Truth or Dare

by l_greytree, beta'd by Valdamar and JCK, art by SayAye



"Pizza's here!!" Haney shouted as he kicked the front door shut with his boot, "And I'm starved!"

"Better make sure some gets to the table, Haney, or I'm gonna hafta kick your ass." Jake shouted back from the living room.

"Did you order a Veggie Supreme?" Calyx chimed in.

"Yeah!" Jake continued, "Did you get a Weirdo Supreme for the freak?" He gave Calyx a friendly elbow in the stomach.

"I'll let you eat a piece of the Weirdo Supreme if you want…" Calyx purred and wiggled his eyebrows at Jake.

"Ewww. I'll go get more beer." Bee got up from the couch and headed for the kitchen.

"Here we go!" Haney plopped down in a large blue lounge chair with six pizza boxes in his arms.

"Are you sure you got enough, sweetheart?" Calyx asked sweetly.

"I think so." Haney answered, "One for you guys and the rest for me…"

"Ha-Ha! Very funny, Haney!" Bee said returning from the kitchen with two six packs.

"OK. Pepperoni for you, Bee," Haney tossed a box at Bee who barely managed to catch it with his arms while holding the beer in his hands and then nearly fell on the couch. "Double meatball mushroom for Black…uh…hmm…Starr…could you bring this to our fearless leader?"

"Can you get him to join us?" Jake interjected.

Calyx rose from the black lounge chair with a dramatic flourish and sighed, "You know how he gets when there's something to analyze." And with yet another dramatic sigh, "It's just awful. He's got these new military training exercise routine things that he downloaded this morning and nothing will drag him away. What's a horny empath to do?"

"Did you try standing naked in front of the computer screen?" Haney asked innocently.

"Are you losin' your touch, Starr?" Bee teased him.

"That sounds dangerous…getting between Black and police work!" Jake added. He still wasn't comfortable discussing Black and Starr as a couple but he knew it was time to let go and move on.

"I didn't know there was a problem Starr couldn't lick!" Bee laughed.

"Maybe you're not trying hard enough…" Haney quipped as he handed Calyx a box.

"OK. Sweethearts! That's enough!" Calyx growled, while reaching for Black's pizza, then sighed. "Sure, I suppose I could bring this to Darkness. Now, don't do anyone while I'm gone." He quickly ran out of the living room and headed for Black's room.

"As if…" Haney shouted at the retreating figure of the empath and then continued, "Now where was I? Bee, can you turn on the TV? Carnisaurus for you, Jake, and another Carnisaurus for me. Oh…look! There's a Veggie Supreme here that needs a home. Who wants it?" Haney waved a pizza box around to see if anyone would take it. He had a playful smirk on his face and was clearly enjoying the role of sorting pizzas.

"Jake, maybe you better go and get Parker." Bee suggested.

"I suppose." Jake said as he rose, "I'll go rescue Sleeping Beauty."

"I'm sure he'd love to wake up to a nice penetrating kiss from you, Jake…" Calyx laughed as he returned, "Hand over that Veggie Supreme and no one gets hurt!"

As Jake headed for his room he heard Haney start to explain to the empath that there had been a mistake and a third Carnisaurus had been delivered instead of a Veggie Supreme. He then heard the sound of scuffling and chuckled to himself. Haney was in a good mood and he hoped this evening would be enjoyable for everyone.

Last night after holding Parker through his vision, he had carried him back to the electrocraft and the four of them had driven home in silence. Parker had seemed to grow more and more withdrawn so Jake had taken him to his room; cleaned him up as best he could; and then dressed him in his comfiest pair of sweats. Jake had convinced himself that he was doing it only to hold the team together and not for *other* reasons like how intriguing he found Parker. He decided Parker would want to be comfortable after the ordeal he went through and since Jake was his trainer and somewhat-superior officer, it was his job to take care of him. Jake had also freed Parker's braid and enjoyed the sensation of running his hand through the cascade of chestnut hair. He came to the conclusion that Parker had the softest, silkiest hair and he wouldn't mind losing himself in it. Parker had been mostly oblivious to Jake's attentions and had slept curled up in a ball next to Jake.

Opening the door to his room, he saw that the light had been turned on and Parker was sitting up staring at the wall lost in thought. He had re-braided his hair but he was still dressed in Jake's thick JCPD sweats and he looked quite crumpled. His face was swollen, bruised, and showing several bright shades of blue, green and black and his eyes were rimmed in red. "I was an ass last night" he whispered quietly.

Jake smiled at him and tried to send him some strength in his smile. "It happens to the best of us. And then it happens to the rest of us too." Parker chuckled softly at that.

"Thank you for taking care of me." Parker pulled his braid forward and studied Jake. He wasn't quite sure what to make of Sergeant Cole. At times during training, he thought he'd felt something and he had to admit to himself that perhaps he could be interested in Jake. He smiled as he notice his scrutiny was making Jake uncomfortable.

"Dinner's here." Jake changed the subject, "We ordered you a pizza with extra cheese because we didn't know what you wanted on it and you were asleep when Haney placed the order." Parker got up but didn't reply. "If you want, we can share. I got a Carnisaurus but I don't know if you like meat on your pizza."

"I eat meat." Parker whispered and giving Jake a wink, walked towards the door. He nodded his head towards the living room. "Let's go."

Jake watched Parker exit his bedroom. He opened his mouth to say something but all coherent thoughts had left him. He closed his mouth with some effort and admired the lithe form walking away. He had the sudden urge to grab Parker and mold him against his body. 'He eats meat!' Jake thought to himself; this could be interesting. He then shook his head to clear the shameless thoughts that had invaded all too quickly.

The rest of the group had already started eating. Jake grabbed his pizza and sat in the only available seat, which happened to be on the couch next to Parker. Bee was on the other side of Parker while Haney and Starr were in lounge chairs. Calyx smirked at him. Parker leaned forward picked up a slice of Jake's pizza. He sat back and inched a little closer to Jake. Jake turned to look at Parker and felt himself drowning in liquid chocolate eyes. Parker gave Jake a smoldering look, and then glanced down at the meat on the pizza before turning to look at the television.

Bee had appropriated the remote and, after some channel surfing, settled on a football game. He and Haney started discussing football plays. Calyx tried to look interested and occasionally interjected a comment about a particular player and how yummy or not he looked in tight pants. After the game they enjoyed a movie about a sorcerer and a mercenary hunting down another evil sorcerer and Bee tried to make a pyramid with all the bottles of beer. 'We've had a lot of beer.' Jake thought to himself but he was happy that the evening had gone well so far. Haney started singing drinking songs to distract Bee. Then Calyx stole the remote from Bee and started channel surfing.

Jake tried not to think of the body that sat next to him; the body that he had undressed and scrubbed last night; the body that he had redressed and snuggled with last night; the soft silky chestnut colored hair and those piercing eyes…

"JAKE!" someone yelled at him.

"Wh…what?" He asked. How long had he been lost in thought?

"I said," Haney glared at him, "there's nuttin' on TV. Let's play a game."

"Oooo! Let's play naked Twister!!" Calyx exclaimed.

"No! How about Trivia Professor? We haven't played that in a while." Bee suggested peering around his masterpiece.

Calyx pouted. "You mean you watch men on TV wearing tight pants wrestling around in the mud without a problem and you don't want to play naked Twister? And I wasn't even going to suggest we get my tingling cinnamon oil to make things more interesting…"

"What's tingling cinnamon oil do?" Bee asked.

"Charades, anyone?" Haney asked.

"Why don't we let Jake pick?" Parker suggested in a monotone voice.

The room fell silent as everyone looked at Jake. Jake eyed each one of his team mates. The beer had obviously relaxed Haney, Bee, himself and Starr. Parker had managed to finish one bottle. "Truth or Dare"

The room was silent for a few more seconds then Calyx got up a bit unsteadily and said, "Sure…but I think I need to be drunker before I tell anyone all my secrets…or we're going to have to raid Black's Bliss stash!" He grinned evilly at the others. He and Haney got the remaining three six packs. Jake wondered how the five of them could finish so much beer and what was Black going to say when he found out. Jake decided he didn't care. Bee was clearing away the pizza boxes and Parker helped collect the empty bottles and put them in the sink.

"OK. Here are the rules," Jake explained, "You get to ask someone a question and that person either answers it truthfully-as in no fibbing-or takes a penalty." Calyx, Bee and Haney all gave Jake the 'wide-eyed innocent' look. "Everyone else may choose to answer the question for fun afterwards. If you answer a question before the person who was supposed to answer it or if you ask a question out of turn, you get a penalty. The person, who was 'officially' asked the question, then asks the next one. Got it? The penalty is a dare, by the way, and if you don't do it, we post flyers around the department telling everyone you're chicken!!"

"I don't think we have enough beer for this." Bee stated. He didn't look overly convinced.

"Probably not for you, sweetheart," Calyx answered, "But why don't you turn off the TV and put on some nice music and I'll think of some really embarrassing questions."

"Great." Bee turned off the TV, turned on the radio feed, adjusted it to some classic rock and sat down again.

"Since you insist, I'll start." Calyx gleefully announced. "Bee, what's your favorite position?" Bee blushed. Calyx batted his eyelashes at him innocently and added "…in bed." Haney and Jake chuckled.

Bee swallowed what was left in his bottle, opened another and gave Calyx a dirty look. "On my side." He finally answered.

"Your turn, Bee, ask a question."

"Fine. Starr, have you ever used a vegetable in bed?"

Calyx actually looked surprised for a second but then smiled amicably and said, "Of course, what kind of amateur do you take me for?" The others looked at him expectantly. "Oh…no…I'm not giving you any more details. Use your imagination!! My turn! Haney, if you could do anyone in the department excluding your teammates of course who would it be?"

"Good one!" Jake snickered while Bee burst out laughing at the disgruntled look Haney was giving them all. He spit his tongue out at Calyx.

Haney downed the rest of his beer. He then leered at the group. "That's not too hard. I would have to go with Sundhill. He's not hard on the eyes and with his attitude; he needs someone to stick it to him!"

"He needs an attitude adjustment!" Bee agreed.

"All of JC1 needs an attitude adjustment." Calyx added.

"Why don't we go beat the shit out them right now?" Haney suggested merrily. "We can take 'em!"

Jake frowned at the direction the conversation was heading even though he was in accord. He opted to redirect. "Haney, it's your turn to ask a question and let's try to keep it clean." He heard Parker chuckling softly next to him.

Haney sighed. "You're no fun, Jake…so...let's see…Jake, who was the last person you fucked." The entire group burst out laughing.

Jake blushed knowing he had set himself up to be a target. He sighed. "I'll take a penalty because I am NOT answering that question."

"Excellent! I DARE YOU to do your gorilla imitation."

Jake reached for another beer. He took a large swig, stood up, beat on his chest and let out his best Tarzan yell. "Ahahhwwhhhahhhwaahhawaahhhhhahhhwwaaaahhh-aahhaawahhhahawwhhaaaaahhhahwahahwahah!" Since he was a bit drunk, it wasn't a very accurate rendition. The others laughed. Jake started scratching his chest and underarms while making various odd hoots and grunts. He then loped over to Haney and started checking his hair for fleas while grunting merrily. He made a big show of finding one and eating it. He grabbed Calyx's leg, sniffed it, grunted a few times, threw it away from him and made a disgusted hoot. He loped back towards the couch, squatted down, picked up Parker's bare foot and, with some curious sounding hoots, inspected it. He pretended to find another interesting morsel and ate it gleefully. The others kept laughing. Then Jake had a wicked idea. He lightly tickled the sole of Parker's foot. Parker squealed and burst into uncontrollable laughter as he tried to get his foot away.

"Leave him alone, you big ape!" Bee swatted at his head. Jake scrunched his nose at Bee and grunted a few times before getting up and sitting down in his spot.

"It's my turn." Jake stared at each one of his teammates intently. "What's your favorite color, Starr?" He was hoping to clean up the game a little.

Calyx smirked at them and picked up his bottle. He opened his mouth and swallowed about three inches of the neck. He moaned seductively and noisily sucked on the neck. Somebody groaned. Slowly he withdrew it and then ran his tongue around the rim slowly. Looking up, he seductively whispered, "Black." There were a few seconds of silence. Calyx smirked again and asked, "Bee, boxers or briefs?"

Bee blushed. "Briefs."

"Starr, boxers or briefs?"

"Uhhhh, neither!"

"I think we knew the answer to that one!" Haney snorted.

"Cole, boxers or briefs?"

"Boxers. I have lots of plaid ones, a couple of plain ones, one with a rabbits all over them, you can guess what the rabbits are doing, and one with red peppers on it!"

Fuckin' bunnies?!" Bee laughed, "You're drunk, Cole."

"Yeah! Who cares? OK. Who wants to be my next victim?" Jake laughed maniacally. He had come up with a question that would hopefully get Parker involved and possibly break the ice a little for him. "Parker, what hobbies do you have? And I want to know all of them!"

Parker looked at them seriously. "You mean besides screwing things up for my friends?" He paused. He wasn't used to telling people about himself. He wasn't used to just being with friends and doing silly drunk things without having to worry. He felt too much like an outsider and he didn't think any of the others shared his interests. "I like…to… read." Silence. "Mysteries…any kind of mystery...and…and stories about the occult or paranormal occurrences…"

"A pair a what? Normals?" Bee giggled.

"Uh...spooky stuff, like ghosts and mysterious lights." Parker continued. He wasn't sure how to gauge the others' response or lack thereof but, at least, they weren't laughing. "I also like to cook."

"What do you cook?!" Haney asked.

"PENALTY!" Jake and Calyx screamed at the same time. Haney's face fell. "Looks like Parker gets to give you a penalty, there, Haney." Jake laughed at his comrade.

"I can cook just about anything and it is edible most of the time." Parker smiled. "I've never screwed up anything Italian and my Oriental stir-fries are pretty good. Mexican out of the box is a no-fail. I make awesome sandwiches and home-cooked French fries. I do not grill or make desserts…and, I dare you, Haney, to use your best pick up line on Calyx." He smirked at Calyx.

"Ugh! You're making me think, now." Haney groaned then clumsily launched himself out of his chair and on his knees in front of Calyx. "My fair agent Starr…your eyes are like… uhhhh…stars…in the heavens! Your beauty is like…um…hmmmm…My head is spinning…your beauty is like a sunset touched in purple…kinda like your hair." Calyx burst out laughing followed by the other three. "Oh fair empath! Why do you mock my futile…… not right…wait…my loving attempts to woo you? Woo you! Hey that rhymes! Why don't we go outside for a moonlit walk and the night birds can serenade us with their romantic… whatever the hell they do…chirpin' and twittering?" Haney stood and bowed with a flourish.

"No wonder you never got a date in high school." Bee chuckled. "I think it's Parker's turn to ask a question."

Parker looked around. He had come up with several clean questions like Jake wanted but he realized it wouldn't fit in with the way the game was going. The group looked at him expectantly. Parker didn't like being the center of their attention. To whom could he ask a sleazy question and draw the attention away from himself. Starr. Starr could handle it. He turned towards Calyx and quickly asked, "Starr, who was the last person who took you?" As soon as he blurted that out, Parker regretted it. He already knew the answer and those that didn't, shouldn't find out.

Calyx shot him a murderous look. He paused for a moment. "Lieutenant… Black." He gave them all a sweet knowing smile. Bee and Haney cheered loudly. He gave Parker a look daring him to challenge that answer. Parker said nothing and tried to look apologetic. "I get to ask now," Calyx purred, "Parker, who was the last person you raped or did something to against their will and without their consent?"

Parker looked down at the ground and started trembling. He couldn't answer the question. Except for the music in the background, the room had gone silent. He could NOT answer this question. The others would hate him. They were loyal to Black and they wouldn't understand his motivation. They wouldn't accept that he'd had a moment of stupid jealousy that had gotten out of hand. He inhaled and exhaled deeply, looked up and tried to sound calm, "I...refuse the...question"

"PENALTY!!" Jake, Bee and Haney shrieked.

"Payback's a bitch." Haney sneered laughingly then looked at Calyx, "Make it a good one, Starr, for me and my having to ask you out on my knees!"

Calyx looked at Parker slyly. "Parker, Parker, Parker, I dare you, and I think maybe you'll thank me for this later, I dare you to do a nice long sensual striptease for us."


"Yes!" Haney jumped up and ran, almost tripping over Calyx's legs, towards the radio feed control, "I'll put some good strippin' music on. Do you want fast or slow Parker?"

"I…dare…you…to…dance…and…take…your…clothes…off…for…us." Calyx drawled as if he were speaking to a child. "Do you need more of an explanation? I would think that even you could manage this. Or…are… you…CHICKEN?"

Parker blushed. He wanted to kill Calyx Starr very slowly right now. "I've never done this before."

"Who cares?! We're all drunk anyways." Jake laughed although his heart was pounding. He and Bee started moving the furniture to make space for Parker.

"Fast or slow?" Haney repeated his question.

Parker looked at Haney. He felt like he wanted to cry but he wasn't going to give Starr the satisfaction and he didn't want Jake to see him cry. Where did that thought come from? "It doesn't matter what you put on because I'm a terrible dancer."

Haney smiled encouragingly at him. "Don't worry. It can't be as bad as my 'Tango-From Hell'. Here's some gypsy folk music. That should work for you! Even I can dance to this crap!"

"I'm not exactly dressed to do 'The Dance of Seven Veils' here." Parker complained although he realized that he was not getting out of this. Haney had changed the music and Bee and Jake had rearranged the living room. They were all looking at him expectantly. Parker sighed. Suddenly a wicked thought entered his mind. He decided he'd try to give them a dance they wouldn't forget, if he could manage without hurting himself or anyone else.

Parker closed his eyes and focused on the rhythm of the music. He started swaying his hips sensually. Once his movements matched the undulating rhythm, he added a wide rotation of his hips. Someone gasped aloud. Parker opened his eyes and found himself looking at Jake. He gave Jake a searing look and licked his lips. He started moving his arms in a slow snakelike manner and danced in between Bee and Haney. Swaying in front of them, he pulled his sweatshirt up halfway and again rotated his hips languidly. He then let the sweatshirt fall and ran his finger from the middle of Bee's chest all the way up to his chin. Bee followed the motion and hung his head back. Haney swallowed nervously. Parker pushed against Bee's chin thereby pushing him back into the couch. He gave them both a searing look and opened his mouth sensually as if he had just swallowed one of their cocks whole. He pretended to let it slide out slowly. Then he sashayed back to the middle of the room.

The tempo of the music changed and Parker switched to thrusting back and forth. He let his hands slide down the outside of his thighs as far as they could go and then drew them up slowly on the inside. When his hands reached his stomach, he caught the sweatshirt and pulled it up halfway again. Allowing it to fall, he let his hands continue their slow journey up his chest then over the sides of his face. He then arched his back, wantonly thrusting his groin in Calyx's direction and then collapsed forward giving Calyx a licentious look. Calyx smirked and raised an eyebrow.

The music changed subtly and Parker shifted back to swaying his hips side to side. This time he let his torso sway as well. He danced to the other side of Haney's chair and caressed him from the nape of his neck all the way to the top of his head running his fingers through the crisp blond hair. He then presented an arm to Haney and said, "Pull." Haney took the arm of the sweatshirt and pulled. Parker slid his arm through the sleeve and pushed the sweatshirt over his head. Thrusting his hips to one side he tossed the sweatshirt at Bee while smiling coyly at Haney. He turned and gave Jake a piercing look while licking his lips and then blew him a kiss. He decided he liked this gypsy music and he continued twirling and swaying.

Jake felt his mouth opening and he forced himself to shut it. He had been staring at Parker ever since the dancing started. He imagined Parker's sensual body writhing beneath him, his hands caressing those swaying hips, his tongue licking those luscious lips and plundering that seductive mouth. He wanted to be the reason Parker arched his back and flung his head backwards; he wanted to thrust into Parker and make him scream his name. Jake was rock hard and he fervently hoped no one noticed.

Parker observed his audience. He knew all the others were enjoying this, even his nemesis, although Starr was doing the best job at hiding it. He was starting to feel more confident and not so embarrassed. He caught his braid and started teasing one of his nipples with the tip as he continued swaying to the sensual music. Jake. Jake kept intruding into his thoughts. He hadn't stopped thinking about Sergeant Cole since they had left his room. He dropped the hand that wasn't holding the braid down to his groin and thrusted into his hand. Jake had ignored his taunts during the first day of training and had treated him with respect and dignity. He slowly dragged his hand up his stomach to the other nipple and started playing with it as he continued swaying. Jake had pulled Black off of him last night and had kept him at bay until he could escape. He rotated his hips towards Calyx, gave him a searing look and thrusted at him a few times. Jake had not stayed with his teammates last night but had found him, had comforted him, and taken him home instead of leaving him behind the dumpster. Parker had felt something last night and Parker was very confused about his own feelings towards the man.

He twisted his upper body around and looked at Jake with half closed eyes. What he saw made his eyes open fully. Jake was hard and Jake was looking at him with an inscrutable expression on his face. Suddenly it felt like there was no one else in the room; just the two of them. Something exhilarating passed between them. Parker smiled. Since when had a little, or admittedly, a lot of confusion ever stopped him!

He danced to the center of the room, bending his knees so that his hips flowed from side to side. He rotated his hips around once more and started gyrating as though he was with a partner. Parker closed his eyes and imagined Jake holding him; Jake thrusting into him; Jake swallowing him; Jake bending him to his will. He heard the sound of a door latch and opened his eyes. Bee and Haney had left. He smiled to himself then gave Jake a searing look. He wasn't dancing for anyone except Jake now! He shifted his movements so that he was undulating side to side once more and he seductively reached forward with his arms. Jake coughed nervously.

"I'm going to see what's up with Darkness." Calyx said softly as he left the room. "Have fun! I'll lock the door. Oh…and...Parker, you're dare has to go on for five more minutes at least."

Parker continued swaying his hips in tune to the music and looking directly at Jake. He finally sashayed over to Jake and seductively slithered into his lap. He slowly unbuttoned Jake's flannel shirt while continuing to sway in his lap.

He then thrust his hips forward so that his back was arched, his head flung backwards, and his ass on a very hard cock. "Untie the drawstring." He murmured roughly. Jakes mouth fell open and, for the third time this evening, he had to force it closed. He set his beer aside and, with trembling hands, reached for Parker's waist. At that, Parker thrust forward and propelled his body into Jake's chest. Wrapping his arms around Jake's neck, he looked into Jake's eyes and claimed his mouth. Parker felt his entire essence melting into Jake and he felt Jake's strong arms surrounding him. "Take me," he whispered softly.


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