Little Piece of Heaven

by Astentatioux and Kasey_Sanada



Hadrian let out a sneeze before shivering slightly. This probably had to be the worst day in recent memory. A day away from the nearest town, their party was ambushed by a gang of bandits. They had fought them off, but in the process Hadrian and Caled had been separated from Manix and the others. Now, they were stranded in a small cave waiting for a rainstorm to die down.

Hadrian let out another sneeze. 'Of all the people I have to be stranded in the woods with, why did it have to be HIM?'

Caled cursed, long and fluently. The day had turned out a disaster, and now he was stranded with Hades. The sorcerer had caused nothing but trouble for the mercenary in this leg of their trek, mainly drawing attention to himself as more ruffians were becoming aware of who he was and who he was traveling with.

They would have to wait out the rain, the small cave at least providing suitable shelter for both of them. The only problem was that the weather was cold, exacerbated by the rain that beat down, unrelenting.

"You will catch your death in those wet clothes, Hades," the blond muttered, looking at his wet companion in disdain. If the rain did not abate before nightfall they would be staying in that wet cave. At least they had some firewood to give them some light and keep them warm.

"Oh, don't worry about me," Hadrian said in an angry tone. Being wet and cold was making him cranky, and it showed. "People might actually think you care about me if this got out." Deep inside though, Hadrian wished that was the case.

Caled smirked, the corners of his deep blue eyes crinkling as he did so. "It is not the fact that I care about you, Hades, but that we share a geas," the mercenary said off handedly. "If you die, I die. I see no reason to die needlessly, at least not for me."

Hadrian rested his chin on his knees, dejected. Of course, the geas. 'Even after all this time, I still forget about that bond between Caled and me,' he thought sadly to himself. To be around the man he held so many feelings for, and not being able to act upon them... well, he COULD act upon them, but Hadrian didn't feel like being ridicule by the mercenary, especially tonight.

Caled noticed the mood changed in Hadrian and he didn't like it one bit – for it made the mercenary begin to feel something besides contempt and loathing for the younger man. He needed to remedy that, no sense his heart and mind going soft for Hadrian, no matter how many times he longed to hold him again as he did back in Rhiad, before that fateful night.

But the images of Rhiad angered him, for Hadrian was the instrument of the life he was leading now, and the destroyer of the life and dreams Caled had.

So for now, he would make a sport of taunting Hadrian to pass the time. "What's the matter Hades? No spitfire come back?" He knelt beside Hadrian, taking a lock of his hair and playing with it, but also to keep Hadrian in place. "No frosty glare from the Ice Prince? Clearly you're losing your touch, little sorcerer."

Hadrian closed his eyes, trying hard to keep his ever changing temper in check. He knew playing with fire was a bad idea, but at this point, Hadrian didn't care anymore. "Or perhaps you can't goad me like you use to," Hadrian replied, not looking at the mercenary, his eyes fixated on the glowing flames. "Clearly you're losing YOUR touch, Caled..."

Caled arched a golden brow before snapping his head back with a laugh. "Oh, Hades, love," he said the endearment with mock sweetness. "Do you think I've lost my touch?" One large finger runs alongside Hadrian's cheek before trailing down to his neck. The laughter faded from Caled's face to be replaced by another emotion, a more intense emotion – lust.

Caled knew that one day he might kill Hadrian; he had vowed to do it. Yet a part of him still lusted and desired the sorcerer, despite the hatred he harbored. And Hadrian posing the challenge that he did, Caled would gladly take it just to have another taste of Hadrian.

Hadrian shivered again, but this time not from the cold. He hated how Caled could make him weak just from a single touch. "Y-yes," Hadrian said, almost breathlessly. "I think you have." With that said, Hadrian started to stand up so he could move away from the other and regain his senses.

"Running away, Hades," Caled said, grabbing Hadrian by the arms and keeping in place, "I think not, not this time, my little sorcerer." The mercenary then pushed Hadrian back and quickly lay atop him, his massive bulk keeping the younger man in his spot.

"I will show you that I haven't lost my touch…" Caled unbuttoned Hadrian's tunic and pressed his face to the younger man's neck, inhaling deeply Hadrian's scent. "I will teach you never to question my skills again, you will lose every time." He began to lick Hadrian's neck with the flat of his tongue in slow cat like movements, tasting the young man.

Hadrian shivered. How long he had waited for the other to touch him again. 'D-did I have a point to this...?' he thought hazily before remembering. He struggled half-heartedly. "Stop it Caled. I am not one of those women you pay for with your drink!"

"No you're not, Hades," Caled said in a low silky voice, lips brushing against Hadrian's cool skin, nipping it lightly until blood rushed beneath the surface. "You're not a woman, you're a man." A large hand roamed down until it cupped Hadrian's groin, pressing down on the slight bulge there and rubbing it to coax it to life.

Hadrian let out a soft gasp and arched into the touch. "C-Caled," he moaned, "why do you torment me like this..." He hated this man, hated him for tormenting him even though he knew he deserved it, but loved him regardless. Life could be cruel at times.

"Because it is easy to do, Hades," Caled whispered, rubbing harder against Hadrian's stiffening organ, his own already swollen and aching to be inside Hadrian's wet heat. "And because you're mine to torment, mine to do as I will."

Hadrian let out another moan, this time not holding it back and arched into Caled's touch. "I hate you..." he whispered.

"Do not worry, Hades," Caled muttered as he kissed his way to Hadrian's lips, "I do not need you to like me for me to take pleasure in your body." To prove his point he captured Hadrian's lips with his, plunging his tongue inside that warm mouth, savoring Hadrian and claiming back what belonged to him, what always belonged to him since he first saw Hadrian in Rhiad.

Hadrian closed his eyes, not wanting to see the other man as he kissed back. Caled would never love him like he did when they first met back in Rhiad. He should be happy Caled still wanted him in this manner. At least it gave him something to dream about while he slept. Moaning softly, he let his fingers tangle in Caled's hair and kissed him back hungrily.

Caled groaned, Hadrian's lips so soft, molding against his as he kissed the young man with fierce determination, wanting to possess him again fully. "Hadrian…" he said the name, not with the hatred he bolstered, but with a fevered need, an all consuming lust only the sorcerer could satisfy.

Hadrian shivered as he heard his name pass those lips. He would never tire from hearing Caled say his name, whether it be in hatred or lust. Hadrian stopped fighting, giving himself to Caled completely, as it was meant to be.

When Hadrian gave in Caled deepened the kiss, using his tongue to plummet inside the younger man's mouth, exploring every crevice with surety and familiarity. The heel of his hand dug into the hardness inside Hadrian's breeches, stroking with confidence. His own cock was rock hard and he rubbed it against Hadrian's leg. This is how it should have been! Their kisses, their touches, hot and needy should always be there and Hadrian was to be his, ready for the taking. Caled chose to forget their past, at least for this moment, and simply revel in what was so willingly given.

Hadrian finally broke the kiss, gasping for air. "Too... hot..." Hadrian panted, his eyes glazed over. His back arched into Caled's touch, his whole body hot with passion. No one else could make him feel this way, and in that itself was a blessing and a curse.

Caled looked into those mercurial eyes, an overwhelming sense of pride filled him. 'I did that, he thought heatedly, I make him succumb to desire. "Yes, Hades, we need heat, to keep warm and dry from the storm," Caled whispered against Hadrian's lips before kissing down to the now exposed chest, taking a dusky nipple into his mouth and sucking on the delicious morsel. His hands began working on opening Hadrian's breeches and freeing the young man's erection, holding it in his hand and stroking it slowly, feeling it throbbing in his palm.

"Ahhh..." Hadrian gasped reaching behind him and grabbing hold of a rock that was stuck in the ground. His other hand sunk into Caled's hair and tangled around the blond locks. His lower half bucked into the hand that held him, moaning at the hot friction it gave. Hadrian turned his head to the side, strands of hair sticking to his flushed cheek as he breathed heavily.

"Yes…" Caled growled, feeling the way Hadrian responded so readily to his touch, the young body beneath his eager to have more done to it. The mercenary bit playfully on the small nub which pebbled in his mouth. He pumped his hips, still rubbing against Hadrian's thigh, a small wet spot forming on his breeches at the manipulation. Sweat trickled down his spine, the heat they were generating by touching far grander than the heat from the fire in the cave.

Hadrian let out a cry at the bite. "Caled," he begged, reaching up and pulling out the other's shirt and sliding his hand up, stroking Caled's strong chest, running his fingers over the taut nipples.

Caled's mouth slid down Hadrian's stomach, his tongue circling his belly button before descending down to the most coveted prize. He looked up briefly at Hadrian's face, waiting for the young man to look down before giving the tip of Hadrian's cock a small lick, tasting the bittersweet taste of Hadrian's essence that seeped through the slit.

"Ahhh!!" Hadrian nearly screamed, his body arching off the cave floor. His mind suddenly turned to jelly and he couldn't think of nothing else but of the pleasure Caled was giving him. "Caled!" he moaned, his fingers tightening in the mercenary's hair.

"Shh, hold still, Hadrian, I have you…" Caled whispered, his breath caressing Hadrian's cock in short puffs. He swooped down and took Hadrian's sex into his mouth, working lips and tongue on the velvety hard flesh, suckling it deeply. He reached down to between his own legs and rubbed his erection, moaning around Hadrian's shaft as he did so. By the gods! He had missed this! Having Hadrian in his mouth and writhing with every lick, every suck, every nibble.

Everything seemed to heighten for Hadrian. The sound of the thunder and rain outside the cave, the heat of the fire nearby. His hand let go of the rock and joined the other in Caled's hair, his body arching nearly into a sitting position. "Gods..." Hadrian cried, his head falling back, the ends of his hair brushing across the ground.

Caled closed his eyes, savoring Hadrian and taking him as far as his could, as deep as he dared. The young man responded so readily, like it was meant to be. But the mercenary wanted so much more, wanted to hear the cries of ecstasy to spill forth from those luscious lips. He wanted to be inside Hadrian. With that in mind he released Hadrian's erection, leaving it coated with his spit. He moved quickly, divesting them both of their clothing before joining Hadrian once again on the ground. The touch of their bodies, flesh against flesh, made Caled groan and shiver. How long had it been since they were entwined like this? Too long. But this moment was theirs and Caled planned to make the most of it. "Hades," he spoke, his voice thick with unbridled desire, "Tell me you want this…"

Did Caled need to ask such a question? "I want this Caled," Hadrian said in a soft, needy voice. "I NEED this. I need it so much I ache. Do you not know how much I've longed for you, how many sleepless nights I've had thinking about you, knowing how much I've hurt you?" Hadrian removed his gloves and reached up and took Caled's face in his hands, feeling the warmth from the other man run through his body. "If I could change that night in Rhiad, I would, but the past cannot be changed, so if this is to be the last night I can truly have you like this, as though you still love me, then so be it, and hopefully I'll finally be able to let go..." Tears shimmered in Hadrian's eyes unbeknownst to him.

The way Hadrian spoke with such intensity, such emotion, made Caled pause and take notice. The soft hands on his face, Hadrian's hands, hands that had explored his body with timid tenderness before becoming bold in their pursuit. He remembered those hands, had spent heedless nights longing for them once again.

"Then this night shall be ours, Hadrian," Caled whispered, gazing down into Hadrian's teary silver eyes and fighting back the lump that formed in his own throat. This was the Hadrian he longed for and loved, the one that held his heart in the palm of his hands.

This would be their reality for as long as they held on to it.

"You will be mine once more, my love..." The blond mercenary wiped away Hadrian's tears, kissing his cheek tenderly before claiming the younger man's mouth once again.

Tears spilled down Hadrian’s cheek as the mercenary took claim of his lips once more. He hadn’t felt a kiss like this since their time in Rhiad. So long had he wished for this once again, and if this was to be the only night he would have it, so be it.

"Caled…" he breathed before kissing the other back, his hands sliding up into the blond hair once more. "Make me yours again. Claim me as yours as you did that first night."

The kisses became more intense, the touches more needy and urgent. Caled wanted to devour Hadrian, consume him with his warmth, his feelings. For no matter how much he professed hatred and loathing of the younger man, his heart would always belong to Hadrian. And it was that bittersweet realization that propelled him to kiss Hadrian with ardor and heat, giving it his all, to have his very essence imprinted on Hadrian's lips, his body.

The mercenary reached down between Hadrian's legs, touching the younger man's erection briefly before reaching back further, circling a large finger around the puckered opening. He reluctantly released Hadrian's lips but not before he bit down gently on the lower one, drawing it in to his mouth.

"Hadrian, love, not much longer…"

"Ahhh…" Hadrian gasped out before a soft whimper followed. The older man seemed to know where all his sensitive spots where, and right now Caled was touching the most sensitive of them all. "Caled…" he moaned softly, unconsciously spreading his legs more for the other. "I'm not sure I can wait much longer…" He looked at the other with darken silver eyes, and the position he was in right now made him look almost as if he was submitting to the mercenary.

"Just a little more…" Caled whispered, pulling away from Hadrian long enough to reach out and rummage through his saddle bag, finding the small jar of salve he kept there. He opened the top one handed with ease. He scooped some with a finger, bringing it to Hadrian's entrance and pushing in slowly until the digit was in knuckle deep.

"Relax for me, Hadrian," he said softly, moving his finger in and out of Hadrian, feeling that tight heat that would soon be enveloping his cock.

Moans and whimpers where soon escaping past the sorcerer's lips. "Caled, please!" Hadrian begged. It had been so long since he had been with the other, he didn't care if it hurt. He just wanted to be with the other NOW. He needed him more than his next breath. "Caled!"

The sounds that spilled from Hadrian's lips were wreaking havoc on Caled's senses, pushing his desire and arousal further to the brink where the mercenary knew he could surely fall where he to take another step.

"Hold on, love…" Caled soothed, kissing his way to Hadrian's throat, lapping the warm skin with his wet tongue desperately. He pulled his finger out then he took more of the salve and coated his cock with it until it was slick. He tugged one of Hadrian's legs up to open him further. He guided the tip of his cock to that inviting entrance and waited.

"Hadrian, look at me, don't close your eyes, I want them open as I take you," he said with a rough voice, thick with lust.

Opening eyes he didn't realized had closed, he looked into Caled's blue eyes and had his breath stolen from them. That look… "Caled…" Hadrian gasped. He hadn’t see that look in Caled's eyes since…

Caled kept his eyes on Hadrian as he entered the younger man with one powerful thrust. He let out a breath, that instant sensation of wet heat gripping him like a velvety glove feeling so good around him. He was taking what was his once again and for tonight that was all that mattered.

"Caled!" Hadrian cried in bliss, his hands reaching up to grab his forearms, his eyes never leaving Caled's.

Caled moved slowly at first, his cock sliding in and out of Hadrian, letting the younger man feel every inch of him. He licked Hadrian's lips before taking them in a kiss, all the while keeping his eyes open and on Hadrian. His body became lost in overwhelming sensation, his mind in a lust induced haze, and all because Hadrian created a chaos Caled didn't want to be in order again.

"That's it, Hadrian, cry out my name again," he said huskily after letting go of Hadrian's lips.

"Caled… Oh Caled!" Hadrian moaned as the other continued to take him. Everything seemed to fade into the background, leaving only the two of them. All Hadrian could hear now was heavy breathing and wet skin hitting each other.

"Nnnnh!" Hadrian suddenly cried, bucking up against the mercenary as the other found the spot deep inside him that made his brain turn to jelly.

Caled groaned, the heat that was Hadrian pushing him further and further over a precipice that had no end. His name on the younger man's lips was like music to his ears, the sweetest sound he'd ever heard. It was a word filled with possibilities he'd thought were long ago left behind in a little loft in Rhiad.

He thrust harder inside Hadrian, his hard steel shaft slipping deeper and deeper, claiming his lover over and over again. It was like coming to a home were hope and happiness were entwined, where his dreams were fulfilled and where his life held meaning.

He clung to that thought, mouth working on Hadrian's skin, teeth marking the young man's flesh. For better or worse, Hadrian was his, his to hurt and his to love.

"Mine... always..."

Hadrian shuddered at the words. "Yours…" he whispered, knowing it was true. He had become Caled's that fateful night in Rhiad, and despite everything that had happened since, Hadrian still continued to belong to him, heart, body, and soul.

Everything seemed to crash down then. Hadrian let out a cry of pure bliss as pleasure overtook his whole mind and body, shaking him to his core and making him lose his whole sense of self. "CALED!"

Caled clung to Hadrian, pushing deeper into the younger man, those final thrusts and Hadrian's cries and release finally bringing in his own blessed relief. He spent inside Hadrian, his hot essence coating the younger man's inside, laying his claim on him.

He held on, not wanting the moment to end, preferring instead to remember it and Hadrian like this, always.

Hadrian clung onto the other man, not wanting Caled to push him away. He didn't realize tears will welling up in his eyes until they spilled down his cheeks. He was wrong. He had thought doing this would finally let him move on, but it just made it more clear to Hadrian how much he loved the mercenary.

Seconds turned into minutes and the rain still beat down upon the ground like a steady drum, helping to soothe Caled's wayward pulse. He nuzzled his face against Hadrian's throat, feeling the younger man's pulse beat in time with his. Even after their intense coupling the mercenary was not satisfied, realizing hazily that he wanted Hadrian.

He let out a sigh, shifting his body so that he was not crushing Hadrian under his weight. He didn't want to move any more than that, not yet, and certainly not to awake from this seeming dream.

Hadrian listened to the beat of Caled's heart, his eyes closed, not wanting this moment to end. This whole night had been wonderful, and Hadrian was afraid that once it was over, things would go back to normal, and Hadrian didn't think he could bear having Caled treating him like he was the plague.

"Will things go back to how they were?" Hadrian whispered. "With us despising each other? Is that how things are meant to be?"

Caled lifted his head and gazed intently into those silver eyes, seeing his face reflected there along with all of Hadrian's emotions. It made his heart do a little flip. This man loved him and despite the hatred Caled had harbored, he knew that it had only been a ruse. He loved Hadrian but there had been so much hurt between them that his love had been eclipsed by the pain of betrayal.

"I don't know, Hadrian." Caled replied honestly, his emotions confused, warring to take center stage. But little by little his love was fighting vehemently to stay at the forefront and for this moment at least it was winning.

"Because if we're going back to that, please let me know now, Caled," Hadrian begged, his eyes in pain. "I need to know if you're going to continue hating me so I can at least deal with it, because if this keeps happening between us, I don't know if I can bear it."

Tears began to roll freely down the sorcerer's face. "I love you Caled, I've always love you, but I… I can't bear this anymore. You hating me, and us doing this… it’s too much! I’d rather have your dagger through my heart than this!"

The pain etched in Hadrian's face mirrored Caled's own. Too long had they been on opposite sides, hurting each other as much as they could. Yet, despite the hurt, the pain and the fear, Caled knew that they didn't compare to the love he knew, KNEW, Hadrian had for him. And with stark clarity the mercenary realized his own love wanted him to forgive, but could he forget?

If he was to be happy again, to be whole, he would have to find a way to forget and to forgive Hadrian, for the pain that he saw in Hadrian's eyes was cutting into Caled much deeper than he thought possible.

"Hadrian…" he choked on the name, not knowing how to respond to this beautiful man who held his life in his hands in more ways than one.

Hadrian closed his eyes, tears continuing to roll down his face. 'This is it,' he thought. 'This is where it all ends. He'll tell me how much he despises me, and leave me to pick up the pieces of my heart…'

"My little sorcerer…" Caled wiped away the errand tears on Hadrian's face – his Hadrian. The Hadrian he met walking with gracefulness in Rhiad, the Hadrian that allowed Caled to take him with complete trust and with love, the Hadrian that cried out his name moments ago in ecstasy.

This was the Hadrian he wanted by his side and the one that never stopped loving him. He blinked several times, his eyes feeling moist but he would deny that he was crying.

By the gods! This was a second chance he was receiving. Hadrian had opened up to him yet once more and had suffered just as much as Caled had if not more; for he born the guilt of what he did, the mercenary realized that but was too blind in his own hurt to accept it. It didn't matter if the geas was lifted tomorrow, Caled would still keep Hadrian by his side.

"Do not weep any more, my love," he cooed, kissing Hadrian with gentle lips, caressing his teary eyed face with tenderness.

Hadrian opened his bright silver eyes, hopeful, but not sure if this was real or not. "Caled… tell me this isn't a dream," he whispered, leaning into the gentle touch. "Tell me this is really happening…"

Caled smiled – a real, genuine, melt to the bones smile. He kissed Hadrian lightly on his nose before replying, "This is not a dream, love. We're here together." He stroked Hadrian's warm cheek, his eyes never leaving those silvery ones.

Could they make it work? Caled didn't know if they could but he knew for certain that small cave and the rain gave them an opportunity to be together and he thanked the gods for that.

Fresh tears rolled down Hadrian’s cheeks. "Caled…" he whispered before burying his face in the other's neck, breathing in his scent. "I'm so happy!" He looked up at the other. "I never though… I would hear those words from you again. See you smile like this…" He reached up and brushed his fingers over Caled's lips. Before he knew it, a soft smile appeared on his face. "I love you Caled… more than life itself..."

Caled claimed Hadrian's lips, his own mouth curved in a smile. He poured his love into that kiss, finding his heart was alight as he did so. It was the tenderest kiss he'd ever given Hadrian, full of the knowledge that come what may, the young man was his forever.

"I love you, Hadrian, by the gods, I do love you!" he confessed, his breath mingling with Hadrian's as he spoke, their mouths still touching. It was like a damn burst inside of him and he couldn't stop the flow and he didn't want to.

Hadrian felt all unhappiness and doubt leave him when Caled said those words. He loved him. The only man he would ever love loved him back. "Caled…" he whispered before kissing him firmly on the lips, his fingers tangling into the other man’s hair once more. Caled belonged to him, just as much as he belonged to the mercenary.

The kiss seemed to last a lifetime, Caled holding on to Hadrian and letting time pass by.

The blond man pulled back from the kiss and arranged their bodies so they would be more comfortable in that cave ground. Their heated coupling along with the ambush early that day finally took their toll on Caled and his eyes soon became half lidded with tiredness.

Yet he was content at last to have Hadrian warm and sated by his side, the younger man's love and affection giving him hope that the future that still waited them could be conquered.

Hadrian pressed his lips once more to Caled’s before relaxing next to him and closing his eyes. He knew as soon as the rain stopped, they would have to venture out and look for the others. They would still continue looking for Gavedon, and there would be danger on their journey, but Hadrian knew that as long as he had Caled by his side, he didn’t have to worry.

The rain was still falling down strong, hiding the two lovers from the rest of the world. They were in a little paradise, a small piece of Heaven on Earth for them to share in bliss and hope of a life together.

The End.