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Empire Chain

First novel in the Wrath World series.
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When Noah Quinn failed to become the first teenager in space, he resignedly joined a young men's leadership program at sea as a consolation, telling himself at least he would be heading for the Caribbean. However, although the ship would be sailing through the Bermuda Triangle, he never expected that he and his friends would be sucked into another world where men are machines and an evil conglomerate seeks to kill him and the strange young man named Rosen whom Noah can't seem to stay away from. Empire Chain is a fantasy/steampunk m/m adventure with touches of Lovecraftian horror.

Palace of the Upyri

Second novel in the Wrath World series.
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The Odyssey makes landfall on its first island, a place of miraculous wealth and beauty. Within its golden walls Noah seeks out its Bright in hiding, but soon discovers it may not be hiding at all. For a seduction will take place, of mind, body, and soul, which may remove the threat to the Lab Makers once and for all.