pass at him. He knew he was good-looking but this was getting ridiculous!!

"So you're back."

Ethan jumped in surprise and looked over his shoulder. Somehow, in his haste to get away from gropers, he'd ended up right back at Spike's table. At least his dates weren't making out with each other anymore

"Do you need something?" Ethan asked again, his eyes resting upon the three golden phalluses sitting on the table.


"Please don't talk to me unless you need assistance."

"So you're still on that, are you?"

Ethan looked away. "You never give up, do you?"

"What can I say? I like blondes." His two dates giggled.

Ethan looked at Max. Now it really seemed like he was slouching over, though to anyone else it looked like he was standing straight up. Did the fever get worse? Shit, why can't this night be over?!

"So why not put aside such misgivings and come have a seat?" said Spike. "I promise Mimi and Terri will pay particular attention to you. I certainly will."

"No thank you," said Ethan curtly, not trying to be polite anymore. "I'm in a happily committed relationship."

"So? I've had plenty of couples approach me for a good time. You'd be surprised how many people get off watching their lover get fucked by a top porn star."

Ethan very much doubted Max would feel the same way.

"…Spike Monroe, It Takes Seventeen to Tango!!!!"

Spike sighed heavily. "Again? I guess I really don't have any competition." But he smiled and climbed to his feet. "Come ladies, you might have to help me to the stage." He grinned at Ethan. "Please watch my awards for me?"

This ensured Ethan would have to wait there until he got back. Ethan was sure Spike's charm might've gotten to him under other circumstances. But Max's declining health was really starting to worry him.

"It's time to announce our 'Adult Movie of the Year'!!!"

Finally, thought Ethan, trying very hard not to fidget. His ass was probably bruised from all the pinching and groping. Max was not going to be happy when he saw this.

Ethan's gaze swept across the room, where his lover stood. Max was still standing straight tall. But even in the poorly lit Showroom Ethan could see that Max's eyes had darkened slightly and beads of sweat were glistening on his face. His cold definitely was getting worse.

It's probably this job that did it, thought Ethan. But even with a slight fever he was performing better than most agents at full health.

He hadn't run into Spike again after their very brief conversation and he wanted to keep it that way. As antsy as he was, he wasn't about to hop into bed with some guy who resembled Max.

"And the winner goes to…Confessions of an American Pussy!!" screamed the perky blonde from onstage.

Ethan rolled his eyes at the extremely tasteless movie title, but he understood it was all part of the business. To his far right a whole table full of blonde women got up and made a slow precession towards the stage. Right in the center, basking in the glory was a man who could've been Bill Gates's identical twin brother.

"Wow!!" he screamed when he got the golden phallus award. "What a year!! First off, I'd love to thank my parents-"

All around him Ethan heard people starting to get up and leave; either for the after-party or their own destinations. Ethan gratefully turned away from the stage and headed to the exit doors, his eyes trained on Max. Ethan noticed his posture was still slouching and he was walking differently.

Please let this night be over quickly so we can go home!!

"Keep an eye on the exits," said Max. His voice still had its normal edge, but he looked like he was breathing heavily. "Eric and James, come with me to the Lounge. Ethan, Giuliani, and Nicolas will stay here until the Showroom is empty and then join us."

Ethan was a little surprised Max didn't insist on staying by his side. But he said nothing as the guests started filing out of the Showroom.

Finally, the Showroom was empty of its guests and they took their cue to move out into the Lounge. The hallway was still crammed full of people either trying to squeeze into the Lounge or cameramen and photographers trying to capture more pictures.

"Do you think we'll make it inside?" asked Nicolas amusingly.

"We'll have to try," said Giuliani. He grinned at Ethan. "I noticed some of the women couldn't keep their hands off you. I guess their gay-dar must be broken."

Ethan grumbled under his breath.

"But you lucked out!! I was only hit on a few times, but you were being picked up all throughout the ceremony!!!"

"I noticed you were talking to Spike Monroe," said Nicolas. "He's one of the top performers in the biz."

Ethan froze. "Did anyone else see me talk to him?!"

"I doubt it. As far as I know, Max kept his attention mostly on the stage."

Ethan sighed in relief. He was praying the night would go a lot smoother.

An arm slipped through his. He stiffened immediately, especially after another arm slipped through his other.

"I didn't guess you weren't an actor!!"

Ethan stared down in shock at the two women hanging onto his arms. It was Mimi and Terri, and both were grinning at him very wickedly. To his growing horror, both women were pulling him away from Giuliani and Nicolas and towards the crowd of cameras surrounding the Lounge.

"H-Hey!!" cried Ethan, trying and failing to pull his arms out. "A little help here!!" he barked over his shoulder.

"Go for it, Ethan!!!!" laughed Giuliani.

"If I get fired, I'm kicking your ass!!!!!"

"How can you get fired?!" roared Nicolas, hugging his sides. "You're fucking the boss!!!!"

Ethan sputtered indignantly.

"I fucked my boss once!!!" chirped Mimi. "He had a small pecker!!!!"

"Great, thanks for sharing," said Ethan sarcastically. "Can you let me go?!"

"Someone wants to talk to you," said Terri, pulling at his arm aggressively. "We're kind enough to deliver you."

Before Ethan could get away, they were through the doors of the Lounge. Many flashbulbs went off, nearly blinding him. Even his experience as a model paled in comparison to all this…chaos.

When the flashbulbs finally stopped, he started craning his neck around to see if he could spot Max in the overcrowded room. The normally composed and elegant Lounge was now full of loud techno music provided by the DJ onstage. Chairs and tables were gone to create a giant dance floor. Couches were shoved against sections of the wall not part of the long bar. Ethan couldn't even spot any of the other agents amidst the half-naked bodies.

And yet, despite the lack of room to move, Mimi and Terri successfully navigated him throughout the room towards the set of couches. Various people were on the couches, either making out or openly having sex. All of which was caught by the eager cameramen from the awards show.

"Here he is!!!" cried Mimi, shoving Ethan surprisingly hard onto the couch and landing against someone.

Ethan quickly sat up and met eyes with Spike. A feeling of dread welled in his gut. He started moving back, but Mimi and Terri jumped onto the couch as well and practically pinned him there.

"There," said Spike, smiling smugly. "That wasn't so hard, was it Ethan?"

"I told you, I'm not interested," growled Ethan. "And how did you know my name?!"

"I have my ways."

Ethan was suddenly very self-conscious. He became aware of at least three cameras that were filming him, no doubt live on pay-per view. Fuck, fuck, fuck… He was sure Max didn't order the pay-per view. He made a mental note to destroy their copy when it arrived.

"Ah…" Spiked cupped his chin lazily and forced Ethan to look at him. The man was so attractive, but it only made Ethan more irritated. "And yet you still talk to me. You let my two dates bring you to me. If you really weren't interested, you'd punch me out."

"Sorry, I don't want a lawsuit."

"You could say I'm sexually harassing you."

Ethan pulled away. "I will get violent if you don't leave me alone!!!" Amazingly, even though Ethan wasn't a willing participant more cameras were coming over to film them.

Spike said nothing for several moments. Suddenly, he reached out and grabbed Ethan's crotch. Ethan jumped violently, but Mimi and Terri held fast. He was very glad for the table in front of them, so the cameras didn't see this bold move.

"You certainly feel excited," said Spike in a very soft tone. The hand didn't remain idle for long. It started a very slow circular motion, over and over again right on top of the tip of his cock. Ethan felt his brain check out and he bit down on his lip hard.

Spike leaned in close so that his breath was fanning Ethan's face. "You're an interesting one. I bet you're one of those types that has a closet S&M fetish. Would you like me to spank you, Ethan?"

Those words snapped Ethan back into focus. With a growl he shoved Spike's hand away. None too gently, he forced himself off the couch, sending Mimi and Terri tumbling to the floor. Without another word, he took off running out of the Lounge, praying the cameras weren't following him.

He burst inside and ran for the sink. Turning the cold facet, he splashed several handfuls of water on his face. The numbness helped him take his mind off the pain in his groin.

He pressed the heel of his hands against his eyelids. How could he let Spike just…touch him like that when Max was so sick and yet still doing his job?!

"Not again," he swore to himself, letting his hands drop back down to his sides. "I'm not letting this happen again…" With a heavy sigh he left the bathroom and went back into the Lounge, hoping this nightmare would end.

"You all right?"

Ethan wasn't at all pleased to see Giuliani waiting for him at the door. He had a strong urge to punch him. "What do you think?!"

"I'm sorry," said Giuliani. "I didn't think those girls would upset you so much."

"It's not the girls. One of the porn stars won't leave me alone."

"Then why not tell Max? He'll put a stop to it."

Ethan laughed a little. "Yeah, but 'putting a stop to it' might have the guy with a bullet in his skull. Not too mention his cold's getting worse."

"I noticed he's a little out of it at the end of the show. Maybe there's some way you can distract your…problem while you check on Max?"

Ethan's shoulder's drooped. "I don't know how I'm gonna do that…"

"I like blondes."

An idea suddenly sprung to his head. "Wait, where's Nicolas?"

"At the bar. Why, do you wanna beat him up for earlier?"

"Go find me Max!!" Ethan slapped him on the shoulder and took off for the long bar.

True to Giuliani's word, Nicolas was standing in front of the bar, looking around himself highly amused. Ethan looked at the top of his head to find a mop of dark blonde hair. Relief flooded him. "Nicolas!!! Do you wanna make $50?!"

Nicolas glanced at him. "I'm listening."

"I need you to go distract someone for me!!!"

"Me? Why me and not Giuliani?"

"No, it has to be you!!! Please go distract someone while I find Max!!!!"

Nicolas seemed to contemplate this while sipping from a bottle of water. Ethan started growing irritated as he waited.

Finally, Nicolas said, "I'll do it for $200."

"$200?! What the fuck?!"

"By 'distracting' this person, I'm assuming you want me to seduce them or something. That requires me to leave my station and put my job in jeopardy. So, $200."

"You…" Ethan grumbled, but he reached into his pocket and slapped two $100 bills into Nicolas's outstretched hand. "Here, you asshole. You'd better keep him distracted for the rest of the night!!!!"

"All right, all right." Nicolas pocketed the money. "So who's the lucky guy?"

"…Spike Monroe," said Ethan reluctantly.

Nicolas's brown eyes lit up with surprise and amusement. He managed a smug smile. "I would've done it for $50." He hurried off before Ethan could retaliate.

He was about ready to go tackle Nicolas when Giuliani ran over. "I found Max!!! He's over near the stage!!!"

"Thanks!!!" Ethan didn't hesitate; he weaved his way around the dancing bodies to get to the front of the stage. He needed to see Max no matter what!!!!

But in his haste, he almost ran past him. Max was leaning against the wall in a dark corner, breathing heavily. His eyes were closed and his head tilted upwards, unable to pretend he was all right anymore.

Ethan grabbed hold of his shoulders. "Max!!! Are you all right?!"

"Of course I'm all right." Max reached up and wiped his brow with a trembling hand. "I think…I'll go straight to bed tonight…"

"Go to bed now!!! You're done enough, but now your fever is worse!!!"

Max opened his eyes and looked at him. "I will see this job through, no matter how much I detest it. It's only for a few more hours, Ethan. I appreciate your concern but allow me to do my job."

Ethan stared back at him for several moments before he leaned forward and crushed Max's lips in a strong kiss; he didn't care who saw them. "…All right. I'll leave you alone on this. But please stop denying you're sick."

"…I'll be better in the morning."


A few hours later…

"Great job tonight, everyone," said Max composedly, his glazed eyes surveying the agents who remained. They stood in the now empty but very messy Lounge. "You're free to leave now."

Several agents whooped and started heading out. Ethan glanced about him warily. He didn't see Nicolas anywhere and he didn't hear a peep out of Spike since their mishap. Maybe the bribe worked too well? He didn't wanna get Nicolas fired. Then again, Max said nothing about it so maybe there was anything to worry about.

Max caught his arm in a way that looked casual to everyone else. "We should get going too."

They rode home in silence. Max kept himself in reserve all the way home, saying very little to Ethan. Ethan was still worried for him.

"Thank you, Dominic," said Max when the arrived at the house. "You can take tomorrow off."

"Thank you, Sir," said Dominic, though there was a hint of disappointment in his voice.

They both departed the car and headed up into their house, Ethan's worry only growing.

He got quite a surprise when they entered the living room. Suddenly he was slammed hard into the wall and lips crushed over his. He felt his body melt, but he pulled away slightly. "Max, what are you doing?!"

"If it's not obvious to you now, Ethan, then I question your intelligence." Max seemed possessed by a different kind of fever. He was very eager to get Ethan's clothes off, even going so far as to tear the shirt from his back.

But his hot head indicated he was still really sick. "Max, you still have a fever!!!!"

"So?" Max tripped him so he ended up tumbling to the floor. "I want you, Ethan." He reached down and pulled off Ethan's belt. "We haven't had sex in three days." With a flick of his wrist, Ethan's pants were sailing across the room. "It's been long enough, wouldn't you say?"

"Yeah, but…" Ethan was all too eager to get going with Max. But the last thing he needed was a repeat of what happened when he went down on him. "You might become…distracted."

"I'm not distracted now." With a final tug Max removed Ethan underwear and his last vestige of clothing. Max himself stripped down to his boxers and waved Ethan's belt. "Since you've been so concerned for me, I'll let you make the choice. Do you want me to spank you, or would you rather I tie your wrists to the leg of the couch?"

Ethan turned dark red. Both options were equally embarrassing; he was still undecided about the former and the latter would have him completely helpless and at Max's mercy.

But both were pretty hot, though.

"Come, Ethan," said Max, snapping the belt. "This'll be the only bit of control you have tonight; it might as well be over your fate."

"Um…" Ethan shuffled through both options without a clue to what to do. Then he just gave up. "Tie me up."

Max smirked. "Good choice. Go get comfort at the couch, but I want you on your knees."

Ethan complied, both embarrassed and excited about this at the same time. Max took his wrists and tied them to the leg of the chair, leaving him in quite a vulnerable position with his head down on the floor and his ass sticking up in the air. He didn't know how he'd be comfortable like this.

Max's hands were free to explore Ethan's body and he did so with an excited vigor, like a child opening a Christmas present. It left Ethan writhing around on his knees, pushing back against Max, wanting, needing him.

Max's hand rested on Ethan's backside while the other reached for his growing cock. "Now before we start, I have some questions."

Ethan twisted his head around. "What questions?"

Max slapped his ass hard while tugging on his cock. "OW!!! I thought no spanking!!!!"

"Your choice was bondage. My choice is this. So answer honestly."

"A-All right."

"Did you talk with any of the porn stars?"



"OW!!! N-No!! They talked to me!!!!"

"Did any of them hit on you?"

"Wait, how did you know about that?"


"OW!!!!!!" the spanking really hurt. Was Max angry?

"When you turned over, I noticed lovely little bruises all over your ass."

"A few people groped me. They were all guests; I couldn't just punch them all!!!"

"…Point taken." Max kneaded each globe with his hand tenderly. "I think you've taken enough."


"…You sound too enthusiastic." Max grabbed his cock roughly. "Looks like I shouldn't be too gentle with you tonight."

Ethan was amazed Max had so much energy after being a mess just hours before. But he couldn't really complain. Not yet, at least.

Max reached under the couch cushion and produced a tube of lube. He wasted no time in applying it before shoving himself inside Ethan. Ethan arched his back, letting out a sharp cry. But he couldn't move very well thanks to his bound wrists.

Max eased himself down until he covered Ethan's back. "Thank you for keeping an eye on me." He pulled out and pushed back into him with a sharp snap.

Ethan moaned into the carpet. "Y-You're welcome, Max."

Max chuckled started his routine of quick, sharp thrusts into Ethan's very compliant body. Ethan could do nothing but accept each delicious jolt of his body. He couldn't even properly brace himself, but he didn't care. It felt too good. And when Max reached back around and grasped his dripping cock…it was all too much for him. He came hard and fast, his screams echoing off the walls, his body trembling violently. Max came only moments later, groaning heavily into the nape of Ethan's neck.

Ethan felt shitty when he woke up the next morning. His brain felt fuzzy and he had the worst fucking headache. It was a great struggle to even get his eyes open.

Some blob that…appeared to be Max, was sitting against the headboard with the TV remote in his hand. He didn't seem sick anymore; on the contrary he looked one hundred percent.

"Oh Ethan," said Max without looking at him. "I was just watching something interesting."

"Huh?" it came out as an inhuman gurgle. He turned his head towards the TV. "Wha?"

"Given my condition last night, I thought it would be a good idea to order the pay-per view so I could see what my agents were up to. And here…you seem to be paying a lot of attention to Spike Monroe."

His vision was completely fuzzy, so he couldn't see what was on the TV. But Max sounded less than pleased. "Spike wouldn't leave me alone. I kept telling him to but he wouldn't."

"Hmm…" Max pulled up a manila folder from a side table. "Spike Monroe. Real name is Irving Crestfield. Born November 12, 1977 in Portland, Maine, graduated from Boston University with a Master's Degree in Bioinformatics, started doing porn six years ago-"

Ethan twisted back around to look at Max. "Did you get his file from the FBI?!"

"Only cost me $40." Max tossed aside the file. "But I'm surprised you were so drawn to someone who holds…resemblance to me."

"I wasn't drawn to him!!!! He…ugh." Ethan slumped over.

Max frowned and felt his forehead. "Hmm…you have a fever, Ethan."

"Great." Ethan buried his face into the covers. "I wonder where I got it from?"

"I hope you'll learn not to look at any other men but me."

"I wasn't looking at Spike-Irving-whatever the fuck his name is!!! He wouldn't leave me alone!!!"

Max picked up the remote and hit pause. "I'm debating what sort of…ramifications I should administer on Mr. Monroe when he returns to Las Vegas."


"Alas, I have you to take care so that will have to wait. I've given you today off and I'm taking the day off as well. I'll have to think of a proper punishment for Nicholas before I go in tomorrow."


"He left his station and didn't return at all, not even when everyone left. That's a rather deliberate way of disobeying orders, don't you think?"

So he DID notice. Nothing ever escapes him…"…Max, don't punish Nicolas. I paid him off to get Spike off my back for the night. Obviously he succeeded, since I didn't see either again afterwards."

"I presumed it was something along those lines, which is why I'm only punishing him as opposed to firing him."

"I…All right."

"Then there's the matter of YOUR punishment."

"Eh?!" Ethan lifted his head. "M-My punishment?"

"You bribed one of my employees to do your bidding. Even if it was to chase off some annoying bastard you still stepped beyond your bounds."

"I…" Ethan dropped his head. "I'm sorry…"

"How much did you pay Nicolas?"


"Well then, I hope you like spankings because I'll be spanking you every chance I get 200 times."

"Two hundred?! Max, isn't that a little extreme?!"

"Considering I could do much worse, no."

"Ugh…" Ethan slumped against the bed again. "I'm sick, give me a little sympathy!!!!"

Max ran a hand through Ethan's hair. "And I'm going to take very good care of you…"

The End!!

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