To Prove a Point

by Angela


Caled pulled open the refrigerator, glancing at the contents. He frowned slightly, wondering where this ‘popcorn’ was supposed to be found. Calyx had prepared some for them earlier as they watched a movie in the other house. When they had run out, Calyx had convinced a slightly reluctant Hadrian to tease Caled into getting more. Caled had gruffly refused to find the food, claiming such a thing to be ‘woman’s work’. However, as he watched Hadrian laughing at Calyx’s suggestions, his cheeks flushed with amusement and embarrassment at some of Calyx’s more interesting suggestions, Caled had eventually rolled his eyes and gone in search of the strange food.

He closed the refrigerator in irritation and yanked open one of the cupboards. Where was this damnable food anyway? The front door opened behind him and Caled glanced back to see which member of JC2 had come in. The front door was shrouded in darkness, the harsh fluorescent lights of the kitchen not reaching far enough to illuminate the hall completely, but Caled recognized the dark figure that blended with the shadows. Black had finally come back.

“Thank the gods, Black,” Caled said, turning back to the cupboard. “Come here and help me find some of this food Calyx calls popcorn.” He smirked into the cupboard, anticipating a heated response from the uptight man. Black, Caled had learned, was the leader of this group of men whose home they were staying at and, as such, the younger man did not appreciate being ordered about. When Caled didn’t receive a response, he turned back to the door.

Black’s face was still hidden in shadow as he moved down the hall. He was walking carefully, each step deliberate as if he didn’t want to trip over some unknown obstacle. A single hand was lifted against the wall, supporting him as he slowly walked towards the stairs. Caled recognized the deliberate movements. Black was drunk.

“You went drinking without us?” Caled mocked, carefully watching the smaller man. Something wasn’t right. “You should know better.”

Black paused in a patch of light, seeming to consider Caled’s words. His cheeks were flushed, his eyes strangely wide and more vulnerable than Caled had ever seen, and Caled had witnessed the man drunk before. A crease appeared between Black’s eyes as he concentrated, staring hard at Caled as a small frown curled his lips. He looked like he was trying to understand exactly what Caled was asking him. He slowly shook his head then stilled, as if the movement had been too much for him in this state. He glanced at Caled, his _expression almost distrustful. He muttered something, and then turned the corner for the stairs.

Caled followed him. “What was that, Black?”

Black stopped. He carefully turned around, leaning his back against the wall of the stairwell. “I said,” he started, speaking loudly and slowly so as not to slur his words, “that I am going to bed.” He turned back around and continued his stumbling up the stairs.

Caled frowned. Black wasn’t normally like this. He usually kept himself locked up tightly, letting nothing out that he didn’t want people to see. Caled had occasionally wondered who was the bigger ice princess, Black or Hadrian. But this was different. Black was vulnerable. He was never vulnerable, even when drunk and in the middle of sex, there was some kind of barrier that stopped the younger man from completely revealing himself to anyone. That barrier was gone.

Caled moved up the stairs, blocking the brunette’s path. Black jerked back in surprise, his foot slipped down a step. Caled reached out a hand to grab him and hold him steady. “What has happened?” Caled asked, searching Black’s eyes. Black looked up at him, his russet eyes widening almost fearfully.

“What do you mean?” Black asked.

“Something has happened to you,” Caled said, still watching the smaller man’s face.

Black flinched. “Nothing has happened,” he lied badly, twisting to pull his arm from Caled’s grasp.

“You are lying,” Caled replied.

Black stilled, his eyes darkening in rising anger. “I don’t see how anything I do is any of your business.”

Caled’s eyes narrowed. Black was right, of course. Technically, it was none of Caled’s business. But as angry blue eyes searched equally angry brown, the mercenary found he didn’t care. Black had, if only briefly, been a lover of Caled’s and was now housing and feeding not only the mercenary, but Hadrian as well. It may also be true that Caled and Black were not exactly friends, Black was a little too uptight to truly relax and enjoy Caled’s company, but the young lieutenant was very fond of Hadrian and infinitely patient with the sorcerer. To suddenly be faced with such painful vulnerability from the man made Caled want to protect him, even if Black didn’t like it. “I can make it my business,” he growled.

A frustrated sound crawled from Black’s throat. “I don’t want you involved,” he said, circling around Caled to walk up the stairs. Caled turned as well and, with a sharp tug on the arm Black seemed to have forgotten he held, sent the smaller man sprawling against him. Black’s eyes widened and he jerked away, tripping on the step above and landed gracelessly on the stairs.

“Where were you?” Caled asked.

“In a meeting with the Captain!” Black exploded, his words slurring as he yanked on his arm again. “Jesus, what do you care?”

Caled’s frown deepened. He and Hadrian had only briefly met the older man, but Caled had instantly known he was someone not to be trusted. Calyx’s rather vocal and negative opinion of Dickerson hadn’t helped Caled’s mistrust.

Caled looked over Black as he lay struggling on the floor. He was dressed in dark slacks and a dark scarlet shirt that made his tanned skin stand out. He looked sensual in a way that he tried not to in everyday life. It made Caled wonder what kind of meeting he had. “Did your meeting require you to drink yourself into a stupor?”

Black stilled, looking up at Caled. His face was open, his brow knitted slightly in concentration. He remained like that for so long Caled wondered if he had passed out. The mercenary shook his arm. “Black.”


“Why did you drink so much?”

Black’s eyes slipped closed, his breathing slightly ragged. He tugged slightly at his arm. “Please, don’t,” he whispered.

Caled frowned. “Don’t what?”

“Please don’t ask.” Black’s eyes opened as he rolled over, but Caled caught a brief glimpse of bright tears. Black struggled to stand with Caled still holding onto his arm. “I can’t stand up with you holding onto me,” Black said, exasperated. “and I can’t pass out on the stairs because I’m the lieutenant, so you have to let me go.”

Caled eyed the brunette for a moment, and then knelt down beside him. He hooked his arms under legs and back then lifted him off the floor. Black threw his arms around Caled’s neck to steady himself. “What’re you doing?” he asked, his eyes wide.

“Putting you to bed before you pass out on the stairs,” Caled replied.

“I have been known to walk, you know,” Black murmured, aggravated. In opposition to his reprimand, Black laid his head on Caled’s shoulder, his eyes drifting closed.

“Perhaps, but now you don’t have to so why complain?” Caled started up the stairs with Black curled up in his arms. He reached the door to Black’s room and, carefully shifting the smaller man’s weight, grabbed the door handle. Caled sighed. Of course it would be locked.

He gently shook Black. The younger man mumbled something, his head lolling slightly. “Black, wake up,” Caled said sharply. Black’s thick lashes slowly lifted. Caled set him down. “This is as far as I can take you because you locked the door.”

Black turned his head, looking at the door for a moment. He reached out a hand and unlocked the door. Without a backward glance he slipped inside, closing it firmly behind him.

Caled turned back to the stairs, shaking his head. All of that and he still didn’t know what was going on nor did he have any popcorn to show for it. At the top of the stairs, he paused. Standing at the bottom was Calyx, his arms crossed as he looked up at Caled with a dark look in his eyes. Caled was unsure of what to say. Calyx decided for him.

“The popcorn isn’t under my pillow, sweetheart.” His tone was even, neutral.

Caled started down the stairs. “I ran into Black.”

“I know.” Calyx turned and walked into the kitchen. He reached into a cupboard and pulled out a slim package. He removed the plastic covering and thrust it into the microwave and pushed some buttons.

Caled said nothing, trusting the empath would speak in his own time. Eventually, Calyx sighed, leaning a hip against the counter. “Darkness tends to project a lot after his little meetings with Captain Dick.”

“Why is he so drunk?” Caled asked.

“Because he can’t handle what happens,” Calyx said matter-of-factly.

Caled frowned. What couldn’t Black handle? “Why does he go, then?”

“That’s his story to tell, but I wouldn’t ask him. He’s a little touchy.”

“And this doesn’t bother you?” Caled asked, a little scornful.

“Enough of the righteous indignation, sweetheart,” Calyx snapped. “Of course I don’t want him to go, but I haven’t exactly got much say in the matter. Captain Dick tells him to go and Black does as he’s told.” The microwave beeped and Calyx removed the much larger bag, dumping its contents into a large bowl.

“What does he do in these meetings?” Caled asked.

Calyx grabbed the bowl, brushing past Caled on his way back to the Dugout’s living room. “Search me, sweetheart. If you find out, let me know.”


Caled walked into the Clubhouse and turned toward the stairs. He was on his way to talk to Calyx about a dirty little suggestion the empath had made to Hadrian the night before. He was still trying to decide whether to threaten or thank the man when some movement in the tactics room caught his eye. He paused, glancing inside.

Black was seated at the long center table, sipping on a cup of coffee as he compared notes on his PRU to a monitor that was built into the table. He looked calm and collected as if the events of the previous night had never happened. Caled decided to deal with the empath later. He plopped down into the chair beside Black. “Good morning.”

Black glanced at him over the PRU. “Good morning.”

Caled leaned over, looking at the screen. “Are you working?”

“What else would I be doing?” Black asked, sipping his coffee.

Caled shrugged. “Sleeping. That’s what I would be doing.”

“I’m not a late sleeper.”

“I figured you would still be recovering from last night.” Caled watched him carefully for a reaction.

Black didn’t even flinch. “I wasn’t out too late.”

Caled raised an eyebrow. “I believe that three in the morning is late even in this time. Besides, I was referring to how drunk you were.”

“I wasn’t that drunk.”

Caled snorted. “You were passing out on the stairs.”

“Was there a point to this?” Black asked, his voice even. Aside from the initial glance, he had not once looked at Caled.

“Where were you last night?” Caled asked bluntly.

“None of your business. Anything else?” Black continued to study his PRU as he finished his coffee.

Caled’s eyes narrowed. “What were you doing with Captain Dick?”

Black glanced at him. “You’ve been talking to Starr.”

“What if I have?”

“It’s none of his business where I was either.”

“Really?” Caled asked, raising an eyebrow. “I thought he was your lover? Besides, Calyx didn’t tell me you were with the captain; you did.”

Black stood up with his cup in his hand. “So what if Starr is? Don’t tell me you and Hadrian don’t hide things from each other.” He exited the room, heading for the kitchen. Caled followed.

“Yes, we have our secrets, but those don’t include trysts with other people.” Caled knew he was leaping to conclusions, but he hoped the assumptions would anger the lieutenant into a reaction.

Black poured himself some more coffee. “Not that it is any of your business, but I am not having sex with the captain.”

Caled was getting irritated with Black’s cool façade. “Who said anything about the captain?”

Black grabbed his cup and headed up the stairs, but not before Caled had seen his face. “Last night was none of your business so stop speculating about it.”

Caled stood still in the kitchen. Black had paled. He may not have had sex with Dickerson, but that doesn’t mean Dickerson didn’t make him have sex with someone else. Caled narrowed his eyes and followed Black up the stairs. It was true that this was none of his business, but Caled was feeling stubborn. Besides, Black had slipped. Might as well take advantage of it. Caled banged on Black’s bedroom door.

There was no answer.

He banged on it again. A door opened behind him. Calyx leaned against the doorframe of his bedroom, watching Caled with a lazy smile. “You shouldn’t bang on his door like that. It’s a good way to piss him off.”

Caled looked into the empath’s eyes for a moment. “Did you take that drug of yours?” Calyx nodded. Caled turned back to the door. “It is good to upset people once in a while. It keeps them from becoming lazy.”

“I’ll make sure Doe Eyes gives you a good eulogy.” The door closed behind him. Caled banged on the door again. Then again. And again.

He raised his hand to bang for the sixth time when the door was yanked open. Caled thought that Calyx might have been understating the situation. Black wasn’t exactly angry. It was more like a towering fury.

“What?” he growled dangerously. Caled was never one to be intimidated. He grinned wickedly at the smaller man then shoved, knocking Black out of the way and walking in.

The room was simple, depressingly simple. There were little decorations or knick-knacks so there was little indication of what Black did when he wasn’t working. It couldn’t have been sleep, but the bed was the most luxurious thing in the room. The frame was made of a dark lacquered wood and the sheets and thick comforter were a deep forest green. It looked incredibly comfortable. “Nice bed,” Caled commented as he turned.

Caled was not the type of man to underestimate people. He was often very good at judging how people would react to various things. Judging by Black’s face, he had made a terrible mistake.

Black was standing beside the closed door, his face fixed in a cold expression as his coffee eyes were darkened with barely suppressed rage. He stood loose and relaxed, though Caled could sense the tension from where he stood. It was a fighting stance, and Caled decided he needed to do something and do it fast, or he was going to be bodily thrown out and he had a feeling Black would make it as painful as possible.

“Black, as angry as you may be with me, be reasonable. I would not force my way into your privacy without good reason.”

Black’s voice was low and clipped, like he was being very careful in his speech so that there was no mistake in what he was saying. “I don’t care what your reason is. Get out or I will make you get out.”

Caled understood why Black was upset. He knew the man’s privacy and personal space were practically sacred, but he was trying to help him and was getting tired of being treated to Black’s cold attitude. It was time to remind the man exactly which of them had the upper hand. Caled leaned casually against the headboard of Black’s bed, his sapphire eyes narrowing. “I think you forget who you are speaking to. I am not one of your men to follow you or Calyx who is smitten with you and does not want to risk this your rage.”

Black was a man of his word, Caled would give him that. He was also incredibly quick. The only thing that saved Caled from having Black take him out on the first strike was that he was expecting the attack. Black darted towards Caled a touch faster than Caled had expected so he hadn’t as much time to dodge out of the way. Black’s punch to the center of Caled’s chest missed, but Caled’s reaction had been a touch slow so, instead of Black hitting the wall, he hit Caled’s arm. Hard.

Caled’s eyes hardened. He knew Black was good, but he hadn’t expected the guy to be quite that fast. He wasn’t sure in a hand-to-hand fight between him and Black who would win, so he needed to take out Black quickly. His surprised hesitation, however brief, cost him because Black turned, his back to Caled, swinging out an elbow for the blonde’s head. The mercenary ducked, striking at Black’s exposed side, but Black blocked with his opposite arm. Black shifted on his feet and Caled moved to block a kick, but the attack came from the leg Caled hadn’t been expecting. Black’s foot caught his hand and both appendages slammed into Caled’s chin, knocking the blonde onto his back. Caled lay still, again surprised by Black’s somewhat strange move. Movement caught his attention as Black tried to escape from the corner he had trapped himself in beside the bed. Caled lashed out with his leg, stopping the brunette and sending him tumbling onto the bed. He then used the momentum of his attack to propel himself back to his feet as Black flipped onto his back on the bed, sending a kick to Caled’s side. Caled caught Black’s leg under his arm, grabbed his other leg and twisted the lower half of Black’s body, forcing the smaller man onto his stomach. He moved forward, straddling Black’s ass and grabbed his arms, twisting them up behind the brunette’s back, effectively pinning him. Black struggled against Caled’s hold.

“Get off of me!” he snarled over his shoulder. Caled grasped both wrists in one hand and used his free hand to gingerly touch his throbbing chin.

“Black, I’m only going to ask you this once more. What did you do with your captain last night?” Caled asked, looking down at the dark head.

Black thrashed wildly, trying to throw Caled. “Fuck you. Get the fuck off of me!”

Caled looked thoughtfully at him. Normally, he wouldn’t push someone so far in answering him. Black was right, after all. It was none of his business what he did with the captain. But he still felt that protectiveness for the man. He may belong to Calyx, but he had still been Caled’s lover and he still felt a certain fondness for the stubborn brunette. He sat up, dragging Black up by the arms until the man’s lower body lay on the bed. He caressed the chocolate hair with his free hand, leaning down so that his lips were beside Black’s ear. “Do you want to know what I think?” he asked softly.

“No. Get off,” Black growled. His dark eyes flashed with rage and his breathing came out in pants, but whether it was from exertion or fury Caled couldn’t tell.

“I think that your captain, this man who is supposed to protect you, is using you,” Caled said, still caressing Black’s hair.

“I already said I wasn’t having sex with the captain,” Black said, his voice still low with anger. He stilled in his struggling, watching Caled out of the corner of his eye. Caled was not so foolish to believe that Black had given up. He was merely biding his time.

“Like I already said, who said anything about the captain?” Caled responded, watching Black’s face. There was some flash of emotion in the brunette’s eyes, but nothing Caled could pick out for sure and nothing could be determined from his face.

“What the hell are you talking about?” Black said, his voice rising slightly.

“Your captain may not have taken you, Black, but that doesn’t mean he didn’t let someone else.”

“So you think I’m a whore?” Black asked scathingly, shifting under Caled, trying to find a weak point in the mercenary’s hold. “Nice to know what you think of me.” The smaller man’s panting had not yet ceased.

“You are not a whore,” Caled said, frowning down at Black. “I have never thought of you in such a way.”

“You just implied, no, stated clearly that you believe the captain would let other people ‘take’ me. So, if you’re not calling me a whore, than what do you mean?”

“There is a difference in being a whore, and being treated as one.”

Black made an aggravated sound in his throat and bucked underneath Caled, trying to throw him off. When he couldn’t so much as budge the blonde, Black collapsed back onto the bed. “Is that so? So, are you treating me like this because you can, or because you think that’s the way I should be treated?”

Caled’s frown deepened. “I am holding you down so that I can learn the truth from you.”

Black turned his head as much as he could to glare up at him. “The truth is I had a business meeting with the captain last night. That’s it. There is nothing more to it and your insistence that there is just makes you look like an asshole, especially considering the fact that you have me pinned to my bed without my permission when you are a guest in my home.”

Caled looked at Black, his eyes narrowing. An interesting thought had occurred to him during Black’s little speech. Perhaps the younger man was not breathing hard from exertion or anger, but from excitement. He leaned forward, speaking into Black’s ear. “I do not need your permission to pin you down.”

Black thrashed wildly, again trying to knock Caled off, but with his body firmly planted on the bed, he had less of a chance than when his legs had been off the mattress. A flush stained his sculpted cheekbones, but Caled was again suspecting it was due to increasing excitement. “Get off of me!” Black snarled.

Caled decided to test his theory. He thrust his tongue into Black’s ear, breathing heavily against him. Black stilled. Caled blew into the ear, his hot breath making the body beneath him shiver. Black’s panting grew heavier. Caled bit the lobe firmly and tugged and Black moaned softly. “Do you like this, Black, having a stronger man dominate you?”

Black thrashed again, but Caled noticed his struggling was weaker this time, as if the man knew he should fight, but didn’t really want to get away. Caled took the decision to fight away from him. He bit down hard onto Black’s neck. A strangled sound came from the younger man’s throat, his neck arching to give Caled more room. Caled moved Black’s arms, forcing the body beneath him to turn onto his back, and pinned the slim wrists over his head. He settled himself just over Black’s hips so that he could feel the swelling erection in the other man’s pants.

Black pulled at his wrists, trying to free himself. “No, of course you don’t think I’m a whore,” Black said sarcastically. “That’s why you think you can do whatever you want to me.”

“I do not think you a whore, Black. I am giving you what you want,” Caled said, licking the cords of Black’s neck.

“I don’t want this!” Black snarled, struggling against the stronger man. A small smile decorated Caled’s lips as Black’s breathing grew ragged. Caled looked up at smaller man, his sapphire eyes darkening with lust.

“Wanting this does not make you a whore, Black, as your captain would make you. Let me show you the difference.” Those dark eyes fell to Black’s full mouth and Caled hungered to taste it. He leaned forward, pressing his mouth hard against him, demanding Black submit to him. Black remained defiant, denying Caled entrance. Caled narrowed his eyes at Black’s rebelliousness. He rocked his hips firmly against the younger man, trying to force a reaction from him. A strangled sound cam from Black’s throat, but he kept his teeth clenched.

“Why deny yourself, Black?” Caled said, his voice low as he admired the handsome features of the stubborn man beneath him. “We both know you want it. Now open that hot mouth and take it.” As encouragement, Caled rolled his hips more forcefully into him, causing a low moan to come from Black. The blonde took advantage of the opening and pushed his tongue inside, invading the lush mouth. A sound of protest came from Black and he pulled at his wrists, fighting, but Caled ignored him. He continued to ravish Black’s mouth, the other man’s tongue meeting his and trying to force it out. As they dueled, another soft moan escaped Black, igniting Caled’s lust. The mercenary, pulled back, attacking the dark throat before him. “You don't understand your own power, do you, Black? Your surrender is all the sweeter for the fight you put up.” He reached down with his free hand, seeking the edge of Black’s teal sweater and slipped his hand underneath, stroking the firm stomach beneath.

“Dammit, what is your point?” Black growled. Caled smirked at the breathless quality of the brunette’s voice. “If you're going to make it, do so and get off and get out. If not, get off and get out anyways.”

Caled could firm the muscles quiver beneath his touch as his hand slid up to tease the pert nipples. Black groaned, arching beneath Caled, his body begging for more, despite his harsh words. “I don't think so, Black. If I go anywhere, it'll be you that brings me. I want you to show me what you're capable of.” The mercenary studied Black’s face as he played with the nipples. Black’s neck was arched, the strong throat working around the sharp cries and moans. His high cheekbones were stained scarlet and his dark eyes dilated, the pupils nearly swallowing the chocolate irises, his plump lips swollen from their brutal kiss. Caled felt a surge of masculine pride at the dazed expression on Black’s face and released the brunette’s wrists. Before the lieutenant realized what had happened, Caled reached down to practically rip the sweater from Black’s torso then shed the blue flannel shirt and tank top he wore. He swooped down, taking one erect, cinnamon nipple between his teeth and biting down. Black cried out, his hands reaching down to tightly grasp Caled’s golden hair.

“Oh, shit. God, Caled, do that again,” Black said, grinding his hips into the larger man above him. Caled obediently moved to the other tight bud and bit down as well, soothing him with firm swipes of his tongue as Black writhed beneath him. He then slipped his hands down to the waistband of Black’s pants and thumbed the button open, shedding the tight jeans. He smirked confidently when Black lifted his hips to help him and moved down the dark body, admiring the firm muscles and tanned skin. He trailed open-mouthed kisses over the taut stomach and dipped his tongue into the navel, scraping his teeth over the flesh around it, making the younger man shiver.

“Do you want this, Black? Have I done anything to you that you didn’t want?” Caled asked, reaching down to grasp Black’s leaking erection.

“Oh, God… Caled…” Black moaned desperately, thrusting up into Caled’s hand. It seemed to Caled that the passionate young man had forgotten to fight him anymore. That suited him perfectly.

Caled stroked Black as he looked around, reaching for a drawer in the bedside table. Black was Calyx’s lover, and if Caled knew Calyx, the empath would keep some lube in Black’s room. He pulled open the drawer and, sure enough, there was a tube. He squeezed some of the slick liquid into his hand, coating his fingers, then used his clean hand to encourage Black to spread his legs farther. He watched the younger man carefully as he stroked his fingers over the crease of Black’s ass. He loved watching the man lose control of himself like this. He was quite the passionate creature and Caled considered Calyx to be a lucky man. It was a good thing Calyx didn’t mind sharing. However, as enjoyable as this was, Caled remembered, even if Black didn’t, that there was a point to all of this. It excited him to push Black beyond his control, but he still respected the man. Black took good care of the people under his protection; his team, and now Caled and Hadrian. It didn’t sit well with Caled that someone would dare to treat Black as if he was less, but he was even unhappier that Black believed it. He refused to let Black continue to think that because he let people, for whatever reason, treat him as a whore, that he deserved it. Caled was determined Black learn the lesson; the pleasure was just a bonus.

When Black sighed at Caled’s caress, the mercenary sought his opening, circling him. “Do you like this, Black? Tell me you want this.”

Black shook his head, trying to smother a moan. He obviously wasn’t as lost in his lust as Caled had thought.

“This is why you’re hard to resist. You’re so beautiful when you’re fighting yourself.” Caled slipped a finger inside, stroking Black, making the brunette arch his back. He pumped the finger, watching Black’s face, then slipped in a second one, twisting them to make the younger man groan loudly. “Tell me, Black, or I stop. What is it that you want?” Caled said firmly.

Black growled in irritation. Caled could practically see his resistance crumbling. “Fuck me, Caled. I want you to fuck me.”

An arrogant smirk crossed Caled’s face at Black’s impatience. “I’ll give you what you want, Black. Don’t you worry.” He squeezed more of the lube out onto his hand and slathered his cock with it, crawling up between Black’s spread legs. The smaller man watched him with lust-darkened eyes, shifting restlessly.

“Do it, Caled,” Black encouraged, lifting his legs to rest on the blonde’s shoulders. Caled positioned himself and, with one strong thrust, pushed himself into Black’s tight body. Black made a small sound in his throat and Caled glanced up to see the look of pain and what looked surprisingly like disappointment in his eyes.

“Black, look at me,” Caled ordered. Black didn’t, lifting his eyes to the ceiling. Caled pulled back his hips and slid back in slowly, aiming so that he would stroke over Black’s prostate. The dark, coffee eyes widened. “Look at me,” Caled growled. Black’s eyes flicked down to his face. “While my cock is in your body, the only thing you’re going to think about is how hard I’m going to make you come.”

A fierce blush colored Black’s cheeks at Caled’s confident command. The slow, sure strokes, aimed to drive him wild, were doing just that. He shifted his hips, encouraging Caled to go faster, harder, but the man refused to relent, driving into him at a slow, steady pace. Black moaned in frustration, shifting restlessly. “Caled, god, go faster.”

“If I didn’t know better, Black, I’d say you were begging me for it,” Caled replied, stroking his lips up the dark column of Black’s throat. He bit down, earning a throaty moan from the brunette.

A dark looked flashed through Black’s eyes. He opened his mouth for a stinging retort, but Caled cut him off by grasping his neglected cock. All the fight fled from him and Black arched, panting. “Please, Caled. Please, fuck me harder.”

“My pleasure.” Caled lifted himself onto his elbows so that he would have better leverage and slammed into Black, forcing a cry from the brunette. He pounded into him, making sure to strike that sweet spot in Black with every thrust. The younger man grasped his arms desperately helplessly riding the vigorous attack on his senses and loving every moment of it. He couldn’t take it long, however, before the heat of his orgasm washed over him.

“God, Caled, more,” he moaned, arching underneath the mercenary. Caled sank his sharp teeth into the flesh of Black’s throat, pushing the brunette over the edge, crying out his relief. Caled thrust deeply a few more times then followed him over, groaning deeply as he emptied himself into the willing body beneath him.

Caled pulled out and collapsed on the bed beside the brunette. After a moment, Black turned, his eyes narrowing at the sated blonde. “What was the point of that?”

“I would have thought the answer to that was obvious,” Caled replied, rising up onto one elbow. “To bring us both the pleasure we desired.”

Black glared, though his look lacked the usual bite. “And here I thought I was trying to throw you out of my room, not encouraging you to attack me.”

“Do you have regrets?” Caled asked, his sapphire eyes intent on Black’s face.

Black arched an eyebrow. “It’s a little late for regrets, don’t you think?”

“If Calyx were to truly act like a police officer, would he be one?”

“What does that have to do with anything?” Black asked, scowling slightly. When Caled just looked at him expectantly, Black sighed impatiently. “No, it doesn’t. What’s your point?”

“That just because you take pleasure in what you consider to be acting like a whore, does not make you one.

Black stared at him. “I told you –“

“And I’m telling you, the idea that you are any man’s whore is ridiculous. You were wild and passionate beneath me just now,” Black blushed furiously at this, “but that does not make you a whore and you should not think yourself as one.”

Black’s eyes were unfriendly. “Consider the lesson learned. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have work to do.”

Caled narrowed his eyes. “I will convince you of this, Black, and the sooner you learn your lesson, the happier you will be.” Black wisely stayed silent, watching Caled as the man dressed and left the room.

Calyx was reclining in a chair in the small sitting room. “Did you get the answers you were looking for?” the empath asked, a single, ash-blonde eyebrow arched in drugged amusement.

“The only answer I received is that he’s a stubborn fool,” Caled growled.

“For a good reason, sweetheart. There’s a reason why I call him ‘Darkness,’” Calyx replied, shooting a fond look in the direction of Black’s room.

“What reason is that?” Caled asked, curious as to what was going on in that brunette head.

Calyx smiled slightly. “Search me, sweetheart. When you find out, let me know.” With that, the blonde empath stood and walked over to Black’s door, knocking.

Caled turned and headed down the stairs. He wanted to see his lover. Hadrian was confusing and frustrating at times, but nothing like Black was. He sometimes wondered why Calyx struggled with the headache, but thinking back to Black’s passionate response, lithe body arched and dark eyes clouded with ecstasy, he understood. He wished the other blonde the best of luck.

The End

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