Truth or Dare 2: Evening Angel

by l_greytree, beta'd by Valdamar and JCK, art by SayAye



Jake closed his eyes and relaxed into the sensation of being kissed by Parker. He was seated on the couch and Parker was facing him straddling his hips. He let Parker control the tempo of the kiss this time. It was slow and sensuous yet strong and demanding. It was not a kiss about dominance or submission but an intriguing mixture of both. When they stopped for air, Jake opened his eyes and looked at Parker. He could feel desire emanating from Parker and he could see the lust in his eyes. He felt his own desire rage out of control. Parker gave him a look that was half coy and half innocent followed by a sensual smile. Jake responded with a sweet, chaste kiss but then he growled, moved his hand to the back of Parker's head, and roughly pulled him down for another kiss.

This one was going to be Jake's kiss; it was going to be the way he wanted it. He plundered Parker's mouth ruthlessly. He forced Parker to submit to his desire. He felt Parker's body start to tremble as Parker moaned into the kiss. Jake then grabbed Parker's hips and ground his ass against his erection. Even through two layers of clothing, he could feel the welcoming cleft and he was sure Parker could feel how hard and straining his cock was. He cursed the fact that they were wearing pants as he also marveled at his own daring.

Sergeant Jake Cole had been a bottom for most of his encounters. The few times he had topped were because his partner 'allowed' it or 'demanded' that he do that. Jake really hadn't liked that, but had been too afraid and insecure to say anything. After Black dumped him, he had decided that he was never going to bottom ever again or, at least, he would only do so by his choice. He had decided that he, and only he, was going to be in charge of his half of any relationship. Jake had been proud of that resolution but he also knew how hollow it was. Every time he was in the same room with Black, he wanted to submit to Black and let Black do whatever he wanted to him all over again. Later, at night, in the shower, or lying on his bed alone, he would dream of Black and then despise his own weakness. He often wondered if that might not be one of the reasons Black had left him. He had cursed himself man y times because he knew he would throw anything and everything away just to have Black in his arms once more. That was until he saw Parker…then everything changed.

Gasping for air, Parker broke away from the kiss. He smirked at Jake. "I believe I'm supposed to be dancing for at least five more minutes…"

"T'hell with that!" Jake replied. "You can dance on this!" He once more ground Parker's ass against his erection before pulling him in for another brutal kiss. Parker moaned as he was pulled in. Jake again was amazed that he was being so commanding and that Parker seemed to be enjoying the roughness. Parker was different than any of his other lovers, Jake realized. Parker was a blend of strength and docility Jake hadn't seen before. Their tongues dueled for dominance. This time, though, Parker wasn't giving him an easy victory. Jake decided he liked that. Jake pulled Parker's head to the side just a little and forced his tongue in deeper. Parker shuddered. Jake continued to fight for supremacy and he finally felt Parker begin a slow surrender. Jake also liked knowing that this was what Parker wanted as well; and that Parker would stop him if he didn't like something.

Parker's tongue started stroking Jake's as he let Jake have free access to his mouth. He started sucking on Jake's tongue and rocking his hips back and forth in small, unhurried, grinding thrusts. Jake leisurely slid his hands down Parker's back and into his sweatpants, grasped two firm round globes, and started kneading.

Parker pulled away from the kiss. He gave Jake a quick peck and then licked a slow sensuous outline of Jake's lips. He gave Jake a sultry look and started chewing on Jake's bottom lip. Perhaps it was that one bottle of beer he shouldn't have had but Parker felt himself developing stronger feelings for Jake than he had wanted. Jake was solid. Jake was normal; he wasn't complicated; he wasn't an emotional disaster waiting to happen. In the last three weeks Parker's world had been completely upended and Parker felt as though he were trapped in a cyclone, tossed and smashed about every which way. Jake was his anchor. Jake was his savior. Jake seemed to like him for himself and not for what he could get out of Parker. The most important reason, though, Parker admitted to himself was that, maybe, he just really liked Jake. Sometime during the past week of training, this affection had snuck up on him without his even having an inkling of its presence.

Parker kissed the corner of Jake's mouth and then licked and kissed his way to Jake's ear. He nibbled on the lobe, licked all the crevices, and finally pushed his tongue in. Jake was still kneading one of Parker's cheeks with one hand but with the other he was sliding two fingers up and down his cleft. Every now and then he would circle Parker's entrance before resuming the steady motion. Parker wrapped his mouth around most of Jake's ear and breathed raggedly. Jake shuddered and gasped.

"I want you to fuck me, Jake," he whispered seductively, "I want you to fuck me so hard that I won't be able to get out of bed tomorrow morning."

Jake turned to face Parker. "Are you sure you're up for that?" He asked seriously. Parker still had numerous cuts and bruises and Jake was sure that he must be quite sore in a lot of places.

Parker reached around and pulled one of Jake's hands out. He smirked and gave Jake a challenging look. "Feel for yourself how up I am." He placed Jake's hand on his cock and drew it along the rigid length. Jake squeezed and started stroking Parker's erection.

"I see." Jake said and then laughed. It was a laugh of pure pleasure. He wanted this and so did Parker. He smiled innocently at Parker but then gave him a wickedly mischievous look. He slid the hand, which was still inside Parker's sweats, so that it was grabbing the entire plump globe. Parker raised an eyebrow and gave him a questioning look. With the one hand Jake squeezed Parker's hard cock and with the other hand, he forcefully dug his nails into his cheek and twisted. "How rough do you want it, little angel?"

Parker gasped and writhed sensually. He felt like he was going to come that instant. He forced himself to breathe deeply. Looking Jake directly in the eye, he said, "Sergeant Cole, I dare you to impress me." He snaked his hand into Jake's shirt and pinched a nipple cruelly. "I may bruise easily, as you can clearly see, but I am not made out of porcelain and I can handle anything you-aaaaah-Jake!" Parker had been mid-sentence when he felt himself first flying upwards through the air then pulled back down. He yelped when his face hit the small of Jake's back. Jake was now standing and had him slung over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes. Parker was glad none of the others were there to witness this scene. Starr would never let him live this down. He wiggled to see if he could free himself as Jake started heading out of the living room. His wiggling earned him a hard slap on his ass.

"Keep that up and you'll really get it!" Jake threatened him.

"Promises. Promises." Parker retorted. "I do seem to be in a bit of a compromised position, though," he continued. "I had better take stock of what asssssets I have available…" Parker grabbed one of Jake's cheeks and pinched. "Hmmmm…now this is interesting. Look what I found! I think I might be able to work with this."

He then pulled the waistband of Jake's jeans outward and peered in. "Very nice, tight, firm, and look…you're wearing plaid!" Jake had started walking up the steps and Parker heard him muttering something about frequently wearing plaid and dropping him on his head. He chuckled and thoroughly licked his finger. Jake was almost at the top of the stairs when Parker slipped his entire hand down Jake's pants again and then forced his slick finger down the crevice and into Jake's tight entrance.

Jake grunted at the sudden penetration and lost his balance. They landed near the top of the stairs with a loud thud that rattled the walls of the house. Parker twisted around and looked at Jake. "Problems, Jake? What's gotten into you?" he asked innocently as Jake glared at him. They heard movement coming from Bee's room and a light was turned on. Parker quickly removed the offending finger as the door opened.

"What the-" A very tousled looking Haney asked.

"What is it? Is everything OK?" Bee asked from inside the room.

"It's just Parker and Jake. They seem to be having trouble getting up the stairs." Haney replied smirking at the twosome on the stairs. "Jake's getting old and can't handle a little beer anymore…"

"Listen, dickhead, I wasn't having any problems at all until Parker, here, started…" Jake growled but then stopped, not sure how to go on or how much detail he wanted to give Bee and Haney. They would probably tease him for at least a week because of this.

"I was performing an experiment," Parker smiled sweetly, batting his eyelashes at Haney, "and I am proud to report that gravity is functioning within normal and standard parameters."

"Huh?" an obviously confused Haney stared open mouthed at Parker. Bee also peeked out from behind Haney and snickered at the pair. Jake buried his face in the carpet of the stairs in an attempt to stop laughing at Haney's expression and at the situation as Parker continued.

"Would you like to discuss gravitational effects on the electromagnetic spectrum which lead to alterations in the temporal…I guess not?" Haney had quickly retreated back into the room and closed the door while muttering something to Bee about the crazies they lived with.

Jake continued to chuckle. "Where'd that come from?" he asked.

"I just made it up," Parker replied.

"You read too much…Now, let's try this again." Jake hoisted Parker back onto his shoulder as he stood up, "And you keep your fingers outta my ass."

"You're no fun." Parker complained under his breath. They made it into Jake's room and Parker was about to ask Jake if the close call his head just had with the doorjamb was intentional, when he was unceremoniously dumped onto Jake's bed. Jake locked the door and, with a growl, advanced towards Parker. Parker squealed in delight and tried scampering away from Jake. Jake grabbed one of his ankles and pulled him back. From the ankles, he pulled the sweats over Parker's hips and down his thighs. Then Jake had an idea. When he had the sweats almost off, he used the legs to quickly bind Parker's ankles together tightly. Parker gasped and gave him a surprised look.

Jake stepped away and Parker watched him cautiously. He slowly unbuttoned his shirt and let it glide off his shoulders. He looked at Parker and licked his lips. Parker was watching him open-mouthed. Jake undid the top button of his jeans and, pushing his hips forward just a little, he slowly unzipped half an inch at a time. Parker whimpered. Jake leisurely lowered his jeans and boxers bit by bit and finally kicked them off.

Jake was very hard and his cock stood straight up. He approached the bed and pulled Parker up to a sitting position. Remembering something from an old porn flick, he snarled at Parker and pulled his face into his groin. "You better get this nice and slick because that's all the lube you're going to get before I ram this into your nice…tight… little…hole." Parker trembled sensually and gave Jake a saucy look indicating that he wasn't afraid but he was turned on by Jake's dominating attitude.

Sitting in front of Jake, Parker kissed the tip of Jake's cock and rubbed his cheeks along the sides. He licked the pre-cum gathering at the tip and nibbled his way down one side. Holding the throbbing shaft with hands, he nuzzled the underside with his nose and brought himself up to kiss the tip again. He again caressed it with his cheeks and let it slide alongside his ear and over his forehead, before allowing it to rest on each eye for a moment. Finally he slid it down his nose, kissed it, and, opening his lips, let it slip inside his warm mouth. He twirled his tongue around the sides and then up the throbbing vein on the underside. Slowly he descended his lips down the entire shaft until Jake was completely inside his mouth and he felt the head at the back of his throat. Jake tasted sweet as well as salty. Parker gently hummed and felt Jake respond to the vibrations. He looked up and saw that Jake was looking at him with half closed eyes and a loving expression on his face. He liked having Jake in his mouth. Jake was of average length but he was rather wide and Parker liked having his lips painfully stretched to accommodate him.

Giving Jake a coy look, he withdrew his lips enough so that his hand fit at the base of the shaft. He massaged the base of Jake's cock as his mouth slid up and down the middle. He paid special attention to the head by licking the glans and sucking the opening. With his other hand Parker reached for Jake's balls and started twirling them through his fingers. Jake moaned. Then Parker moved his other hand underneath so both were cupping and massaging Jake's balls while his mouth glided up and down the entire length again. Jake's hands rested on top of his head and he began to command the tempo of Parker's movements. Parker allowed Jake to direct the pace; he was enjoying being mastered; his soul rejoiced at the exhilarating freedom of just feeling and not having to control anything.

Jake felt himself getting close. The sensations of scorching pleasure from Parker's ministrations were overwhelming. Fire burned from his groin all the way to the center of his being and filled his soul with passion. He pulled away from Parker and pushed him back on the bed. Parker looked up at him with lust filled eyes. Jake grabbed Parker's bound legs, lifted them up, and roughly flipped him over so he was face down on the bed.

Parker sensuously pulled himself up so he was on all fours and then slowly pulled his legs in so his rump was seductively offered to Jake. Jake growled and leaned in to give Parker a long sensual lick from the back of his balls, over and around his quivering entrance, and then up the rest of the way through his cleft. Parker sighed wantonly and arched his back.

"That was a freebie lick…because you've been so good." Jake whispered in his ear. He then pulled Parker's ass towards him, separated the cheeks, and placed his cock directly against the willing entrance. Parker moaned and pushed back. Jake grasped Parker's hips firmly and then rammed his turgid cock all the way in. He felt Parker's sphincter tighten with initial resistance and then release under the onslaught. Parker cried out from the maddening pleasure of being impaled so quickly and from the pain of having his entrance stretched to such a degree. Jake stilled and gave Parker time to adjust but did not have to wait long at all.

"Move!" Parker hoarsely commanded and, with a hiss of pain, thrust backwards into Jake. Jake started thrusting slowly. He could tell that Parker wasn't yet accustomed to having such a wide cock all the way into his ass and he really didn't want to injure Parker. He reached around with one hand for Parker's length. Parker was still hard as a rock and he moaned as he was grasped. Jake started stroking to match his thrusts. He savored Parker's tightness and how his muscles were trembling around his cock. Jake's thrusts became more forceful and Parker moaned and writhed every time he was slammed. The pain he initially felt was rapidly being replaced by pleasure and burning desire. Parker felt his essence merging with Jake's in a passionate conflagration.

The universe stopped for Jake. All that mattered was Parker. Each and every moan, pant and hiss that emanated from Parker charged Jake with sexual electricity. Jake felt everything echoing through his cock as it pounded into the willing body beneath him. Parker's taut searing sheath clenched his cock and milked him gloriously. He knew he was hitting Parker's hidden pleasure spot when Parker's moans became more intense and he started screaming every time Jake slid into him. Jake wrapped his free hand around Parker's braid and grasped the base of Parker's head. He pulled in and forced Parker to arch his back even further. Using the braid as a rein and Parker's cock as a handle, Jake abandoned all caution and began thrusting as hard as he could. Parker came first, screaming Jake's name and convulsing his body around Jake's erection. The spasms and the tightening from Parker's orgasm brought Jake over the edge, awash in waves of passion.

They both fell forward onto the bed. Jake wrapped his arms possessively around Parker and held him tight. Both were silent and savored the tranquility in the aftermath of their passion. Eventually Jake withdrew from Parker and kissed the side of his face. He turned Parker around and pulled him into his chest. "My angel," he murmured.

Parker looked up at him and sardonically whispered, "Angel? Hardly..."

"You're my beautiful angel." Jake sighed and smiled lovingly at Parker.