Starr and Cole were trapped in a closet underneath a club. No, seriously. They were squeezed in together, a drug lord minion not a few oblivious feet away, and they had no way out.

They had no idea where their other teammates were. They’d been captured, helmets and protective vests stripped away. Guns and knives of course confiscated. Luckily a rival gang had decided to stage a surprise attack on this gang of drug dealers and the six of them had been able to get away, although they had had to split up. Calyx and he had managed to work their way deeper into the housing under the club, and were currently hiding amongst what smelt like leather jackets as they waited for the cavalry to arrive. Like fucking damsel in distresses. Fuck. Jake didn’t know how this day could get any worse.

At least they weren’t facing each other, Jake reasoned, trying to find the bright side. Otherwise Calyx would probably try to do something, like kiss him. Jake made a face, glad no-one could see him. Light filtered in from between the horizontal wooden flats that made up the closet door, so Jake could see the outline of his teammate as he leant his forehead against the wall, one hand splayed beside it.

This was supposed to have been a routine drug bust. Jake was supposed to be back home right now, preferably showering off the mission with Parker. But nooo. Because apparently, fate hated him.

He heard Starr sigh, whether from agitation or fatigue or boredom or plain annoyance Jake couldn’t tell. Starr had been clean for the mission because they’d needed to interview some of the gang members before they, well, executed them. Now his hand and fingers visibly trembled where they rested against the wall.

“You okay?” Jake asked, except because they were hiding he had to lean forward, his lips inadvertently brushing loose strands of Starr’s hair from his ear as he whispered it. Starr trembled, which Jake figured was bad.

“Yes, fine,” Starr hissed back. “Completely and totally A-OK here, Cole.” He sighed loudly and his fingers curled.

“Shh!” Jake muttered, because yeah, Calyx had good reason to be bitchy, but still. They were hiding from the big men with guns so if the blonde wanted to keep bitching he’d have to stay quiet.

“You shh!” Calyx snapped back under his breath. Jake had his hand curled over Starr’s big fat mouth before he even realised the impulse existed.

Starr huffed, warm breath tickling Jake’s fingers but he made no move to wrench his hand from his face. After a second Jake removed his hand and tried to peer through one of the slats into the room. The slats were pointed diagonally downwards, so he had a great view of the carpet and not much else. He stood straighter and managed to see the bottom half of a man wearing a tacky red bathrobe. Jake watched bare feet pace back and forwards until they disappeared followed by the squeak of mattress springs.

Starr let out a little sigh and his head tipped back. Jake glared at the back of his head until Starr did it again. Whatever he was doing, he was reacting to the man in the room.

“Fight it, freak,” Jake ordered.

“Is’not that simple,” Calyx bit back.

“Don’t you freaks have ‘walls’ or something, I think I heard Black say once. To keep all the shit out?”

“Yeah but...” Calyx’s head dipped forward to hang between his shoulders and took a deep breath, “I’m only an empath. I don’t- I can’t- fight...” With a little groan the empath moved back into Cole’s body, pushing Jake flat against the wall. With his hands still braced on the wall, Calyx held Jake pinned with his lower half. Jake tried not to react to the round, firm ass pushing firmly into his groin. He figured it should be easier to ignore the sensation when it was Calyx, but noooo. Stupid libido not consulting him first before it went and started being attracted to people.

But Starr was kind of hot, in a fulfil-all-of-your-deepest-darkest-desires-on-my-willing-hot-body kind of way. Which Jake wasn’t into at all. He liked sweet and innocent, and men who he could take care of because they trusted him with his problems. Not because they were whingy and high maintenance. But still, if you took away the personality factor there was no denying that Starr was all smooth, milky skin like porcelain and handsome in an almost androgynous way. Clearly Black was into him enough to go all stupid over him, so Jake figured he should allow himself some slack. It was probably just because Starr’s cool beauty reminded him of Parker.

Jake wondered if Black had ever compared the two men and seen the similarities; long hair, lithe bodies, a bewitching mix of strong and pretty facial features. Probably not. Until Jake had slept with Black he hadn’t even been sure the young dark man even had a sex drive. And if the way Starr sauntered around most of the time with a nausea-inducing afterglow, it was a hell of a one to match the horny empath’s.

Speaking of horny empaths, the blonde was now moving his hips in small circle. In a very distracting way not at all conducive to thought-having. Jake felt his face go white and freeze, with no idea of what to do. Until Calyx moaned, loud.

Jake clamped a hand over the blonde’s mouth, careful to avoid his nostrils because he didn’t want Calyx writhing against him any more than he had to, and pulled the blonde flat against him. He heard and felt the vibrations of the moan along his arm as Calyx reacted favourably to the manhandling.

Trying to keep a handle on the man who was squirming like he was auditioning to become a squid, Jake tried to peer through the wooden slats to see what the man in the room was doing to cause this reaction in the blonde.

Which was... nothing. There hadn’t been any more spring squeaking or voices. Jake could see the man’s feet at the edge of his bed and he didn’t even appear to moving. Maybe he watching a porno on mute.

Had to be a hell of a porno, Jake thought as the blonde let out a series of high-pitched whimpers against his palm and tried to hump Jake’s cock through their trousers. Jake pulled them both as upright as he could, one hand over the blonde’s mouth, the over around his waist. They ended up sandwiched together but at least this way, with the blonde’s head tipped back and resting firmly in place on Jake’s shoulder, Calyx couldn’t backwards hump him anymore.

Which was a good thing, Jake reminded himself and waited for his heartbeat to return to normal after all of this mission-induced adrenalin. Yep. Nothing to do with the gorgeous man pressed up against him... who was... licking his palm.

Small little frantic licks, like a kitten lapping at cream. Except Calyx was licking his flesh and sweat. Jake cursed his imagination as it supplied him with several ways Calyx could lick other parts of his... flesh and sweat... and cream. Jake cursed into Starr’s shoulder, feeling the familiar silky strands so similar to Parker’s running across his face. If anybody asked, that was his gun. Or badge. Never mind the fact they weren’t currently on him.

Not an erection. Not over Calyx Starr.

Jake stiffened as he heard the familiar squeak of springs. Dear lord, if this other dude started having sex as well Jake might go mad. Then a serious thought struck him; if he didn’t get Calyx out of here, the empath might go mad. Jake didn’t want to be trapped in a confined space with a crazy person. Well, he looked wryly at the side of the blonde’s head... crazier person.

“He’s not even...! Why are you having this reaction? He’s not doing anything!”

“Not him. Next door. Three of four of them,” Calyx groaned. “Oh yeah, fuck me,” Calyx panted, pushing back until the heavy line of Jake’s dick was almost wedged between other man’s ass cheeks and material of his combat pants. They needed new pants for missions. Like, desperately. Ones that weren’t so loose you could do things like this. Fuck the necessity of manoeuvrability. If they weren’t wearing pants or underwear (did Starr own underwear?) then Jake figured the tip of his cock would be somewhere in the vicinity of Starr’s hole. It was nothing close to the real thing, but from the way Calyx bucked and arched his back you’d think Jake was already inside of him.

Jake frantically shut down that line of thought before it could anywhere that involved images. He was not, under any circumstances, even on the pain of death, going to fuck his incredibly scary and lethal and intimidating boss’s boyfriend while he was in love with his own non-Calyx boyfriend, inside the closet of a drug dealer’s house, with someone else not four feet away. Jake totally and completely understood that. Now he just needed a way to inform his dick about it. At least Calyx was too out of it to notice, he though, thanking heaven for small mercies.

“You like it,” cooed Starr, twisting his neck to nuzzle the side of Jake’s face while their lower halves remained sandwiched together. Wow, Calyx was flexible, Jake realised. So not helping.

But when Calyx’s lips pursed and he pressed a small, chaste kiss to the side of Jake’s lips he maybe didn’t move away. He maybe turned his head a little and pursed his own lips to slide meet Calyx’s once, twice, three times. And maybe, in a theoretical universe that certainly wasn’t this one, let his mouth slide open a little in a mirror action to Calyx’s, and stuck his tongue out to brush against the blonde’s.

It was nothing, could be excused as an accident. Except it wasn’t bad or gross, and Jake didn’t spontaneously contract gonorrhoea like maybe he was expecting. So Jake let it happen again, their tongues meeting outside of their mouths and making the whole kiss sloppy and wet and filthy. Jake shut his eyes tight and fought down rising waves of lust.

From the way the empath in front of him reached back and grabbed his buttocks, pulling Jake firmer against him (as if that were even possible at this point), Jake hadn’t exceeded at controlling his emotions as thoroughly as he liked.

It was kind of heady, having Starr turned on because he was. As if he were already inside of the empath, filling him with need mentally rather than physically.

Dear lord, but Black was going to kill him. Slowly. And painfully. Yet, somehow one of Jake’s hand ended up sliding forward from the empath’s hips where it’d been resting and cupped the blonde where he was restricted, hard and throbbing in his pants. Black wouldn’t even use a gun; he’d use an axe to chop Jake into itty bitty piece and make sure he was conscious for all of it.

Thankfully those thoughts were enough to distract a part of his consciousness from the man who turned out be really warm and soft in counterpoint to his brash and cool demeanour, so Jake heard when the mattress squeaked again. And feet padded on the carpet.

Jake froze and Calyx let out a little whine at the lack of continued friction against his crotch. Jake cupped his hand over Calyx’s mouth which was wet with his saliva this time, and used it to tip the man’s head back onto his shoulder, arching his long slender throat in a blatant invitation for sin which Jake forced himself to ignore, and used his grip to hold the blonde immobile against him.

He listened intently as the man left the room, the door shutting after him. He waited a few minutes to see if the man or anyone else was going to come back in, the blonde twitching impatiently against him.

Oh good, we can leave, Jake thought with relief. They could escape this whole place, and this tiny little closet where the air stank of sweat and arousal.

“Oh good,” Calyx purred a moment later when Jake’s hand had slipped down to cup the vulnerable curve of his neck. “Now we can fuck.”

“No!” sputtered Jake, shoving the door open and expelling them into the vacant room, hoping fresh air would clean both their heads. “Let’s go find the others.”

Starr looked at him blankly for a moment, making Jake worry something was seriously wrong, before the blonde shook his head and pressed his fingers to his temples. “Yeah,” Calyx breathed. “Let’s go find our boys.” He looked up again and when their eyes met Jake knew neither one of them would be forgetting about this anytime soon. Jake could only hope Calyx kept quiet about it, but what were his chances of his luck changing sooner rather than later?

As Starr took point as they left the room, Jake’s eyes fell down the curve of Calyx’s back to his ass where the pants material was crumpled like he’d been sitting on chair for the last half hour rather than up against Jake’s groin. Oh, well. Sometimes his luck wasn’t all bad.

The End

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