Pink Today

by Son of Darkness



Finn looked in the mirror and grinned. His reflection grinned back and he winked at it. It winked back and he laughed. He did enjoy this game. He’d often stand in front of the mirror and flirt playfully with the pretty redhead gazing back at him; it made him feel good and gave him time to think. Usually not about any one thing in particular, or for very long. Thoughts drifted in and out of his head like steadily flowing water and all the while his reflection would be making doe eyes at him.

He rather fancied his reflection, if truth be told, because he’d learned to disassociate it from himself. It was, in his mind, anyway, a separate entity. Sure, they had very similar fashion sense, but… what was that mortal saying…? Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery? Though Finn was never quite sure who was imitating who.

Sometimes he’d catch a glimpse of his reflection naked and giggle slightly, feeling the heat rise in his cheeks, before turning to look at the lines and curves of the pretty man’s body and sighing in admiration. He really was amazing to look at, Finn always thought. Sometimes he’d notice his reflection looking at him in the same way and it made him feel… almost privileged, to know that this beautiful, ethereal being was so very obviously attracted to him. They both seemed to be into mutual masturbation, too, which, for Finn, was rather on the plus side.

Sometimes he wondered what his reflection must be thinking. Probably more interesting and complex thoughts than were running through his mind, he guessed. He wondered if his reflection had any obligations tying him down and thought about how nice it would be to be able to wake up one morning and just… go back to bed. Roll over in a nice squishy mattress and wrap himself up in the big fluffy sheets and pretend he was…. um… somewhere else??

He contemplated, several times, asking his reflection questions. He was curious by nature and this attractive, lithe, rather sexy piece of ass was incredibly intriguing to him. He didn’t though, because he didn’t want to feel let down when he received no answer. He didn’t like feeling let down… it made him sad and sadness took away the good feeling he clung so tightly to. Because feeling good was…. good.

There were lots of things that made him feel good. The sound of birds singing, the feel of the sunlight on his cheeks. The first good stretch of the day, you know… the kind of stretch that pulls all your body apart, then melds it back together and makes you feel boneless and comfortably melted? Chocolate made him feel good, too. Sweet things… and the colour pink. There was so much that he found joy from and he treasured those little trinkets because they made everything seem somehow brighter. He knew not everything was good and nice and… well… pink… but he’d gotten quite good at pretending.

His reflection probably didn’t have to pretend. His reflection probably had it pretty good and that made him happy, too. Sometimes he thought about what it would be like to trade places for the day… just step through the glass, into the mirror and just… be. He had no idea what it would feel like to be a reflection… rather more two dimensional than usual, he assumed. That made him grin. But again, he didn’t ever try it, for fear of disappointment.

And anyway, he wouldn’t really want his reflection to switch places with him. He was very pretty and rather on the small side and Finn knew that there were a lot of people out there that would probably want to hurt him. He wouldn’t wish that on anyone. He was almost too pretty. For this world, anyway… and then Finn would stop with this train of thought because it was always at about that point that reality would start hammering away at his brain and he didn’t want to re-enter the real world yet.

At night, when the lights went out and he could no longer see the mirror, he’d wrap himself up in his blankets and think about birds and sunshine and the colour pink and keep those thoughts close to his heart. They made him feel good. His reflection probably didn’t have to try so hard, and Finn envied that just a little, which he knew he shouldn’t, because envy was a negative emotion and he didn’t want anymore of those. He wanted to be happy, and he was, really… he had love in his heart and he longed, more than anything, to bring that joy to others… to see a smile and know he caused it. But life on this side of the mirror wasn’t as sunny and pink as he liked to pretend… it rained a lot and, if he was being honest, it was really more of a dark mauve… with a sort of grey-brown dust settling in the corners.

He’d dream about climbing through the mirror, and in his dream it felt like stepping through a waterfall. It was nice in there… two dimensional, of course, but nice all the same. Birds chirped in the trees and the sun shone down and warmed his skin. He’d eat chocolate and sweet things and everyone wore pink.

Then he’d wake to the sound of an alarm and groan as he rolled over to check the time. Time for work.

Oh, it was so tempting just to wrap himself up in his blankets and refuse to move, but, alas… he had obligations. Things to see, people to do.

Oh well, he thought, as he climbed out of bed and made his way over to the bathroom to get ready, at least I have some chocolate in the fridge.

And he grins, thinking he’ll probably wear pink today.


The End.

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