Sweet Danger

by Frulie


Calyx swayed as he walked into the computer room.

"Morning, Darkness."

"Starr." Black answered, dismissively.

"So formal." He pouted. "Not what you called me last night."

Black glared. "We didn't do anything last night." He snapped.

"And whose fault was that, sweetheart?" He smiled sweetly.

"If you don't have anything related to our mission to say..." Calyx spun, landing in Black's lap and wiggling more than was necessary. "Starr, I'm warning you."

Calyx moved closer, whispering as Black flushed. "Warn me louder, Darkness, no one's home."

Black swallowed. "This is a bad idea."

"The worst." Calyx licked his lips.


The End

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