Wrath World Premise

Noah Quinn once aspired to be the first teenager in space. Now, as a young man whose dreams were cut short by his scandalous sexual habits, he reluctantly gives up space to attend a leadership at sea program with the brightest young men in America. On board the ship with him are men who hope to change the world:

Bailey, the natural leader who intends to one day be President.

Austin, champion of alternative energy vehicles, who hides his secret self behind a tough guy facade.

Kyo, a biologist with a love of the ocean and an addiction to illegal substances.

Shakes, the storyteller, who never believed his love of fantasy could someday apply to the real world.

And Rosen, who was sentenced to juvenile detention for attempting to kill a man, for whom sex may as well be a crime.

They are young budding scientists, artists, and political leaders who have all boarded the Odyssey to bond, learn, and enjoy the summer in the Bahamas...

Except they never make it there.

Noah and his new friends find themselves in a world in which science is forbidden knowledge and magic isn't fantastic, it is dark. What's more, Noah and the men who have survived with him are no longer human. They have been fundamentally changed. With that change comes the responsibility to save a mechanical world whose mysteries Noah and the others must unravel before too late. For not only can they inadvertently end their own lives with their ignorance, but in this new world they are being hunted by forces of evil that can take any shape or form.

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