Temptation at Every Turn



"You're going to force me into this anyway. I may as well spare myself the humiliation of trying to fight you," Ethan said with a rueful grin as he moved his hands behind his back. He crossed his arms to allow Max to bind him with the leather cord, wrist to elbow. "My resistance never seems to amount to much."

"Maybe because you don't want it to," Max whispered into his ear from behind him.

Ethan shivered at the sensual caress of his lover's breath. Max could unravel him with just his voice. He'd done it before, much to Ethan's humiliation. He'd prefer it didn't happen this time. There were better ways to succumb to Maxmillian Poole.

"You displeased me this afternoon," Max continued in a low voice. He remained behind Ethan, the rustle of cloth indicating that he was removing his clothing. After a moment, warm arms wrapped around Ethan from behind. Max's hard erection jabbed insistently at the cleft of his ass. "I insist that you make it up to me."

Ethan's eyes drifted partly shut as Max began to rock lightly against him, his cock sliding up and down the crease. "What . . . what did you have in mind?"

Max took hold of Ethan's cock in one hand and gently cupped his ball sac in the other. "I intend for you to pleasure me," Max said thickly as he began to stroke the flesh in his hand. "If you perform adequately, I may allow you to find your own release, as well. How does that sound?"

Ethan swallowed, his knees trembling as Max expertly pumped his cock. "Sounds pretty good, actually," he said with a weak laugh.

"So nice to hear we agree on something for once," Max said dryly.

Ethan leaned back into the strong circle of his lover's arms. Maxmillian had magic hands. He was the ultimate hedonist, much to Ethan's joy. Every caress was meant to enflame, every touch intended to incite. All too often, Ethan found himself as malleable as clay within the other man's hands.

Just like now, with that firm, insistent stroke on his cock. Max gently kissed the side of his neck, making Ethan moan quietly. Max began to push more firmly against his ass and Ethan automatically spread his legs, encouraging the stiffness to slip between.

"That feels so good," Ethan whispered as Max's thrusts pushed his cock into his lover's fist.

"Does it? It must be my turn then."

"What --?" Ethan blinked dazedly when Max's warmth disappeared from behind him. "Max, no."

"Don't whine, Ethan. It's unbecoming."

God, he hated when Max tried to sound like his father. He glared at his dark-haired lover as Max stepped around him. But Maxmillian was nude now and Ethan felt his ire swiftly fading. Max was gorgeous, his well-sculpted shoulders framing a muscled chest that tapered to a slim stomach and narrow hips. And his cock . . . well, there really weren't words to do it justice, in Ethan's mind. It was dauntingly large with a swollen head that pulsed dark red with need.

"Get on your knees," Max murmured, his indigo eyes nearly black with lust.

Ethan dropped eagerly, swaying a bit to find his balance with his arms bound behind him. Max stepped close, his heavy cock bobbing in front of Ethan's face. He buried a hand in the blonde's hair, urging him closer.

"Open up," Max whispered huskily. "Suck me."

Salty sweetness swept across Ethan's lips as the head of Max's cock forced entrance into his mouth. He groaned, closing his eyes as he accepted the hot flesh across his tongue. Max allowed him to run his tongue up the length of him before his hand tightened in Ethan's hair, coaxing the other man to swallow him deeper. Max was so thick, there was barely room left for Ethan to breathe. He gagged as the flesh in his mouth pushed all the way to the back of his throat, then slowly withdrew. The rhythm was repeated until Max was pumping full speed down his throat.

Ethan felt his cock swelling with need as he listened to Max moan quietly above him. Max was rarely noisy during sex and when he was it was something to be savored. Wishing fervently that he could touch himself, Ethan began to rock his pelvis in time with the cock pushing into his mouth, yearning for any sort of contact to relieve the ache.

Recognizing the other man's need, Max slid his foot between Ethan's widespread knees. He lifted his cloth-covered toes so that they just brushed the underside of Ethan's cock. Ethan whimpered at the teasing touch. It was enough to stir his senses, but not enough to satisfy.

"That's all you're going to get," Max told him, watching him from beneath slitted eyelids. "I suggest you make the most of it."

Bastard. But strangely, the cruel stinginess was a turn-on all the same. Max was making him work for his pleasure. Ethan could do that. Sucking hard on the stiff flesh between his lips, Ethan gyrated his hips, rubbing as much of himself as he could against the soft sock covering Max's foot. Oh, God, just enough and yet not . . . Maybe this wasn't so enjoyable after all. He spread his knees a little further, sinking lower. Mmm, better.

Above him, Maxmillian was smirking, his hand flexing in Ethan's hair. "I want you to come before I do, Ethan. I know you can do it." With his free hand he reached down and twisted one of Ethan's nipples, making him moan around the flesh in his mouth. "Come for me, beautiful."

This was impossible. He wasn't receiving enough stimulation. But to fail Maxmillian -- that was even more inconceivable to Ethan. He looked up at his dark lover and let himself drown in the passionate eyes that watched him. He tried to imagine himself as Max saw him: lips stretched wide around Max's thick cock, that firm length pumping in and out of his throat. Ethan rubbed himself a little harder against Max's foot, feeling his balls start to tighten and draw up against his body. Getting closer . . .

"Will it help you if I speak dirty to you?" Maxmillian asked with an indulgent caress of Ethan's cheek.

Ethan groaned in relief and blinked up at his lover in entreaty.

"You get aroused when I tell you how dirty you are, don't you? You love hearing how slutty you are. You love it almost as much as you love sucking my cock," Max murmured as he held the blond head firm for his thrusts. "You like it when I fuck your mouth like this, don't you? You can't do anything to stop me, Ethan. All you can do is take it." Ethan groaned, the words making his body clench.

Smiling, Max twisted Ethan's nipple again and it was the final trigger. Ethan shut his eyes, feeling his body begin to quake in the prelude to orgasm. Gasping around the cock in his mouth, he pushed his hips against Max's foot, rubbing himself like an affection-starved kitten. He heard Max laughing quietly above him but the sound only spurred his libido higher.

"Come for me," Max whispered again. "You're almost there. Just a little more . . ."

Max pinched him, the sensation like a sharp spike to Ethan's groin. His eyes shot open and he gave a muffled cry as his body erupted in pleasure. Shuddering, Ethan exploded over Max's foot. Almost simultaneously, the stiff flesh in his mouth pulsed and twitched. Warm liquid splashed against the back of his throat, as Max groaned above him.

Max withdrew his softening cock and gently cradled Ethan's damp face between his hands. He tilted Ethan's face up and placed a kiss on his swollen lips. "Only you and I can achieve that," Max told him, his eyes dark with emotion. "Remember that."

Ethan smiled tiredly at him. "I will, Max. I will."

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